Robin Wright Saddles Up For Blade Runner Robin Wright Saddles Up For Blade Runner
Nothing much is known for the sequel to Blade Runner with the exception that Harrison Ford is set to return alongside new additions Ryan... Robin Wright Saddles Up For Blade Runner

Nothing much is known for the sequel to Blade Runner with the exception that Harrison Ford is set to return alongside new additions Ryan Gosling, and Denis Villeneuve directing. Now Robin Wright (Forrest Gump, House of Cards) joins them in an as of yet unknown role. The film’s release date is set for Jan. 12, 2018.

I don’t think Ford is really going to be anything but mostly background noise for this film, and give fans of the original something to hold on to only midway. Either way Ford is only a paycheck now, so it doesn’t really matter.

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Damn Dirty Daggit Machine

  • Kylo Ronin

    You saying he was background noise Episode VII?!

  • Sagamanus

    Yeah. He was fine for what he was doing. But he wanted out and the death of his character.

  • Kylo Ronin

    You take that back.

  • Kylo Ronin


  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    She fits, she has a Daryl Hannah vibe going on.

  • I can see what you are saying. However, my reaction was that she had a Joanna Cassidy vibe to her.

  • I would say yes. In a very glorified way, but yeah,. he was there just to make the new guys look good. I mean, even the newbie Rey knoew better how to pilot and be a mechanic to the Falcon then the guy who piloted and owned the damn thing for decades.

  • Too late

  • 3 decades in the making.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    I have a message from Sagamanus, he says Episode VII sucked.

  • KilliK
  • KilliK

    exactly, and the apologists still have the nerve to refuse the fact that Rey wasnt a Mary Sue caricature.

  • KilliK

    that’s what worries me. l am getting a “remake” vibe with this..

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    It’s “requel” now, look it up…

  • I_am_better

    Gaff should be the new boss of the Blade Runner division

  • Kylo Ronin


  • Sagamanus

    I didn’t.

  • Zed

    Ford plays Deckard Prime, who rescues young Gaff in an ice cave.

  • KilliK


    Who bets he is going to do a Leon-type heavy? no problem with Batista, but the casting so far screams requel.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    I also thought of Leon immediately.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    So, all we need now is a tall blond guy to play Batty (Chris Hemsworth?) and a mature sex symbol to play Zora (Famke Janssen?). It does seem to be a covert remake and, if Gosling is the new Deckard, I bet Deckard is the new Rachel. No, not in the sense that there’s gonna be a gay relationship between them; just that Gosling will take on the mantle of the new “human” lead, while Deckard this time will fill the supporting role of someone who doesn’t know (or fully accept) he or she is a replicant.

    Also, Bautista may have been surprisingly good in Guardians but he was also really forgettable in Spectre. In fairness, perhaps that was due to the limitations of the script. I can’t imagine a more generic henchman and, really, any big dude off the street could have played that part equally well, for all the impression it made.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    It’s almost as if Ford’s role could fulfill the same role as in TFA.

  • You know, Rey both is and isn’t a Mary Sue. You see, she ended up as a Mary Sue, but not so much by design but by writting incompetence. Abrams and Kasdan’s idea of a strong action heroine put to paper made her look like a Mary Sue, but it’s clearn when watching the movie that’s not deliberate, just incompetence. She just cames across that way.
    Which makes it so funny al the heated discussions about her Mary Sue status, especially for those who see in her a model figure.

  • That would happen if fucking Jeffrey had his mitts on this property.
    Thankfully we got Villeneuve.

  • Nooo, reeeally? Well, i never!! Will wonders ever cease?

  • More Batty Than Batty.