The Full Trailer of “Jason Bourne” is out. The Full Trailer of “Jason Bourne” is out.
More tease of the reunion of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. The Full Trailer of “Jason Bourne” is out.

Well, there it is. And unlike the previous teaser, it actually tells us some plot details. And gives us more of the Tommy Lee Jones’ character. Even the car crashing-scene looks a lot better than in that first teaser. I’d say the reunion of Damon & Greengrass has the potential of wiping the awful memory of “The Bourne Legacy” from our minds.

“Jason Bourne” opens on July 29th.

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  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    i wonder if shaky cam is back as well?

  • Kylo Ronin

    Okay then.

  • Stalk👁

    Car chases, parkour, fist fights, Violin music, shaky cam, Julia Stiles.
    Iv’e seen this one too many times. /: