Rumour: Konami cancels production of AAA console games except shitty soccer game Rumour: Konami cancels production of AAA console games except shitty soccer game
Kiss "Silent Hills" goodbye. Rumour: Konami cancels production of AAA console games except shitty soccer game

According to the French blog, the Japanese video game production company Konami emphasised its plans to move towards the mobile game market by halting the development of all their expensive triple-A console games (“blockbuster games”) except that of their Pro Evolution Soccer series, because it’s a rather risk-free investment, as there are apparently enough dumb people dumb enough to buy the exactly same game reissued every year again.

Konami’s image already showed some cracks recently when the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) left the company.

The hills will be even more silent now.

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  • KilliK

    actually, it’s not about mobile videogames, it’s about mobile gambling.

  • CoolHandJuke

    i shall play through all of the Castlevania games in chronological order, even the ones that cancel out what happened in other games. now the question is do i start with lament of innocence or lords of shadow? or should i just say fuck it and speed run through SImon’s Quest?

  • KilliK

    If Kojima and GDT want, they can make their new SH game without the brand’s name. The fans loved their PT trailer and they ll gladly accept their game as the spiritual successor of SH. And ofc it wont be a problem for them to find the funds, they dont even have to start a kickstarter, I am sure even now Sony or MS will be very eager to invest on Kojima’s next project.

  • Frances Abraham

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  • Stalkeye

    Fuck Konami! Metal Gear The Phantom Pain is buggy as Shit when I’m confronting an enemy. They published an unfinished game and maybe that explains the fallout between Hideo-san and Konami. I’ll just hold on to their old games and that’s it> I’m content with my collection and those Fuckers will go the way of Taito and Data East pretty soon.