Samsung Gear VR: Escape from Reality! Samsung Gear VR: Escape from Reality!
  Ever had one of those days when you just need a break from day to day stress be it an irate boss, traffic... Samsung Gear VR: Escape from Reality!


Ever had one of those days when you just need a break from day to day stress be it an irate boss, traffic jams,  internet tolls, unruly commuters or your spouse significant other has gotten on your last nerve?


Well if you can’t afford to pay for a means of escaping your stressful settings, as in a getaway, you’re absolutely fucked! However there is a glimmer of hope. Allow me to introduce the Samsung Gear VR: a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus VR. A compatible Samsung Galaxy device (Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or Galaxy S7/S7 Edge), sold separately, acts as the headset’s display and processor.




The Occulus software is the main engine behind this apparatus while the Gear VR unit itself contains the high field of view lenses as well as a custom IMU for rotational tracking which connects to the smartphone via micro-USB. The Galaxy S6 compatible headgear has an intuitive plug and play function and once you have the Occulus software installed, get ready to experience a whole new dimension!





When learning about the affordable price compared to other proposed VR units, and the fact that its compatible with my new Galaxy S6 smartphone, I immediately plunked my hard earned dollars on this gadget.


After a few tweaks which mostly consist of adjusting the headset’s focus, I was immediately impressed with the Gear VR. The 360 photos gave me a feeling as if I was on a forest hike and when streaming video, I had to sit down and secure myself when “riding on a Roller-coaster” or “sailing 500 feet on a hot air balloon”.


But that’s just scratching the surface on my new toy. There are a good assortment of immersive third dimensional  games-one in particular is Gunjack, a space shooter that puts you in the gunner’s seat while blasting alien fighters.


Among the Occulus apps I have tested, is GrooVR a music driven virtual reality experience that you can enjoy while listening to your very own music library. Or you could stream music from Spotify and Soundcloud.


Samsung Internet allows you to browse the web and even open YouTube videos and speaking of which, there’s  the Netflix Living room : Imagine being in some cozy resort while having this huge LED screen right in front of you, ready to play any movie or television show that’s within your Queue. Look to the left, and there’s a snow topped mountain. Turn to the right and you’ll see a few Movie posters one being a certain Red clad Superhero whose 2nd season will premiere shortly on Netflix.



Now for Cinemaphiles who really want to push the VR Gear’s full potential, with the Occulus Cinema, I can watch Movies from my MP4 collection.  The screen gives me the impression of watching a film in IMAX and what’s even cooler is being able to watch movies in 3D mode.


One caveat, you have to either grab MP4 3D files or with the help of video conversion software-make your own!

I did a few trial and errors with my Wondershare as it already includes a 3D option to convert 2D video files to 3D. For this test, I tried movies like Star Wars Revenge of the Sith  (Fuck you, I actually like this prequel sequel! ) and the results were amazing!


The reason why I  had decide to chose ROTS  for this test is to simply demonstrate the 2D to 3D capabilities and it worked exceptionally. The opening space battle sequence entailed  an in-your-face feeling equivalent to what you see in a 3D Movie Theater and the best thing about it is, no one talking out loud or texting! It’s just you enjoying the show. Other files that were hit or miss were Daredevil Director’s cut which also worked exceptionally well because these Movies weren’t intended to be filmed or shown in 3D.


As for animation, I like Anime with striking visuals ergo, I decided to convert The Soultaker, it’s one of my top favorite series from the Japanese based genre and although the file didn’t have as much depth as a live action video, I can tell which sections had the third dimensional effect.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Gear VR’s awesome potential and if this device gains more momentum the possibilities are endless! From an interactive social gathering, business conference, or even being interviewed for a job without having to get dressed up and commute.

Comics Legend Jack Kirby had seen the future in "the World that's coming"!

Comics Legend Jack Kirby had seen the future in “the World that’s coming”!


It seems that the surface has been scratched after all, and there are more layers to be found underneath!

So when life gets you down, just grab a Gear VR Headset and prepare to escape!


Which is what I’m about to do now.

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  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Cool article. I’m desperate to try Oculus. I need to find a demo somewhere in London. I;m also a Galaxy S6 user. I’ve been thinking about trying VR. Looks like I will be now!

  • Stalkeye

    Col, you will be AMAZED at what this thing can do!
    I was skeptical at first and was surprised when I got this thing in my hands.
    I recorded a few of my friend’s reaction and the shit was hysterical.
    Of course they gave an embargo to prevent me from uploading this in public.
    XD XD XD
    For $100 USD, its a solid purchase.

  • I_am_better

    Not sure how that would work on someone(like me) who wear glasses. The 3D glasses in the cinema are already a handful. Or a headful.

  • franks_television

    Sounds cool. I hope they really ramp up the development speed on VR tech.

  • Stalkeye

    Sony plans on releasing a PS4 compatible headset which the preorders are already sold out. And it retails for $699 I believe.
    For that much, I better actually appear within the movies and games!

    The affordable Gear VR is more like a test to see how many have embraced virtual reality.

  • Stalkeye

    The top of the headset has adjustable focus s it should work for practically everyone.

  • Conspiracyin559

    Looks like fun…
    But hurry up with my fucking Holodeck already.

  • Phillyflopper

    Yeah, I want to get in on all that hot harem action that has been eluded to in the shows. xD

  • Phillyflopper

    I think it was Oculus. But I tried some VR stuff in the bay area a year or so back and I just didn’t really feel it. Especially considering I was supposed to be on a sandy beach or something. But was told to constantly look forward only. If I strayed, then I looked at nothingness.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    There’s still a lot of bugs to be ironed out. im perparred to spend my cash, but want to wait until its good and established….and there is a decent game I want to play on it.

  • Scopedog

    Hah! Leave it to ol’ Stalkeye to include a ref to “King” Kirby–and yep, he sure did see “the world that’s coming!” with OMAC.

    I am interested in the new VR systems (being a fan of Gibson’s Virtual Light I’m curious to see just how much smaller they can make future devices). It is certainly a vast improvement over the Virtuality system from the 1990s, which I did try out once. That system was much cruder, with a heavy set of goggles, a vest, wires, and a platform you had to stand on and (compared to now) crude graphics…

    …But even then the illusion was still effective.

    Of course, should these new systems become more popular and widespread, expect to see new forms of addiction cropping up.

    Just my 2-cents…

  • Scopedog

    Gimme a VR Sword Art Online game and I’ll purchase the whole bloody system!

  • Scopedog

    My guess is that they would make allowances for that, as Stalkeye has pointed out.

  • Stalks

    It’s scary on how so many have made a pre order purchase without knowing what games are heading down the pipeline. I’ll wait till both price drop and a bigger, better library.

  • Scopedog

    Agreed. It’s the pattern I’ve followed for new consoles since the Saturn days–I’ll get them after a period of several months to a year when the price has fallen and there is a solid library of games to purchase.

  • Stalks

    <—-Early adopter of the Sega Saturn here and somewhat regretting saving up to $400 just to jump on board. and in the end I got BURNED! You did the right thing by getting it much later. I had great times with the SS but Sega's poor marketing and chipset is what ruined the console.

  • Stalks

    its a very immersive experience and I mostly use it for 3D converted Movies that were originally released in 2 dimensional format. And yes, Kirby was and still is da Man!