R.I.P. Bud Spencer: An Homage R.I.P. Bud Spencer: An Homage
A tribute to a European movie legend. R.I.P. Bud Spencer: An Homage

Damn, damn, fuck, shit. What a fucking lousy day. Scratch that. What a motherfucking lousy shitty day. Bud Spencer (real name Carlo Pedersoli) is no more.

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were my first childhood heroes. I didn’t have many childhood heroes and Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were the best. They are the guys that started my love for action movies in which people got beat the fuck up. In fact they made beating the shit out of people into an art form. Not only that, they made me laugh a lot. To me they are the best on-screen duo ever.

I don’t know how well-known Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are in the States, but in a few countries in Europe everyone remembers them fondly. Everybody in Holland knows them. I think they are demi-gods or maybe even gods in Germany. They are so fucking popular there. I am sure they are popular in Austria too and of course Italy where those 2 originate from. I am also sure Jackie Chan took a really good look at their movies when he started his slapstick action movies.

There has never been a duo like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. To me they were the originators of the buddy movie. There is no one who did it better than they did. Their movies were full of heart, humor, action and beautiful scenery. And the soundtracks… Mang, they were awesome. They were catchy, funny and sometimes even endearing.

Beating the shit out of people:

I grew up on the German synchronisation versions. To me they are the best. I watched the Italian versions and the English versions as well. What makes the German synchronisation so great is the voices they chose for them. Everybody that saw the German versions will recognize those voices anywhere. Especially Bud Spencer’s one. Bud Spencer’s voice was done by Wolfgang Hess and by doing some research for this article I found out he died a few months ago too. That is double sad. R.I.P. Wolfgang Hess.

The master Wolfgang Hess at work:

When you look at Bud Spencer’s work he made a lot of cool movies. Of course the movies he did with Terence Hill were awesome entertainment. In Holland they were called Vier vuisten (Four Fists) series. Some of my favorites were the 2 Trinity movies which are still 2 of my favorite westerns ever. Io Sto Con Gli Ippopotami is another favorite of mine. Porgi l’altra guancia (Turn The Other Cheek) is the first one I ever saw and is also a good one. Piu Forte Ragazzi (Turn The Other Cheek). But my favorite one will always be Nati con la camicia (Go For It). The magic in those buddy movies was always that Terence Hill was the smooth guy, while Bud Spencer was the strong guy. Oh, and did I mention they taught me to eat brown beans? I think they taught a lot of children to eat brown beans.

Trinity movie:

Spencer’s solo movies were also very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the Piedone (Flatfoot) movies in which he played Commissioner Rizzo. Those movies had a lot of scenes filmed in Naples which made me fall in love with the city. Not only that, the movies were a bit more serious than his team-ups with Terence Hill. Also the Flatfoot movies contained wonderful soundtracks. Those movies also had something that is missing in most Hollywood movies these days: An enjoyable story.


Also legendary is his movie Bulldozer about a former American football player minding his own business in his village until the football team of an American army base starts trouble in an Italian city and Bulldozer is having none of that.

Bulldozer scene:

Big Bomber is also a famous one of his. It is a boxing movie and I have to say I don’t remember much of it anymore except that I liked it a lot.

And what about the Sheriff movies? They were movies about a sheriff taking care of an extra-terrestrial kid. Those Sheriff movies were movies those Disney motherfuckers wish they could make. The Sheriff movies showed you could cast a kid that you wouldn’t want to kick into orbit.

Bud Spencer made a lot of movies but in the later years the decline came. The Extralarge series were pretty boring as well as the Big Man movies. The magic was somehow gone. But it doesn’t matter that much because he definitely left a legacy with some of his solo movies and his team-up movies with Terence Hill.

The big question is why haven’t buddy movies like those done by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill been made in Hollywood for the past 30 years? It is a proven formula. Although, on the other hand it is better they don’t. Imagine if they would do a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie remake. Bop would go ballistic and heads would roll.

R.I.P. big guy. Thank you for the good memories and hours of entertainment. You will live forever in my heart.

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  • Kylo Ronin

    Cool article, mang. Really touching.

  • Stalkeye

    Great stuff, Brother! You wrote this straight from the heart and despite never hearing about Spencer, I can now see why his career meant alot to you and his fans.

  • Bop

    Thanks, Dr Rones.

  • Bop

    Thanks, bro. Those movies, I think, were also made by people who loved movie making. And it shows if you ask me.

  • Dee-abolik

    Great tribute, Bop. I agree with all of it.

  • Wendy Wilson

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  • I_am_better

    Good job, Bop. I always get a giggle out of all dubs

  • Bop

    Thanks, ABS. Germans are master dubbers.

  • Bop

    Thanks, mang. We were lucky to enjoy so many entertaining movies by them.

  • Bud Spencer’s real name was Carlo Pedersoli. Cool!

  • Bud Spencer, aka, Carlo Pedersoli in his youth as a swimmer champion.


  • G.S

    You nailed it in this article, Bop. Bud Spencer & Terrence were my childhood heroes as well.