Ollie’s Madworld: The Deuce is Loose! Ollie’s Madworld: The Deuce is Loose!
Dead Celebrity Holograms! Racial Profiling! Pokemon Massacre attempt and Deez Nuts! All in the World that’s coming! A Mad, Mad, Madworld! Ollie’s Madworld: The Deuce is Loose!

Dead Celebrity Holograms! Racial Profiling! Pokemon Massacre attempt and Deez Nuts!

All in the World that’s coming! A Mad, Mad, Madworld!

Whazzup, Boyos and Lasses! This is your Not so Friendly Neighborhood Social Commentator Ollie here to give you some of the 411 on a World that’s gone Eighty sixed!  “Welcome to my Nightmare” called  Madworld!! Now before we get this ball rolling, here’s a lil disclaimer.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author “Ollie”  do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Supernaughts.

Now that we got this Shit outta the way, let’s start the show!

Balls in the Court or the Pavement!  Blake be Black n Blue!

Handsome, Successful and has a Trophy Wife. But at the end of the Day....

Handsome, Successful and has a Trophy Wife. But at the end of the Day….


Retired Tennis star James Blake tackled by Police

“The NYPD has released a shocking surveillance video showing the moment tennis star James Blake was tackled to the ground and handcuffed outside a Manhattan hotel in a case of mistaken identity.

The 59-second video opens with the 35-year-old athlete, who is black, calmly leaning against a column at the entrance to the Grand Hyatt Hotel Wednesday.

A moment later, a plainclothes officer dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt swoops in, grabs Blake by the neck, pushes him against a glass door and then hurls him to the ground”.

Wow! Not even the “High Yella” Brothas are immune to the “Po-Po’s” Racial profiling Bullshit!

Say it ain’t sooooo! #Sarcasm

Well, with all the incidents that have been going on these days with the police, it seems that the Film “Straight Outta Compton” couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.

Ima pour one for my Dead homies. And when I said “Pour one”, I mean pour a drink for me! (Wha, you thought I would let good whiskey go to waste by leaking it on the pavement? Fuck that, I’m Irish and this Shit is  going down my throat.

“Glug” “Glug”!

But to compensate, here’s this..!!


Hollow Woman: Whitney Houston Hologram to Tour World next Year!

"Everything is proceeding as I have for$een".

“Everything is proceeding as I have for$een”.


“The late Whitney Houston will return to the stage as a hologram next year. The project is being organized by Hologram USA in conjunction with Pat Houston, the singer’s sister and president of her estate.

 The virtual recreation of Houston will be a multimedia endeavor. Not only will the hologram premiere at a U.S. venue and tour the world, but the content created by FilmOn Studios will be syndicated across all digital and cable platforms. The show will be interactive and feature the singer’s greatest hits alongside as-yet-unannounced special guests.”

Well, it worked for Michael Jackson but there’s one thing I would like to know. Is it waterproof?

Wha…”Too soon”? Fuck you!

I guess that Cartoon Jem, called it! And speaking of which, for those certain nostalgic peeps, be sure to check out the upcoming live action Jem Movie…..or not.

jem lame



Kim “the Kow” Davis is no different than an Islamist Extremist, according to Realtime’s Bill Maher


"Sieg Heil"...."Hail Hydra"..er, I meant "Praise Jeebsus"!

“Sieg Heil”….”Hail Hydra”..er, I meant “Praise Jeebsus”!


“If you say, as Kim Davis and her ilk, and Ted Cruz and all those people say that actually ‘I can ignore the rule of man because the rule book of God said’ —  then you are Iran. Then you are Saudi Arabia. Then you are Sharia law,” Maher explained.

After Davis was freed for denying Gay Couples a License due to her “Christian” beliefs, she received a sizable rally by her fellow whackjobs..er, I meant supporters.

"The Thing with two Heads" Remake coming soon courtesy of Platinum Dunes.

“The Thing with two Heads” Remake coming soon courtesy of Platinum Dunes.

Bill also said this;  “I don’t think that’s her intention here, to sort of slowly bring people along to this idea of gay marriage,” he explained. “She comes out of jail. Every Republican is waiting to have his photo taken with her. They have a shout-and-holler Cletus ceremony, everyone is holding up crosses, and Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger‘ is playing… well, I’m glad we’re all coming along very slowly.”

Ollie says: Nevermind the fact that Mrs Davis denied Gay Couples licenses to Wed, what I wanna know is who can be so desperate to sleep with, much less marry that Sow?

And what’s scarier is Kim had more than two affairs while married!! I’ll bet that her past lovers all smelled like Bacon after hitting that.

“Eye of the Tiger”? More like “In a Pig’s Ass”…. Literally!

"Ready, Aim,Fire that Sow with the Waterhose"!

“Ready, Aim,Fire that Sow with the Waterhose”!



Pokémon: “Gotta kill ’em all”!

Two men drove from Iowa to Massachusetts with a trunk full of ammo and guns, boasting about ‘killing the competition’ on Facebook.


Oh, I’m sure there’s nothing “unusual” about these fine upstanding Gentlemen, riiiight?

“Boston police arrested James Austin Stumbo and Kevin Norton of Iowa on Saturday “because of threats of violence made over social media.” When police searched Stumbo and Norton’s vehicle parked in a garage several blocks from the Pokemon event, they found a shotgun, an AR-15 assault rifle, a hunting knife, and 250 rounds of ammunition.

Stumbo, 27, and Norton, 18, are charged with unlawful possession of several firearms and unlawful possession of ammunition. Both men are being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on September 1.”

Sigh. Is there no end to these senseless acts of gun violence committed by these “Lone Wolves”?

A Pokémon Tournament?!?? Oh wells, There goes my trip to the upcoming NYCCC.

I guess they’ll be playing “Poke-e-Man” after receiving their well deserved sentences. Ha-hah@Losers!

From Columbine to the Westboro Baptist Church Massacre these disturbing Mass killings have got to stop!

That being said,  angry, bitter, disillusioned and disgruntled young white males with guns are a dangerous combination! They are in need of serious intervention before they can hurt another Human being!

Oh wait….

Just your Traffic stop in South Carolina.

Just your typical routine Traffic stop in South Carolina.


Trump the Chump!

Ah, it’s our biggest blowhard jerk since a few of the Douchebags from the now defunct Talkbacker- Donald J. Trump!

Well, if there’s any Mexican he should deport is this disgusting Puta!

"Te voy a dar algo a lamer .."

“Te voy a dar algo a lamer ..”

Other than that, he should just shut the fuck up and run his fledgling business and not the country.

Oh, and do something with that Bird’s nest you call “Hair”! And speaking of Politics…


Deez nuts for President!



With the Presidential election almost a year from now, many contenders especially from the GOP are coming forward to seek their chance at winning the bid for Commander-and-Chief or “Thief” if you count George W, Bush.

While Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton is losing ground due to the email server scandal and of course many are uncomfortable with a Woman as Prez, (Bernie Sanders is too boring), the outlook for the Democratic Party looks very bleak.

But there’s hope for the hopeless! A new contender is in da house and he’s after the White House!

I would like to introduce you all to Deez Nuts!


  • Unlike our sitting president Deez Nuts  would never give Iran a Nuclear deal cause Deez Nuts has the “Balls” to the those Terrorist fucks to suck on it!
  • Deez Nuts, will Teabag the Unruly masses known as the Tea Party without working up a sweat!
  • Deez Nuts is a favorite among the Ladies, thanks to swagger that bounces off their chins and leaves them with a smile in the end. (Yes, THAT end!)

If you’re looking for Hope grab onto Deez Nuts, because we don’t need another Dick in the White House!

"That Fucking Ollie! Just wait till I get elected.."

“That Fucking Ollie! Just wait till I get elected..”


Jacking off in the Box: Master bating at Burger King

Well, can you blame him? I mean, what Woman sane or otherwise would Fuck this Guy?

Well, can you blame him?
I mean, what Woman sane or otherwise would Fuck this Guy?

A Florida man faces indecent exposure charges after allegedly exposing his hot dog at the Home of the Whopper.

“Jefferson King, 33, was arrested Thursday after a customer at a West Palm Beach Burger King reportedly saw him playing with his sex organ at a seat near the restrooms.

The woman told police when she asked King what he was doing, he replied, “What? I’m playing with my penis!” according to WPBF.com.

The woman then complained to a manager, who asked King to leave.

However, King allegedly refused to move from his seat and kept playing with his genitalia, according to Breaking911.com”

Oh my Motherfucking Lawd, just by the look of that Face, he really got to “Have it his way”!

That Shithead gave a whole new meaning to “Hold the Pickles”!

Yeezus Christ!!

If He's "Jesus", then I'm nailin his Ass to a Cross! Afterwards, I'll nail Kim K. *Wink*

If He’s “Jesus”, then I’m nailin his Ass to a Cross!
Afterwards, I’ll nail Kim K.


Wtf is there no end to this Asshole’s bravado? Yeah I wish someone would spend their hard earned dollars on a $4000.00 coat. I will rejoice the day when west and the Kardashians are over and done with.

“Kanye West once promised to create a fashion line that everyone could afford — but it’s going to take some big bucks to buy anything with his name.

West told Vogue back in February — after the New York Fashion Week premiere of his “Yeezy Season 1” line — that he was against ridiculously priced threads.

“Because I’m only concerned with making beautiful products available to as many people as possible,” he told the magazine.”

I’m the meantime, I dedicate this handmade video to “Yeezy” himself!

Roll ’em!!


That’s all for now, you Jizzbags! Anyway, why shell out your hard earned dollars on this Narcissistic idiot when for $29.99 You can get this awesome T-Shirt featuring yours truly.

Proceeds will go to The Cecil the Lion foundation...after I get my 70% cut. Gotta eat!

Proceeds will go to The Cecil the Lion foundation…after I get my 70% cut. Gotta eat!

Available now! Oh, and there’s the Supernaughts Merch as well but buy my Shirts foist! See ya.

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  • Bop

    WTF Florida? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  • Bop

    Puta indeed.

  • Bop

    That trailer didn’t look like anything resembling Jem.
    Fuck that Hollywood candy-coated candyfloss too sweet for my teeth shit.

  • You KNOW that when they get this hologram-thing perfected and more cost-efficient, no one is gonna bother to tour around the world anymore, right?

  • “Deez Nuts”….

  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO I know right?

  • Stalkeye

    I would have persecuted that Bitch to the fullest extent of the Law.
    Or….arrange some “Out of Court settlement” *WINK*

  • Stalkeye

    People must be really fed up with the candidates to choose alternatives such as “Deez Nuts”. Tis a Mad world indeed.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, that’s such a Pussy way out and the concert holders better drop ticket prices otherwise I don’t see that many people showing up for a concert that is “all too easy” for recording artists.

  • Stalkeye

    I’m certain, Nick will also mention this on his NW Podcast.

  • Bop

    I am just waiting for Hollywood movies with DLC so you can choose the actors and actresses you want to see in the movies.

  • Now THAT would be impressive

  • Makes me reconsider my name.

  • Good stuff, man! That Whitney pic is hilarious. Man, I usually don’t want to politics, especially if it’s not that of my country, but does anybody really think Trump as prez is a good idea?

  • Maybe those two guys saw this video:

  • Tarmac492.1

    nice. very nice. Deeeeez Muthafuckin Nuuuuuuuuuutzzz

  • Tarmac492.1

    i welcome a woman as president just not that witch hilary. Look for bill to put the final nail in her coffin. I dont think he wants to see her as prez

  • Tarmac492.1

    jizzbags. nice

  • Stalkeye

    That’s Ols creative way of calling you all his Friends..
    He may come off like your average Drunken bitter Irish Cat, but deep down, he has Pot Heart of Gold!.

  • Stalkeye

    LOL My Mother can’t stand Hill, however I think the email scandal accusations are way exaggerated. It reeks of desperation from the opposing Party.

  • Stalkeye

    Imagine what he would say about the X-Men.

    Oh, wait…!


  • Stalkeye

    Thanks! I created that pic at the last minute when I got word of this.
    Trump is just an attention seeking Clown and many of us are aware of his history of spewing hatred, rhetoric and boisterous Bullshit.

    My question is, if he’s going to speak out against illegal immigration, why single out the Mexicans only? If anything, he should be more concerned about overpopulation within America and abroad. What a scapegoating Twat!

  • Stalkeye

    That’s funny Meng!


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  • Tarmac492.1

    The USA needs to seriously monitor all immigration and make sure people dont over extend visas and whatnot. I dont care how that sounds. You can make all illegals legal or whatever I dont care. Make them pay whatever taxes they can. We should get benefits for being legal American citizens and having to deal with Uncle Sam dipping into our pockets and taking MORE than his fair share every payday. our borders also need to be secure. North and South.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I dont think he will get nomination.For me, he uses the term “I” way too much. I am all for the individual but he is putting himself in a higher plateau than the average schmuck(ME). I get that he is successful. Great. God bless, However, he is striking a chord. I would guess there are many, many people on both sides of the aisle who are sick of the status quo. DC is a do nothing town and everyone elected to Congress has won the lottery. They simply exist to perpetuate their political lives and live above the laws they create and get rich off lobbyists and whatever. I am sorry, the only people who should be serving 40 years in Congress are the fucking lunch ladies at the capital cafeteria.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Detective Deez Nutz!!!! Liking it.

  • Tarmac492.1

    James Blake–he is almost as white as me!!!

  • Tarmac492.1

    Kim Davis wanted to marry Jesus, but he wanted no part of her fat, skank ass.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Why James Coburn hate Nightcrawler so much 🙁

  • Tarmac492.1

    Kim Davis is a prime example that anyone can work for the government. I picture this sadistic bitch working at the DMV, giving cute teenage girls a hard time because she is soooooooo fucking ugly. When God signs your paycheck, then you can bring the Bible into your job. Jesus knew the value of am honest day’s work. I bet this lazy bitch doesnt.

  • Stalkeye
  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO, Well, he’s actually my complexion…well, until i got my Ass Tanned over the Summer.

    * Female Coworker walks near cubicle*

    Coworker: “J, your face has gotten darker”.

    Stalks: “yes, it’s official. I’m in Blackface.

    Coworker: “………..”

  • Stalkeye

    If only he were alive and FOX had chosen to make an X-Men Movie solely based on “God Loves, Man Kills” instead of the mashup that was X2.

  • Stalkeye

    I concur and I’m not happy about the “Anchor babies” Scam.
    Too many people have taken advantage of the situation and this country can only do so much. legal Citizens, especially the Working Class should be entitled to ALL benefits first and foremost.

    My best friend who started working since the age of 17, was denied Food Stamps while being unemployed and nearly lost his apartment but found out that the Social Service office was providing Shelter (Good apartments at that.) and benefits for People that barely spoke a word of English.

    And don’t get me started on Women from various races having babies so they can get Handouts while the so called “Father” is not there to provide. I’m glad Clinton signed that Bill.

    Chris Rock said it best; “Stooooop Fucking! You love Dicks, why don’t you get a Job holding Dicks”?

  • Stalkeye
  • Tarmac492.1

    Chris Rock seems to have a lot of truth in his comedy.

  • Tarmac492.1

    You must have scared the shit out of her. LOL!!! Probably looked like she saw a ghost(in blackface, obviously)

  • Stalkeye

    Well, not unless some Latinas are into “dark meat”, in which some are! (;’

  • Stalkeye

    That’s why he gets props and there were plenty of Brothas and Sistas that agreed with that infamous segment of Blacks vs Niggaz. Also this hilarious bit..

  • Tarmac492.1

    I take care of my kids.

    Motherfucker you’re supposed to take care of your kids!!!

  • Stalkeye

    EXACTLY!!! lmmfao!!!
    Now you got my ribs hurting from laughing about that Skit! XDD