Rated-R Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Rated-R Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
      Director: Paul W.S. Anderson Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson Starring: Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter Beating the dead horse where sleeping... Rated-R Resident Evil: The Final Chapter




Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson

Starring: Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter

Beating the dead horse where sleeping dogs lie.


Okay, so here’s yet another franchised oriented film that begins with the letter “R” as in Resident Evil!
(Loosely) Based on the hugely popular videogames at the time, the Resident Evil films, directed by Paul “Weasel Shit” Anderson, are full of silly tropes, over stylized action sequences and scenarios that rarely have anything in common with source material that for the most part, focused on Survival Horror. Anyone who knows fully aware that I am a fan of the videogames since the very first Resident Evil debuted in April 1996.Thus you can identify with my frustration of these films and why Pauly is not a true fan of the game’s franchise due to his butchering of the characters and scenarios, if not nepotism.

Trump, you have finally done it!

In the so-called “Final Chapter” Alice, the film’s protagonist and director Paul WS Anderson’s Ukrainian baby mama Milia Jovovich begins with Alice as told via narration, providing a backstory of all the events that have occurred throughout the last five films in case anyone didn’t bother to have watched the films. (And rightfully so.) After the destruction that has befallen what’s left of the nation’s capital, Alice emerges from underground, while searching for any survivors she runs afoul into a giant bioengineered dragon.

Shortly after defeating “Puff”, she receives a holographic message from “The Red Queen” (Originally from the first Resi movie and now played by Ever Gabo Jovovich.) The queen informs Alice that there is an antivirus located deep within Raccoon City, that could end the T-Virus infection for once and for all. That’s if Alice complies to carry out The Red Queen’s objective: destroy Albert Wesker within 48 hours! Outfitted with a timer bracelet ala Escape from New York, Alice is forced to head back to the place where it all started: the HIVE!

Now where have I seen this before?

Or this…

or even, THIS!!!

Scene stealer, Iian Glen (Game of Thrones) returns as Dr. Isaacs for some odd reason since he was killed during Extinction. this time, he’s back with some sort of Jesus complex and a Tank reminiscent of those GIJoe and Cobra vehicles I collected during my teens.

Plot wise, I do admire his motive for “total global saturation” as revealed within the first 55 minutes or so. Ironically, His modus operandi stems from Wesker in the underrated Resident Evil 5 game but still, this is a welcomed segment that adds some “credibility” toward a haphazardly written film. Alice is reunited with a character from the previous movies, but what happened to Leon, Jill, and Ada? You mean to tell me that after all these years after the last sequel, Anderson couldn’t come up with a fucking explanation as to the whereabouts or fate of these beloved characters from the games?

No Jill, Ada or Leon but atleast we have Ruby Rose and “Omar Epps”? WTF!

“Wow, that’s touching…the trinity of Bitches…united in their hatred”.

Well at least there’s still Wesker who throughout most of the sequel stands around pouring a drink while initializing traps via umbrella/HIVE’s security protocols. Speaking of whom, there’s inconsistencies from the second RE film compared to the revelation that ties both the red-faced hologram and the protagonist. It’s a decent effort for providing some sort of explanation, especially from a Resident Evil film and like the past movies, there’s a few Easter Eggs for fans of the games- from Alice firing the three barreled Hydra shotgun to the outskirt signs of Raccoon City. CQC scenes are not as bad and there’s even a moment in which Alice uses one of Black Widow’s signature moves.

Milla gets her just desserts from angry fans of the games!

The gunfights are what you would normally expect from a PWSA film but if there’s one scene that really stood out, were the Cerebus Zombified dogs. (Did I mention that there’s um, “zombies”?) Most of the movie takes place within a post-apocalyptic setting and it seems obvious that PWSA is trying to reel in more filmgoers after the reception from Mad Max: Fury Road. Also, what the hell is Ruby Rose doing here? After watching this “flavor-of-the-month” celeb act, I miss that annoying bitch Michelle Rodriguez already! Well, thank the stars that her appearance is short-lived. Another flaw I have to point out is, why are we continuing to see Alice being blacked out as witnessed from the previous films? This is not supposed to be some trope and it’s a cheap attempt at pushing forward the narrative especially toward the very end of the movie!

“Dont mess around with the guy in shades, oh, no..”

Let’s face the facts-PWSA’s Resident Evil is far as removed from the games and at this point, I must accept it for just another b-grade superficial action horror flick. It’s still no excuse for producing a clunky paced film that bears generic acting, some choppy framework and most important, lacking the catharsis one would expect from a sequel billed as “The Final Chapter”. While TFC, is a slight improvement from the past films, I’m not really saying that much.

But if you have seen the previous RE movies, you might as well follow up with this one. Rated R for “Redundant” “Ridiculous” and “Redbox” as in rental for those who have a morbid curiosity to see how it all ends, and finally it does! Also “Reboot” this shit!! Unless Pauly decides to actually make yet another Resident Evil sequel and at this time of writing, it would be his idea of a timely prank considering I watched this shit on April 1stearly in the AM.

“Gooodbye, Ruby Tuesday”

To sum things up perfectly, TFC is like akin to an old flame: the relationship had potential but going in you feel compelled to break it off with a severance pop and while the sex is okay at times, you just can’t reach a satisfying climax. Two “Umbrellas” out of Five!

It’s a shame that some crew member had lost his life while making a film that wasn’t worth it. Talk about “suffering for your art”.


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