Monsterpocalypse Set to Compete With Pacific Rim Monsterpocalypse Set to Compete With Pacific Rim
Are there enough Kaiju films out there? We have two in the mix as we speak with Godzilla and Pacific Rim. But is there... Monsterpocalypse Set to Compete With Pacific Rim

Are there enough Kaiju films out there? We have two in the mix as we speak with Godzilla and Pacific Rim. But is there enough room for one more that pretty much has the same premise as the latter? Monsterpocalypse has been on the back-burner for a while now, even having Tim Burton on its manifest at its beginning. Interestingly enough that he’s been associated with both Godzilla and Pacific Rim at one point or the other. PR was put into motion at about the same time as well, so it’s strange this would even see the light of day. Nevertheless it’s engines have restarted with Fede Alvarez coming on board. His previous work being 2013’s Evil Dead. Rodo Sayagues will co-write the film with him hoping to distinguish it from the Burton’s original iteration and PR.

I’m thinking this will be either as eventful as an Emmerich-Irwin Allen adventurpocalypse, or take the reigns away from PR in any interest. Anyway, it’s a wait and see. This is based on a boardgame if anyone was wondering.

Source: Collider

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Damn Dirty Daggit Machine

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Spielberg had a movie called “Robopocalypse” in production for awhile. How about they cross it over with this and create a shared universe? They could call it “Pocalypse Now.” Tagline: “Today, we are cancelling the pocalypse!”

    I’m really feeling franchise fatigue at this point. There’s just too many things – and too many similar things at that – to keep track of.

  • Kylo Ronin

    So, uh, this sums it up for me.

  • Sagamanus

    Never enough Kaiju films?

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I don’t think so…I think he’s saying he sees Fred and Ginger’s ballroom dancing as a metaphor for whirling monsters locked in combat among the splendor of civilization. Maybe.

    Am I hot or cold? 😉

  • Sagamanus


  • Sagamanus

    You know Turd. I was watching The Abyss the other day, having not seen it for a while. And I looked at the design of the alien ship. The jutting pylons along with their color. They seem to resemble the nostril sections of some of the life in Avatar. And I was thinking to myself. ‘Is Cameron going to do this? Is it possible that the aliens of The Abyss could be on Pandora’s world?’. Now this is just speculation. And of course one design can seed the other. But it’s not entirely impossible that these aliens could be from that part of the galaxy. And we are dealing with more water this time around. Would this be a problematic development if it did come to pass? My brother seems to think it would be pretty great. And I’m not bothered by it myself either.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I think we’ll see many designs from The Abyss taken to the next level in Avatar 2, if a good deal of the story is indeed set underwater. Bioluminescent mantas and jellyfish and coral reefs and that sort of thing. But actually linking the two? Hmmm, I don’t know about that. Might create some continuity issues (it would, after all, prove the humans learned nothing from the lesson of those tidal waves and continued messing up the planet!). But he could put a few subtle nods in there for the fans, to imply things.

    Maybe that aquatic race bio-engineered the Na’vi and patterned them after human beings, hence why human/alien DNA-mixed avatars can be created relatively easy? Somebody seeded those Na’vi, anyway. They’re too close to bipedal homo sapiens to have evolved accidentally. On the other hand, that theory sounds a bit like Prometheus, and we wouldn’t want any comparisons of that sort!

  • Kylo Ronin

    Hey, you guys got all of the Transformers, zombie movies, and comic book movies! I think maybe kaiju flicks have been vastly underrepresented for the last decade!

  • Sagamanus

    Well technically giant robot and Kaiju films have some overlap.

  • Kylo Ronin

    And that’s why Pacific Rim is the bomb, yo.

  • CoolHandJuke

    I hope they focus more on the human drama. That’s why I go to these…

  • The only thing eventful in a Roland Emmerich movie is the amount of stupidity that goes into them.

  • They are big in Japan.

  • “Is it possible that the aliens of The Abyss could be on Pandora’s world?'”

    I really bloody hope not!! I’m getting tired of people wanting this cross-polinization of different movies into one single universe. Let each movie be it’s own thing, if they were not initially designed to be so.

    I listened to the audio commentary of Prometheus, the writers commentary which had Damon Lindelof talking, and this idiot, when he was 16,when he saw both Alien and Blade Runner, he got into his head that both movie shared the same universe, which is completely absurd by anybody that has two operating brain cells. If anything, idiots like fucking Lindelof makes me convinced this eagerness for common universes in movies which obviously don’t have no communality whatsoever except in the minds of fools is nothing but geekasm bullshit.

  • I say they should do a merge of franchises like Pacific Rim Meets Terms Of Endearment.

  • Godzilla Driving Mss Daisy.

  • Sagamanus

    It would definitely be strange if Alien and BR shared the same uni. And I’ve never even considered it. But it really wouldn’t matter as they’ll never cross those two anyway. BR didn’t do well in the theaters and is basically a legacy film of laser disc. Meaning it kept that format popular among geeks for the longest time. The fact BR is even being continued now, means it’s going to be a lot more commercial this time around. One thing for sure is we’ll never see it crossed with Alien…unless some nut really goes crazy.

  • Stalk👁

    “It would definitely be strange if Alien and BR shared the same uni. And I’ve never even considered it.”

    After hear the same machine sound effects, I actually considered it to be true. LOL IMO there should be more crossover films because it can help rejuvenate the much older Intellectual Properties.

  • Stalk👁

    Mazinger vs Godzilla or FTS!

  • Or fucking Damon Lindelof takes over both franchises.

    Well, one thing to consider is that the dirrector is not a very commercial director. In fact his background is in art-house canadian cinema. His style is very engaging and cinematic, and he can do mainstream movies, but even those are off-beat, like Sicario and Prisioners. I’m very sure that even if the sequel tries to hit a wider audience, it will not dumb down and still feel an off-beat science fiction movie. Not a copy of the original, but close to the spirit. I’m cautiously optimistic about the movie since he took over directing and writing duties.

  • Kylo Ronin

    ………….I know.

  • Kylo Ronin

    Or the color blue is just the color blue. 😛