Best/Worst Fathers On TV Best/Worst Fathers On TV
To celebrate Father's Day, here are some great TV dads to look up to and some bad ones that can make you feel like... Best/Worst Fathers On TV

This is my third year of celebrating Father’s Day and while the day is just any normal day, with its origins centered around rivaling Mother’s Day as well as mourning the deaths of several fathers killed in a mining disaster in West Virginia, I must say that it’s cool to give a head nod to some of the great fathers out there in the world. I’ll pour a PBR out for you later. Well, I mean, pour one into my mouth. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of awful dads out there. So to you, I give you a tall man salute.

TV has a great mix of good and bad dads. So here is my personal list of best/worst TV dads from recent years. Feel free to comment below and mention yours.


5 – [Tie] GOB and Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)


Other than performing bad magic tricks (or illusions, if you will), GOB also is not great at fatherhood. He signs up for a Father-Son triathlon with his son Steve Holt (Steve Holt!) only to dump the assignment to his brother Michael. He consistently is never there for his son and gets ticked off when Steve finally stands up to him. Speaking of Michael, his terrible need to keep the family together ultimately leads his son George Michael, the one person in the family who actually likes him, to realize how crappy of a person he is.

4 – Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)


Homer wishes he had no kids and three monies. He is constantly disappointing his kids, forgetting about them, and having to make it up to them and redeem himself.

3 – Randy Marsh (South Park)


Some may find Randy’s obsession with masturbation, penchant for baseball fighting, ability to take large craps, skills as a sarcastaball coach and acquisition of cancer for medicinal marijuana usage as endearing. One person who doesn’t is his son Stan, who is constantly dealing with the fallout of his awful father.

2 – Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5b _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad _ Season 5b _ Gallery – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

The funny thing is if you asked Walter White, he would say he was a great father! Doing what is best for his family. And maybe he made some strides to doing the right thing at the end, but it doesn’t make up for how lousy a dad he was to his cerebral palsy-inflicted son “Flynn” or his newborn daughter Holly.

1 – Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Where to begin… Well, if his children were money and power, he would be father of the year. But unfortunately for daughter Cersei and sons Jaime and Tyrion, they were born to a father who would gladly use them all in his quest to run the kingdom. I’ll also give a partial tie to Stannis Baratheon after what he did this season to his only daughter.


5 – Nathan Ford (Leverage)


This man loved his son so much, that after his son died because a company he worked for wanted to remain more profitable than keep his son alive, Nathan Ford decided to join up with a team of crooks and target wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.

4 – Harry Morgan (Dexter)


So yeah, he raised a serial killer as a son. But that serial killer only really killed bad guys. Not that bad, right? And the code he gave to the Dexter kept him from going complete pyscho-Twinkee to regular folks so that’s gotta account for something.

3 – Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)


What can I say? He’s just a nice dude. Not the brightest bulb in the box but most of the great TV dads tend to be that way. Huh, wonder what that says about great dads in real life?

2 – Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)


Okay, so he’s a bad dad. But he really does love his kids and the wonderful part of redeeming himself for the stupid things he does is that in the end, his kids end up for the better.

1 –Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)


There is nothing this man would not do for his kids. Dress up like a pony to infiltrate a society of adult men who love dressing up as Equesticles? Absolutely. And family is so important to him that he will do anything needed to celebrate the ultimate family holiday – Thanksgiving.

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