Naughty or Nice: Part 1 – Videogames! Naughty or Nice: Part 1 – Videogames!
“Just makin my list not checking it twice, give my opinion of what’s Supernaughty and nice!” Ho, ho ho, Twas that Nightmare before Christmas... Naughty or Nice: Part 1 – Videogames!

“Just makin my list not checking it twice, give my opinion of what’s Supernaughty and nice!”

Ho, ho ho, Twas that Nightmare before Christmas himself, Stalks offering a few gift suggestions of a few recommended “Grab bag o’ Goodies” to my fellow geeks because tis the season for giving and especially if it means giving yourself a gift after all, everyone who works hard deserve to reap the benefits from their fruits of labor amirite? ????

Of course, these picks would make good gifts for that friend, coworker or family member.

In this first segment, of lists I’ll be making more than twice, some are “naught worthy” and most are nice, I’ll be focusing on the medium that makes more of a profit than Movies nowadays- videogames!!

These recommendations are based on quality, popularity and of course, my tastes!

So here we go!

Xbox One


Yes we all are aware of the PlayStation 4’s enormous popularity, but when it comes to choosing my Gaming rig, I’m going with the Xbox One or XBO for short. Why you may ask, well despite its ugly design that looks reminiscent of the VCRs from the early 80’s, there is a lot to be said about its features:

  1. Built in TV tuner that allow you to change channels or turn the console off via voice commands.
  1. Excellent user interface called the Xbox experience which compiles your favorite games and apps all on one page.
  1. Backward compatibility with various Xbox 360 titles.
  1. Ability to stream games from console to a nearby PC or Laptop
  1. Library of exclusive game like Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, Scalebound and many more. Also the controller makes for intuitive gameplay !

NoN?  Goddamn Nice! However, it could do without the silly integration of the Kinect sensor device which they had abandoned in order to achieve a lower price point.With its vast capabilities MS’ “Black Box” is a force to be reckoned with. Ignore the Sheep and naysayers, this console is legit!

Playstation 4


I wrote a brief article about this system post launch 2 Years ago and well …. Oh shit I can’t seem to find it in my documents folder. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown:

Sony’s 4th home console based on their extremely popular PlayStation brand has a slightly better resolution than XBO however its first party games are meager compared to Microsoft’s console. And the first models tend to rapidly overheat to the extent of it sounding like a some Jet engine! I’m glad the newer consoles have an more quieter chip-set that doesn’t raise your electric bill, sky high.

"Sleek, sexy and black"! Just like some of my past Girlfriends.

“Sleek, sexy and black”!
Just like some of my past Girlfriends.

I personally, hate Playstation’s flimsy controllers however, I’m impressed that Sony’s proprietary controller has like a touch pad like surface, built in speakers and best of all, a share button that gives you the option to upload your gameplay videos. It’s cool that you can only upload screenshots and videos on social sites like Facebook and Twitter and even YouTube-all, on the fly! That being said, the controller feels much smoother than the previous one. The spectrum of lights adapted from the PS3’s Move controller, has been implemented for a more immersive gaming experience.

"Handjob"! The PS4's innovative controller is capable of many things except for making Breakfast.

“Handjob”! The PS4’s innovative controller is capable of many things except for making Breakfast.

Plus it comes with its very own light show!

My other gripe besides nimble controller and lack of solid 1st party games this Year, would be that the PSN (Playstation Network) does not allow me to change my username still to this very day. Now I’m stuck with fucking “Spiritironsh****”! However, at least you don’t get taxed when purchasing games or DLC from their PlayStation store. *Cough* Microsoft*Cough*


Yup tis I, Stalkeye!

If you’re contemplating on getting a PS4, I strongly suggest the newer models bundled with Star Wars Battlefront because it’s far less likely to overheat like the older version thanks to a newly arranged heat sink . Well worth the $300

NoN? A bit of both but overall, very nice. However, lets see more 1st party games especially those from Japan and the controller included is not good for First Person Shooters, no sir! Here’s another caveat for ya; Avoid the 1TB Models! Sony is deviously phasing out the older noisy systems with extra storage.

Yeah, it sounds to good to be true by having a bigger hardrive, but imagine how much money you would save in the long run by purchasing the newer, cheaper $300 console  bundled with selected games? (Star Wars being the better option) You can always replace the OEM 500gb HDD with a bigger storage disk on your own. Its very, very easy!

Sony should rethink their policy of having the PS4 backward compatibility feature especially when it comes togames from the PS2 era?? Who really wants that Shit?

Featured PS4 Game: Bloodborne


Now here’s wherein the strength of PS4 lies-Exclusives from Japan and aside the upcoming Street Fighter V, Bloodborne is another reason for purchasing Sony’s 8th gen console!


A Hunting you will go: prepare for the calm before the Shitstorm!

Bloodborne is an action heavy RPG from the twisted programmers behind the Dark Souls and Armored Core series (From Software) in which you play as a Hunter pitted against werewolves, golems and other monstrosities all within a Gothic setting!


Jason Bourne wouldn’t last for a second in the nightmarish world of Bloodborne!

Although painfully difficult and unforgiving at times, I found myself coming back for more. Maybe I’m a masochist I dunno but damn is it the best game of PS4 and not to mention, a spiritual successor to games of its ilk such as Chakan: The Forever Man and especially Nightmare Creatures!


Possessed Villagers, or Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters?

NoN? Both because as much as I love this game, I found myself hurling my controller after the “You Died” message appeared one too many times. This game will test what little patience you have!! Props  goes to From Software for this masterpiece. Now if only there was some sort of patch to adjust the difficulty setting!!????

COD Black Ops 3


If you’re into esports Shooters, you’re gonna love Call of Duty BO3, I guarantee it. Although the premise could easily been mistaken for a Deathlok game Bionic soldier, Unscrupulous Corporations and a God Machine plot device, (Read Rich Buckler’s astonishing tales collection.) it’s one of the best of the franchise.

Oh look, there's "Chappie"!

Oh look, there’s “Chappie”!

The multiplayer characters-Specialists, each come with a specific array of skills weapons and powers that is lifted straight out of Comicbook: Extended claws, Force field, teleport, invisibility and even an explosive bow and arrow!

Hell, there’s even a Robot that reminds me of a certain Neil Blompkempt film!

NoN?  Nice! Throw in a addictive campaign mode , Zombies, exceptional multiplayer with  a custom weapon paintshop option and you have a strong contender for best FPS of the Year!

Some may think otherwise, however. (See below!)

Star Wars Battlefront


I couldn’t think of a better way to experience moments from your favorite Star Wars films than Battlefront. Whether you’re a Rebel Soldier or an Imperial Stormtrooper, it is “your destiny” to pick up this twitch shooter!

I love the fact that you can pilot vehicles from the AT-AT to the millennium Falcon. The sound effects and John Williams’ score are all there for the mist part and what’s also cool is the ability to play as Luke, Vader and even Boba-Fett who I had fun slaughtering the opposition in multiplayer. That being said, the lack of campaign mode and piss poor skins lessen the value of a $60 game.


Get it for $40 or less while it’s on sale on eBay!! For those of you who were disappointed in The Force Awakens, you can always relive the greatest battles of Star Wars history with Battlefront!

NoN? Well that depends if you’re a diehard SW fan or not. While I personally enjoy reliving the epic battle scenes from the films, something about this games seems a bit “barebones” the custom options are very disappointing. also, there’s simply not enough assortment of weapons but the idea of piloting X-wing Fighters and such makes up for its lack of panache. This game is not for everybody.

Best Games of 2015? Click here, Fuckers!

That’s it for part one and if you have any gift suggestions, speak your peace via the comments section below!

Stalks, out!

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    only fucking idiots would believe that the PC version of the game didnt work well because of some intrinsic limitations in the platform.

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