Rogue One: A Star Wars story (2016) trailer is here Rogue One: A Star Wars story (2016) trailer is here
Trailer for the latest Star Wars instalment. Rogue One: A Star Wars story (2016) trailer is here

Here it is:

Gareth Edwards is three times the director Abrams is, so this unsurprisingly already looks much better than the last one, at least from a visual standpoint. I hope they don’t overdo the Martial Arts- interludes, as much as I like Donnie Yen, it’s getting old and we already we have the Jedi for intergalactic Wuxia.

In December we will learn how the plans for the Death Star were retrieved (in case somebody asked). Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen and Forest Whitaker are starring.

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Detective Dee reviews movies and sometimes TV-series. He likes to indulge in the Asian cinema, exploitation flicks and the horror genre but is no stranger to Blockbuster culture either. He writes whatever he wants, but always aims to entertain.

  • Soooo…
    The “Rebellion” is a British thing now?

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    Well, the British are historically known for leading rebellions…wait, I meant beating down rebellions!

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    Anarchy in the Galactic Empire.

  • Patricia Duncan

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  • Kylo Ronin

    Teaser looks dope.

  • Sagamanus

    I’m liking it. But this is only a trailer. I’m not going to go Chimpanzee on it.

  • Sagamanus

    Haha. You even upvoted yourself. Jesus.

  • Toruk_Makto

    Don’t really have an opinion about the trailer…but thought this post from YouTube interesting:

    Force Awakens Trailer = 18,900 dislikes in 6 months

    Rogue One Trailer = 10,000 dislikes in 24 hours

    Despite the advent of the internet and social media….the gestation period of the general public is still glacially slow.
    With those (to whom it registered) TFA was like a punch to the face. By the time most of the offended decided they should return a punch…TFA was gone…and another movie lies in it’s place.

    I do not envy the upcoming Star Wars films…or their creators.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    The times when Star Wars was a franchise (almost) everyone agreed on, are over for good.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)
  • Toruk_Makto

    For sure.
    When you see comments like: “No, just…no.” for a Star Wars trailer?
    Such casual dismissal even took me (someone who no longer considers himself a fan) aback.

  • Indrid Cold

    For Turd/Killik:

    Rogue One: A YA story.

  • Zed

    The Star Wars Games: Mockingjedi – Part 1

  • I_am_better

    THAT’S how you fuckin’ do a first trailer!!!

  • Captain Genius

    such a boner for this

  • KilliK

    Rogue One: A YA story.

  • KilliK

    ΤFA’s success is a red herring. It wont be repeated and the whole franchise will suffer from diminishing returns. eventually, greedy Disney will burn this property to the ground with their unending supply of mediocre to bad films and their merchandise oversaturation. And then they will reboot the whole thing by remaking again the original Star Wars.

    If this is what Lucas envisioned for his beloved creation by selling it to those corporate predators , then to hell with him.

  • KilliK

    and this is only the beginning. just wait after 10 years have passed, to see how people will react to SW.

  • Toruk_Makto

    What I feared would happen…is happening.
    It’s too late for Star Wars…it’s done. One can only take the lesson this situation teaches.

    1:) Never compromise your vision. Someone doesn’t like your work or stories…fuck em. You can’t nor should you please everyone.

    2:) Never sell your children to a corporation. Fucking..ever.

    3:) Keep the fucking hacks (like JJ) away from your work.

  • KilliK

    well said. George Lucas did what Ken and Roberta Williams did in the 90s: they sold their dream. I really cant understand the internal thinking which leads to this kind of preposterous decision.

  • Stalks


  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I agree that this film is unfairly going to take the heat that TFA should have gotten. JJ is a coward and knew this would happen. Now that the chickens are coming home to roost he’s nowhere to be seen.

    The other thing I take away from the social media comments is how confusing these spin-offs are for anybody who doesn’t follow the franchise closely. I saw multiple comments to the tune of: “why are there new characters? I don’t like how they’ve replaced the older ones. Where’s Rey?” Yes, the casuals actually think this is supposed to be Episode VIII. I think Disney may have an uphill battle on their hands to explain otherwise to general audiences in the marketing.

    It’s very similar to the BvS/DCEU situation. The studios have gotten so greedy that they don’t want to focus on carefully building a series a film at a time, instead incoherently flitting between different time periods and throwing in scenes that only the hardcore fans would understand. The suits, with their desire to squeeze every bit of juice they can out of a given IP, are going to end up losing the attention of the mass audience if they keep this up, as there’s nothing for the general public to invest in or hang their hats on.

  • Zed

    Disney spent $4 billion so they could make some more Star Wars prequels. Bloody hilarious.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I can’t wait until they make prequels to the Prequels.

  • Darth Doomcock


    As those of you who know me know, I will never see any of the three new trilogy movies. But this? THIS looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • Darth Doomcock

    Guys, I loathed TFA so much I didn’t bother to see it. It’s an abomination, an insult. But this looks fucking cool. It’s kind of a prequel in a strict sense, yes…but it’s an untold story that will be a fun self-contained movie! I’ve been called a hater, but this is proof that I’m not. I judge every project on its own merits, and TFA doesn’t stain this for me. This looks like Star Wars guys (Mon Mothma is weirdly perfect)! I am fucking excited as hell by this!

  • Darth Doomcock

    I hope the new trilogy goes down the fucking toilet. But I truly hope that these one-off movies are good…especially any that cunt Abrams isn’t involved in. I am done with watching ANYTHING him, Darlton, or Orci create (meaning I’ve skipped Sleepy Hollow, 11/22, Cloverfield shit, Bates Motel, etc), but my mind is open as to what other filmmakers will do. I don’t feel this is NEARLY as much of a corrupt cheat as TFA was. I think there’s a pretty cool Dirty Dozen style movie to be had here…the agents that stole the Death Star plans…I am very optimistic here.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I don’t think it looks all that good. As people have endlessly pointed out, R1 seems heavily indebted to YA fare like The Hunger Games, and the main character could almost be Rey with a different name.

    In its favor, I will say that R1 looks much better visually than TFA, which was to be expected. Gareth Edwards can at least build atmosphere and frame cinematic shots, while Jar Jar shoots all his material like TV pilots. The shadow of the dish passing over the Death Star under construction, and the shot of the cloaked figure (Vader?) entering the chamber with the red Imperial guards, look impressive. But I’m not sold on the story or the characters as of yet.

  • Darth Doomcock

    Good points. Of course at this point I can only be excited by the potential, which I think is there. I could definitely be bent out of shape thinking this new chick is another Mary Sue, and yeah, is every Star Wars movie now going to star a Disney Princess? That is worrisome, but I really at this point am going to give it the benefit of the doubt until I know better. (And yeah, chances are I’ll be disgusted…but you know, every trailer I saw for TFA, and I mean every single one, I rolled my eyes at in disgust and growing alarm…this one, at least, was better, with the reservations you so aptly stated).

  • Toruk_Makto

    Yes, BvS is another example. It’s pretty fascinating.

    Once again It took awhile for the public to come to two general conclusions about Man of Steel.
    – They weren’t quite fans of Superman’s characterization (dour, too serious, no fun….and of course..the killing)
    – Zack Snyder was somehow the reason the movie wasn’t as good as they thought it should be.

    Unfortunately in this case, by the time the next movie came along Superman was still the same Superman and Zack Snyder was still in the picture(that piece of shit David Goyer scurried under a sewer grate..someone should send Blade to take care of that fucking rat)…so when the punch came (and boy did it come) it landed squarely on the face of the movie (which is also what happened with Star Trek: Into Darkness ).

    The hate to some of us seemed so disproportionate…but this is because it was a hate wave that began years ago. and just reached shore.

    If these upcoming Star Wars movies aren’t top shelf fantastic they are going to suffer some serious shock-waves that could prove devastating to Disney’s plans.

    I’d love to see a chart that maps out this phenomena…it’s very exciting.

  • Decent trailer. Looks pretty good to me. But then again, after The Farce Awakens, anything would look good in comparison. The only way is up now.

  • They actually got a proper director this time. It helps.

  • But you know that geeks are terrified of saying anything against their Lord and Master Jar Jar Abrams. Abrams commands their wills. Abrams is known for pulling his Jedi Mind Tricks on weaker minds.

  • The creators of the new Sw movies are being payed very well withmore money than you will ever seen in your whole life, even when they fuck up. So, don’t feel sorry for them.

  • I think it’s very sad that i actually know where in the SW timeline the Rogue One movie is set on. I’m very disapointed with myself.

  • Personally i’d like to sww a Sw movie trilogy set at the time when the force first became known adn the origins of the old Republic thousands of years before the main events of the current trilogies.
    At the very least it would be a good way to get creative with the universe and avoid repeating A New Hope all over again.

  • You should watch TFA, at least to get some good laughs. But don’t pay for it… if you know what i mean.

  • The success of TFA is a natural consequence of the fact the movie has Star Wars in it’s title. Anybody expecting anything different was living in a galaxy far, far away.
    The next Sw movies will be very successful at the box office, and probably also in the imemdiate public and critical opinion, regardless if they are good or not. Expecting otherwise is to believe in fairy tales.

    if a Sw movie begins to undeperfomr to expectations, and that might happen, is only after Disney has overbombed the public with SW movies, and that will happen in a far further future then the immediate one. and that will depend on the fact if disney makes a string of bad SW movies. If good SW movies get made, than it’s a dream to think a SW movie will ever flop.

  • Yeah, i have the same feeling too in regard to Rogue One. Gareth Edwards is the real deal.
    I hope for all you Sw fans that Abrams no longer has much influence on the future of the official present and future trilogies, but that would be asking for too much, i’m affraid.

  • And it’s about time. Such consensus was scary, as scary as any theocracy is.

  • Sadly, this state of affairs happened because the geekoids and fanboys screamed like little girls about their hatred of the prequels because those were not exactly like how they think Sw should be, basically, carbon copies of the OT.
    Those voices were heard and this is the result. And so far those same geekoids and girly fanboys are very pleased.

  • Lucas got fed up, that’s what he did. And i agree with his decision, fuck this shit if all you get from your efforts is general hatred. He did the right thing. And if Sw gets fucked by the new owners, it teach the fanboys right for screaming without thinking. they are getting what they deserve, for better or for worse.

  • The Brits are our only hope.

  • Hummm…. Felicity Jones is 32/33 years old and looks her age. Hardly a teenager, is she?

  • KilliK

    A young adult is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 39 (or 40).

  • What??? Jesus, who invented this? There used to be just adults and that’s it. This is bullshit.

  • Indrid Cold

    “Guys, I loathed TFA so much I didn’t bother to see it.”

    lmfao.. so sad. Trying to score brownie points with the four or five losers here that hate on TFA with cult like fanaticism.. but didn’t once think about how idiotic it is to form an opinion about a film without actually watching it for yourself.

    Here is your dunce cap. Go stand in the corner until your name is called.

  • Tarmac492.1

    It’s over for everything. Not just SW.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I am hoping these off shoots will allow for more creativity. They wanna make a buck, no doubt, but maybe with TFA and the sequels being the real moneymaker we can get these off shoots to have a less paint by numbers, hit all your bullet point script. Although, there is the horrible notion that R1 can be used to shoehorn in TFA plot points. And, I agree, Edwards is a fine director from what I have seen.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Comics have been released that covered that very thing. It’d be interesting to see the Star Wars universe at a time of pre-history, before hyperdrives were invented and when the Force was just being discovered and exploited by mystics.

    But Disney will want to milk the OT characters/designs to death first, so I don’t see this happening for a very long time. At least ten movies featuring Darth Vader will be necessary to recoup the $4 billion investment, or so the accountants will convince the studio.

  • While that made me laugh, it’s hard to believe otherwise that’s what happening at the House Of Mouse.

  • Finally you arrived. What took you so long? Abrams will be displeased by your delay. He’s a hard taskmaster, you boss is.

  • Yeah, if this side-show Sw movies ar enot as expensive to produce like TFA and the official new trilogy movies, the filmmakers will have more room to be creative instead of just checking boxes. More importantly, i do hope that jeffrey has absolutly nothing to do with them. Some SW movies HAVE to be good!

  • Edwards will bring ballance to the force

  • Indrid Cold

    Not an Abrams fan. Could give two shits about Abrams. Still think TFA was great, though.
    I don’t carry a banner for any director working today. Most filmmakers are capable of making a good movie as well as a shit movie. I judge each film separately. You lot should try it.

  • Notice that besides showing the Death Star, which inevitably will have a nostalgia factor to it, other than that the trailer is absolutly absent of nostalgia baiting. This is a good thing.

  • You’re not convincing. You at Bad Robot need to change tactics.

  • Indrid Cold

    I’ll let the boss know at the next meeting. I think it’s Orci’s turn to bring the bagels.

  • KilliK

    JarJar is the least of the problem. Ultimately, it’s Disney which is calling the shots. And Disney is nothing else than a greedy, ruthless cold calculating mega-corporation. Lucas is not wrong when he says that he sold his children to white slavers.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Like his casting in this one. Alot.

  • I though he was in charge with the drinks… the alcoholic drinks.

  • Felicity Jones, Mads Mikklesen… can’t complain.

  • Indrid Cold

    Change of protocol since the last time he brought the drinks we all woke up the next day naked and hog tied.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    Does this have to be a bad thing though?

  • Toruk_Makto

    “The next Sw movies will be very successful at the box office, and probably also in the immediate public and critical opinion, regardless if they are good or not

    Care to wager on that? 🙂

    If you asked me a month ago I would have agreed with this. But I sense a changing in the winds. I would have thought BvS would break 1.5 billion easy…I had to pick my jaw off the floor after it’s stunning 2nd week plummet. Now they’re saying it won’t even beat Melissa McCarthy this weekend…that’s a changing of the tide.

    When one looks at the Star Wars climate now vs when the TFA trailer came out the weather is Night and Day. Those that are hating are using any excuse any reason to lob bombs at it (wars are being fought all over the place…and it’s just a damn trailer).

    Different director, different writer, different timeline…makes them no never-mind.

    “Oh boy another Death Star…”– even though it’s perfectly logical to have a Death Star in this film.

    “Oh man, another woman…” – now women in the Star Wars universe are seen as a bad thing…one wonders how that happened.

    When things like that are going on you no longer just have hatred directed at individual films…you have the beginning of hatred of a brand.

    And that ..that is very, very bad.

    The internet is realizing it has true power…and it has been flexing it’s muscles…big time.

    What exactly that means for the future I can’t say for sure.

    But I do know this..nothing is guaranteed anymore. When it comes to who will suffer the sting of the masses next…all bets are off.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Not really.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Oh please…you’re clearly either an Abrams acolyte or a Star Wars acolyte and, like several of your AICN buddies, become apoplectic with rage whenever Star Wars (barring the Prequels) is criticized. It’s hilarious. You and your rabid wolf pack are of course happy to let people talk smack about any other film, but as soon as someone dares say a bad word about your precious TFA, watch out…you’re all over them. Grow the hell up.

    You’d also do well to abstain from limp wristed, noncommittal relativism. Certain directors have a much higher probability of creating a bad movie than others, as you well know…and as Jar Jar has proved time and time again. Perhaps if Abrams preserves his brain in a jar for millennia and thus gets a thousand bites at the cinematic cherry, he’ll one day get it right.

  • Indrid Cold

    You’re clearly an imbecile. I don’t have a rabid wolf pack.. I’m a lone wolf, dottie. A rebel. I only take issue with people who hate on TFA without valid criticisms. Those that speak in hive talk, and can only speak of the movie when given approval from the collective. You know, the “rehash, Mary Sue, JJ Cocknose” crowd. These are the people who hated the movie since the movie was announced and can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re the one who hates on this movie to a juvenile degree.. if anyone needs to “grow the hell up” it’s you.

    Certain directors are prone to make shit films before others, obviously. JJ might shit the bed with his next 8 movies.. I could fucking care less. He got TFA right, and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    “I’m a lone wolf, dottie. A rebel.”

    LOL. Of course you are, big boy, of course…

    “These are the people who hated the movie since the movie was announced and can’t see the forest for the trees.”

    No, we strongly suspected Abrams, based on his miserable track record, would direct another bad movie. When we finally saw the movie, we judged it on its own merits and found this to be a correct assumption.

    Hell, if anything, TFA was even worse than I suspected. I thought JJ would at least produce a competent rehash. Instead, he produced an incompetent one. And criticisms like “rehash” and “Mary Sue” aren’t “hive speak”: those are faults the movie can objectively be demonstrated to possess. Don’t deny the obvious.

    “He got TFA right”

    If by “right”, you mean flushed the Star Wars series down the fucking toilet, then yes – he got it “right”. I’d also say you’re one of about a half dozen people left who still believes TFA was a good movie. You’re like the members of a lunatic cult still vainly clinging on to belief as all certainties are stripped away and the emperor’s revealed to be wearing no clothes. I imagine rounds of poisoned Kool Aid will be coming next, served on silver platters. Drink, and be merry!

  • Indrid Cold


    Sorry I’m watching my The Force Awakens special features blu ray. Can’t waste anymore time trying to talk any sense to you, you’re like conversing with a block of wood. I have several more features to enjoy.. TTYL!!

  • Well, so far i just see the voices of a few individuals going on. I do wish that the dislike for TFa was a majority opinion, but while nowadays it’s more than at the time the movie was released, it’s still a minority, i’m affraid.
    Time will tell. But the revolution will not happen right away.

  • ErnestRister

    Five at least, possibly eight. But Disney’s eye is on merchadise licenses and royalties. As Yogurt said, that’s where the real money is made.

  • ErnestRister

    JJ and Kasdan already plotted out Eight and Nine when writing Seven, and JJ is producing Eight and Nine, so…sorry. JJ and Star Wars will be joned at the hip for the next five years.

  • ErnestRister

    70 year old retiring diabetics sometimes see corporations as a safer alternative to leaving things to family members who could wind up strip mining everything for their own benefit. It doesn’t always work that way, but it’s interesting that Lucas didn’t groom a succesor from within and won’t be leaving control of the studio in the hands of his wife or children.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    His kids are pro wrestlers.

  • Tarmac492.1

    This post sounded very Sith-like. Fitting. Most fitting.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Perhaps the Han Solo movie could be my Casablanca in space. Although, Solo may be a bit young for that judging by the names mentioned in casting. jabba, criminal underworld, cloak and dagger stuff. Sigh.

  • Toruk_Makto

    I’ve found that it is often the case that even someone who is disappointed with a film will defend it to detractors. But the disappointed is real and manifest itself in various ways.

    I also believe that the phenomena I’m describing is exponentially cumulative. I believe this is why when it hits…it hits hard…with stunning power and ferocity.

    I think it’s next target may be Ghostbusters. If I’m right we’re going to see something unprecedented here. Worse than what happened to the Fantastic Four.

    As for Star Wars…we’ll see where we are in December.
    In the meantime..

    ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer
    17,268 dislikes (in 5 days)

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)
    19,125 dislikes (in 6 months)

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer (2016)
    3,524 dislikes (in 2 months)

  • I just hope that a (potentially) good movie – Rogue One – gets to suffer from the backlash of a bad movie – The Farce Awakens. I hate when good or decent movies suffers from the bad will caused by a previous bad movie.
    Of course, fans and geeks are afraid to and conditioned to not say anything negative against Saint Jeffrey of Abrams.

  • Toruk_Makto

    Unfortunately another element of this sort of backlash effect is that the general public don’t seem be very sympathetic when they’ve decided something ‘needs to die’.

    I suppose it’s a lot like mob mentality. There’s really no reason for any Rogue One hate as far as I can see. Seems like a perfectly legit Star Wars story to tell (if you have to tell a Star Wars story).

    But they don’t give a shit. They want blood…and they don’t seem to be interested in the details.

    I enjoyed BvS way more than I did MOS. (even though I’m not a fan of this particular Superman). I think this is because I aired my dislikes back when MOS first came out.

    I said my bit, and I moved on. This….wave. seems to come back not only significantly later…but with even more vitriol attached.

    I think this shows why it is more important than ever to keep shitty directors/writers away from your property. Their involvement can produce long-term negative effects….long, long after they have moved on.

    Another element I hadn’t considered is we could be seeing simultaneous waves finally reaching shore.

    Sequel, Requel, Remake, Reboot, Prequel, hate wave.
    – targets: Ghostbusters, (possibly Rogue One)
    Shitting on source material hate wave.
    – targets: Fantastic Four, BvS, The Dark Tower
    PC/Agenda’s hate wave (I’m not sure this has been going on long enough to generate a wave…but it might)
    -possible targets of this: Ghostbusters, Rogue One, The Dark Tower

    It could be that some of these properties are being hit simultaneously from multiple waves of different origins.

    This isn’t to say these waves are always negative…Deadpool benefited great from the Shitting on source material hate wave. wave because it did the exact opposite.

    Heh, maybe I’ll but together some kind of article or weekly column or something. This stuff is pretty neat.

  • Yeah. Musing on the recent geek phenomena.