The Con is on! SDCC Comic Con 2017: Picks n Pans The Con is on! SDCC Comic Con 2017: Picks n Pans
Okay, it’s that tome of the year where all the guys and gals get to live out their fantasies by dressing up as their... The Con is on! SDCC Comic Con 2017: Picks n Pans

Welcome to the spin zone!

Okay, it’s that tome of the year where all the guys and gals get to live out their fantasies by dressing up as their favorite fictional characters for a “Comic book convention” that is more focused on Movies, Toys and TV shows than comic books?

In light of our friend and contributor I am Better taking a brief sabbatical from his Spinning News columns, I figured that I would do a lil’ fill in especially during the biggest news fest of Geekdom! Here are my reactions from the most newsworthy trailers courtesy of the San Diego Comic Convention 2017!





Thor Ragnarok

I’m not a big fan of Thor and personally, I never really cared for the movies however, Ragnorok looks incredible! “Incredible” as in The Incredible Hulk! Hulk not only makes his crossover appearance but now he can (FINALLY) talk!! After 14 years, we finally have a true representation of the green skinned gamma gargantuan (try saying that fast!) that I have known and kinda loved from the comics as a kid! There’s some great visuals and set pieces strewn about and aside from Hulk, we’ve got Valkyrie, Skurge the Executioner and Cate Blanchet who looks amazing as Hela.


My boy Hiddleston is back as Loki, the best villain of the MCU still!! I am pumped for this sequel despite how it took 3 movies to get it right! Jack Kirby would be proud, I know Walt Simonson is!


Justice League

This is pretty much more of the same for those of you have seen the first trailers. I don’t care for the Beatles song “Come together” and the running gags from the Flash, (Pun intended) fell flat on its ass not to mention how ridiculous his costume is compared to the CW series or the INJUSTICE games. Cyborg carjacking the Batmobile was a good look and I take it that he’s DC’s answer to Iron Man? The implementation of Steppenwolf as the main baddie doesn’t bode well. I guess they’re saving Darksied for the post credits? Well, at least Wonder Woman scenes look impressive and the trailer’s end reveal is a bit too obvious.



It’s more of the same but with additional familiar characters added. As with Justice League’s “Come together” I am equally annoyed with the use of Nirvana’s “Come as you are”. God, are they so overrated and that song is wack! That being said, there’s the typical bantering between the protagonists, uninspired dialogue, Jessica Jones drinks a beer and Iron Fist has no costume still! And speaking of whom, yes, he’s slated for a second season. Hopefully, it will fare much better than the first.


Stranger Things

In the continuation of this exceptional Spielberg, Carpenter and Elfen Lied inspired Netflix series, the boys are back in town and judging by the trailer, the showrunners have doubled down with more conspiracies, monsters and reveals accompanied by Michael Jackson’s Thriller song.

What better way to include this track for a show that is the perfect love letter of the 80’s?

October 27th can’t come soon enough!


Walking Dead

Many of us who have watched the last season of the hyperbole, yet venerable series, was bored out of our fucking skulls post season opener and it seems that AMC has listened to our complaints and decided to throw in a shitload of action scenes on a grand scale just by watching this trailer. Hmmm, Morgan Vs Jesus? Old Man Rick? Now you’ve got my attention, AMC!





Here are the remaining tidbits thrown in for good measure. So, lap it up ye dogs! Dissect and discuss!


Captain Marvel

Not heard too much about this upcoming project other than the titular character being matched against the Skrulls. One would assume that FOX owns all Fantastic Four property including the alien shapeshifting race. And speaking of whom, according to Variety, it seems that FX’s Noah Hawley (Legion and Fargo) is developing a movie based on Marvel’s legendary character and Fantastic Four nemesis, Doctor Doom!

I guess after three, yes THREE critical FF flops, Fox still hasn’t learned their lesson. At least in Sony Pictures’ defense, they were willing to play ball by cooperating with Marvel via cross promoting of the licensed property Spider-Man. Fox studios for the most part as with their cable news division, doesn’t have a fucking clue when it comes to handling Marvel properties!

I’m actually shocked at how they got Deadpool right.



Best of show: Black Panther

During a Black Panther press junket Q&A held exclusively for the SDCC attendees, Director Ryan Coogler (Creed) released additional footage to promote the upcoming Superhero film created by Marvel’s Jack Kirby & Stan Lee. According to this article, the crowd went wild and said footage was met with a standing ovation! As a fan of BP since the back issues of Avengers, Marvel’s Jungle Action and of course, Jack Kirby and Reginald Hudlin’s run respectively, I am anticipating this movie and to be honest, Panther along with Ant-Man and Spider-man were the standouts of Captain America: Civil War. With T’challa’s backstory and mythology, Black panther is certain to be yet another success for Marvel Studios!


Dick Picks: The cream of the crap!



“Burn, baby burn…”!!

The creators of the beloved Game of Thrones HBO series have gotten way over their heads (As in ego.) when announcing the development of a new controversial series slated to premiere on the Cable subscription network within two years. Confederate is a dystopian series with a big what if scenario where the succeeding South had won the third civil war and of course slavery would still be legal. To of no surprise, the pitch from showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss was met with serious backlash by many to the extent of boycotting the network and perhaps, rightfully so. It’s very insensitive of both Benioff and Weiss to develop a show about the south and slavery especially during a racial climate exacerbated by Donald Trump’s election which has embolden many White Supremacists to crawl out of their sewers and express their hatred on those they deem inferior.

Their response was simply;

“We were very hyper-aware of the difference between a show with a fictional history and a fictional world, and a show that’s an alternate history of this world. We know that the elements in play in a show like Confederate are much more raw, much more real, and people come into them much more sensitive and more invested, than they do with a story about a place called Westeros, which none of them had ever heard of before they read the books or watched the show.

I think that [using the word] “winning” creates the wrong image. [In the world of Confederate], it was a standstill. They maintain their position, the North maintains theirs. What people need to recognize is, and it makes me really want to get into the show: The shit is alive and real today. I think people have got to stop pretending that slavery was something that happened and went away. The shit is affecting people in the present day. And it’s easy for folks to hide from it, because sometimes you’re not able to map it out, especially with how insidious racism has become. But everyone knows that with Trump coming into power, a bunch of shit that had always been there got resurfaced. So the idea that this would be pornography goes back to people imagining whips and plantations. What they need to be imagining is how fucked up things are today, and a story that allows us to now dramatize it in a more tangible matter”.

Um, “yeah”.



I often praise Netflix as being a new gamechanger with great content but for every success such as Daredevil, Stranger Things, Castlevania and soon Death Note, there is drivel like Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and soon Bright, a movie project featuring Actor and Shuck n Jive Scientologist Will Smith as a Cop teaming up with a Fairy to stop those from trying to acquire mythical powers for their evil purposes.

*Yaaaawwwnnn* As if Director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was bad enough, it’s obvious that he’s driving his film career off the cliff as fast as Thelma and Louise. Talk about suicide!


Now that I got that shit out of the way, here’s my little pick o’ the litter:

The REVOLUTION will now be visualized!

Hasbro’s IDW Revolution Comic Action Figures is a collection of comics based on long running franchises owned by the toy manufacturer such as G.I.Joe and Transformers but now including other toyline favorites like ROM, Micronauts, M.A.S.K. and the lesser known Visionaries! All packaged into one box with a display window which is a must for collectors and 80’s enthusiasts, such as yours truly.  Between the proposed Hasbro Cinematic Universe and now these toys, it seems as if Hasbro is stepping up their game! The collection should be available  via Hasbro’s direct toyshop post SDCC.


“Collect them all”!

That’s it for me. I’m fucked for space and if I left anything out, feel free to mention additional “Cool News”.

Stalks, out!

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