Brand Sins (2014-present) Brand Sins (2014-present)
In 2012, former cinema workers Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson created Cinema Sins, an online movie show featuring clips of past and current films reviewed... Brand Sins (2014-present)

In 2012, former cinema workers Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson created Cinema Sins, an online movie show featuring clips of past and current films reviewed in a comedic, satirical fashion with inside jokes and cliches. Each episode included a timer and sin counter to determine the film’s “sins”. It soon became one of the most popular movie shows on Youtube and as such this led to an offshoot show that debuted in 2014 known as Brand Sins.

Brand Sins is presented by Jessica Whitton and Bobby Burns, working under the same principal as Cinema Sins, but focusing on the world of brand name consumerism. This allows for a much wider variety of topics as they cover everything from Apple to Burger King to Donald Trump and more.

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However, unlike Cinema Sins which only uses voice-overs of the presenters, Brand Sins’ hosts are seen on camera. This allows for visual gags by the hosts in addition to their satirical commentary over stock footage. For example, in one episode where Whitton reviewed a fashion magazine, she skims through the magazine and arrives on an advertisement page with a scented perfume sampler, at which point she says it’s perfect for French prostitutes and smears it all over herself with a cheesy grin.

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Other examples of the type of comedy on display here are when Burns discusses Walmart selling untainted civil war burial grounds and vibration devices for ladies at $5.69, Whitton referring to Apple secretly recruiting consumers to join a cult, and Burns revealing that Hugh Hefner only rents out the Playboy Mansion, he doesn’t actually own it.

As previously mentioned, the targets for Brand Sins are quite varied. Pop culture celebrities such Marilyn Manson and Kanye West have been skewered in epic fashion, while they’re even went after websites that they themselves use, like Facebook and Youtube. The episode targeting Youtube in particular was so well received that they did a Part II episode for it as well, which included riffs on unboxing videos and makeup tutorials.


Another popular episode is the one about popular clothing retailer H&M. I really enjoyed the part where they showed a Guy Richie directed commercial featuring English football legend David Beckham in which the presenter made jokes about Richie marrying pop music legend Madonna along with the comment that everyone makes mistakes.

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My favourite episode is the one covering Taco Bell. Highlights include a sick song about running over the Taco Bell dog mixed with clips of various characters suffering from constipation and/or diarrhea, footage from a previous episode of Cinema Sins about the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and, well, Whitton eating a taco. The best part however is obviously when they refer back to the film Demolition Man, starring Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone, which made reference to Taco Bell having been the sole survivor of the Franchise Wars, making it the world’s last remaining chain restaurant.

Finally, here’s a sample episode that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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