Bop’s Top 10 Movie Bad Girls Bop’s Top 10 Movie Bad Girls
Everybody loves bad girls, except in their marriages. Bad girls in movies are hard to be found. I think they should be more present... Bop’s Top 10 Movie Bad Girls

Everybody loves bad girls, except in their marriages. Bad girls in movies are hard to be found. I think they should be more present in movies. Why? Because it’s about time. In TV there are various bad girls and the actresses playing them do awesome jobs, so why can’t movies have the same?

In my quest to put together a top 10 of bad girls, I expected to struggle with it, but didn’t know it would really be hard. Without further ado here we go.

10. Bridget Gregory in The Last Seduction

last seduction

Imagine a woman who can bend you to her own will. She seduces you and takes you for all you are worth. She makes you her bitch. Well, that’s Linda Fiorentino in a nutshell in this movie. I haven’t seen the movie in a while, but I remember Bridget Gregory was one dangerous woman.

9. Perdita Durango in Perdita Durango

perdita durango

Violent and unpredictable Perdita Durango. Rosie Perez plays the role of her life in this very underrated Alex De La Iglesia movie. Don’t piss Perdita Durango off, because she won’t think twice about shooting your ass. I pitied the fools she kidnapped in the movie.

8. Nat La Gitane in Dobermann

nat la gitane

For some people a woman who is beautiful and can’t speak is the ideal woman. Monica Bellucci is more than that in the Dobermann movie. She just loves guns and can be violent. The fact that she can’t speak is no problem for her, because she gets her point across. Be it with sign language or be it with guns. My favorite Monica Bellucci role.

7. Ms Perkins in John Wick

ms perkins

Adrienne Palicki surprised me out of nowhere in this movie as Ms Perkins. She just seems like a sexy, seductive hitwoman, but she is bad, bad news. John Wick has his hands full with her. Sexy, guns and killing. Does it get any better for a bad girl?

6. Lady Tanaka in The Punisher

lady tanaka

Kim Miyori played a super bad, bad Yakuza boss in the Dolph Lundren Punisher movie. She made the Italian mafia look like chumps and didn’t even have to make her hands dirty. Her mute foster daughter took care of any loose ends, but Lady Tanaka made sure she got respect from the Italian mafia.

5. China in Torque


The movie Torque was a worthless movie. There was only one bright light in the movie and that was China played by Jaime Pressly. Shades of a Harley Quinn look in this movie and she looked bad, bad and bad. She got her ass kicked too easily in the movie, but the look was just awesome. You wouldn’t want to meet her in an alley.

4. Dallas in Thursday


Talk about an unpredictable and unstable woman, who wouldn’t think twice about gutting or shooting someone if he pisses her off. Paulina Porizkova proved that models can act and it’s mindboggling why she didn’t get more roles after Thursday. Dallas was evil, sexy and deadly. Everything a guy should love about bad girls in movies.

3. Mary Death in Bounty Killers

mary death

Cristian Pitre, yes she is really called Cristian. This woman came out of nowhere and was an amazing character in the low budget post-apocalyptic Bounty Killers movie. Totally girl power, but also a bad girl. Shoot or chop. It doesn’t matter. Mary Death does it all.

2. Xenia Onatopp

xenia onatopp

Need I say more? I am a bit biased here of course, but Famke Janssen was the only redeeming thing in Goldeneye. Sexy, seductive, evil and she could crush you with her thighs. Now, nobody would want to get crushed between thighs, but damn if Xenia Onatopp didn’t make it look hot.

1. Mother Firefly in The Devil’s Rejects

mother firefly

I don’t understand why The Devil’s Rejects gets shit on so much. This was a movie full of psychopaths playing with their prey. Mother Firefly, played by Leslie Easterbrook, was the personification of evil. She scared the shit out of me. I thought: “If women ever turn into that, we are all in big, biiiiiiig, trouble.” That woman was the worst nightmare for men. And I just realized Leslie Easterbrook was Sgt Callahan in Police Academy. Didn’t know that before. That woman can bloody act.

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