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There’s been a feeding frenzy of sorts announced, at least that’s what it looks like. Den of The Geek has been assembling a list... From Film To TV

There’s been a feeding frenzy of sorts announced, at least that’s what it looks like. Den of The Geek has been assembling a list of a good number of potential candidates for adaptation from film to Television for a while now. And it seems like all of these are or have been slated for production at some point. A few of them even riddle my brain. Snowpiercer for one? I liked the film, but saw nothing really in it that could continue on TV with. And Rambo for another. Anyway here is the list:

Uncle Buck

Westworld (Actually interested in this)



Van Helsing

Rambo (Say what? – It looks like this has been on the backburner for a while now)

First Wives Club

All of Me

Taken (Never going to stop will you?)

Galaxy Quest

Animal Kingdom

Training Day

Friday The Thirteenth

The Flamingo Kid

The Notebook

The Mist

The Devil’s Advocate


Shutter Island



The Truman Show (This one should have been a given and I don’t think it will be as humorous this time around)

To Live and Die In L.A.

Real Genius

Fatal Attraction

Monster In Law

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs


Resident Evil (It should have no problem being better than the films)

The Illusionist

In The Heat of The Night

Marley & Me

Bachelor Party

Problem Child

In Good Company

American Giggolo


Some of these I’ve reported on in the past, but they’ve been forgotten about, only surfacing here and there. Hmh, I think they should add Logan’s Run to the list. At least after the film comes out.

Source: DenofTheGeek

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Damn Dirty Daggit Machine

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    Uncle Buck of all movies.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    But Sir, do we get to win this time?

  • I_am_better

    Westworld and Tremors(attempt two) might be the only ones that could work. Fatal Attraction? How would that even…does the lead get involved with a new crazy stalker every season? Or every episode?

  • I_am_better

    In the heat of the night already was a TV show. I remember watching that back in the day.

  • Sagamanus

    Yeah. But this is the new NEW In The Heat of The Night.

  • I_am_better

    To Live and Die in LA is sacred property. All that mess with that deserve a fiery torment till the end of days

  • I_am_better

    How about an Eraserhead spin-off? “In the heater of the night”

  • I_am_better

    (Complex pun)

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    How should Taken work?

  • Sagamanus

    Not sure. How did they manage three films? Three which I have not even seen yet.

  • I_am_better

    Like it did in 24 with Jacks daughter. Got kidnapped a gazillion times.

  • Vampire Hunter D(ee)

    Couldn’t get through the 1st one, decided to let it be.

  • Kyle Fulton

    I would imagine that it would just be a prequel about Bryan Mills before he was a professional own family rescuer. I’ve been saying for years that Taken 2 never should have been Taken 2. It should have just been the same character getting into an entirely new situation, a la Dirty Harry. The character is fantastically cool – all that stagnates is the setup.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Some of these are really great ideas. Others make me cringe. I’m particularly interested in Westworld, Taken, Galaxy Quest, and the Mist. Shutter Island is a terrible idea.

    The real cream of the crop to me here, though, is The Truman Show. Do it right, and you can turn television presentation on its head by combining reality show and hour drama. I can think of a half dozen creative ways to work with that off the top of my head.

  • Kyle Fulton

    To be fair, I asked the exact same question about Hannibal, and, well, look how good THAT was. Not everything is a procedural. These days, serialized stories are commonplace. All it needs is twelve episodes worth of crazy and mysteriousness and it’s a go.

  • I_am_better

    Rabbit stew as a mid-season cliffhanger?

  • Kyle Fulton

    That’s the idea! Hahaha!

  • Sagamanus

    Agreed about the Truman Show.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    The Rambo series is particularly nauseous. For starters, Rambo never had a son; secondly, they’ll sacrilegiously need to recast Rambo, as Stallone is in no way, shape or form involved with that series. Thirdly, the overall idea is ludicrous. The Rambo concept doesn’t lend itself to spin offs.

    Seriously, what possible audience are they aiming for with that one?

  • Kyle Fulton

    For once, we agree. I have no idea who they could possibly be trying to attract. The audience for Rambo is surprisingly narrow even as it is. It’s mostly older folks and people my age who remember it from their childhoods – but to us, Rambo IS Stallone, as you said. It’s a show you can’t make without defeating the purpose of the show.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    The Mist will only be acceptable if each episode takes place in a different location during the incident. If the entire series (hell, any of it) takes place in that supermarket and is basically an extended remake of the Darabont movie, it’ll be pointless.

  • Kyle Fulton

    That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’d love it if we never saw any repeated monsters, either.

    It could work if you follow a team of people specifically trained to deal with incidents like it. Or if you remove the ending of the flick, and assume that the entire world got covered in the Mist. A post apocalypse show. Think The Walking Dead but with all sorts of freaky monsters instead of simple zombies.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Sags, you forgot about the Killer Klowns series.

    Hmmm, between that and Tremors, I think eighties/early nineties comedy horror may be back in vogue on TV. How about a Critters or Re-Animator series?

  • I_am_better

    Critters might work. Love those nasty buggers

  • Kyle Fulton

    Both could be genuinely fantastic if properly put together. I really like the idea of a Re-Animator show following West as the protagonist – Dexter and Hannibal style.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    “It could work if you follow a team of people specifically trained to deal with incidents like it.”

    The show could a follow a military group that were involved with the Arrowhead project. King never expanded further on that in his stories, so this would afford the opportunity to do so.

    In the process of trying to deal with and investigate these inter-dimensional gateways and other supernatural phenomena, the military specialists could encounter operatives of the Shop, who are seeking to profit from the discoveries made. This would allow the producers to spin off further, interconnected King-related shows (provided the network has the rights, that is) in a TV shared universe akin to the current DC shows. A few crossovers to the Dark Tower could be thrown in as well, legal issues permitting.

  • KilliK

    the first thing they have to do, is to change that stupid ending in the movie.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Presumably they won’t be following the Thomas Jane group, so they won’t have to.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    “I really like the idea of a Re-Animator show following West as the protagonist – Dexter and Hannibal style.”

    A black comedy version of those more serious shows would be a good idea. But West must be played by Combs (sounds obvious, but you know how stupid the thought processes of execs can be). Recasting the lead with someone younger would be as bad as recasting Rambo.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I’m surprised that no remake of Critters ever surfaced in all these years. It’s just like Gremlins in that respect. Of course, people will be worried that CG will mostly be used rather than puppets, no matter what form any continuation takes.

  • Sagamanus

    Ahh that’s right.

    Dude Critters would be great if someone took it a little more seriously. Yeah I’m aware of how ludicrous a concept it is in the first place, and yes I have seen the films all just recently. But I think it could make a good horror film.

  • Kyle Fulton

    That’s a damned dream come true, right there.

  • Kyle Fulton

    I’m thinking of the Low Men showing up, and getting a huge grin. And imagine the Shop investigating the Buick 8 in an ep of a spinoff. King’s stuff lends itself particularly well to crossovers and spinoffs, if you handle them correctly. That’s always the fear, but I’ll be damned if I don’t want to take the risk.

  • KilliK

    more likle Ash vs ED style.

  • KilliK

    like Ash vs ED.

  • KilliK

    it will be funny if DiCaprio produces such show and guest stars in the pilot.

  • KilliK

    it should have been a daughter, a female Rambo. they could cater to the SWJ audience that way.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    The first two films in the series were somewhat serious (sort of). Well, not really, but they were atmospheric and did have their darker moments like the father getting attacked in the cellar. I haven’t seen them in years, so they probably appear ludicrous now.

    The obvious idea would be to follow those bounty hunters on extermination missions across the galaxy, but that might still be too expensive for TV.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Yeah, it’s a pity King didn’t license all his material to a single studio or network so we could have had that; instead he and his agents sold the options to all sorts of disparate production companies over the years, as most authors or comic book companies did then also. Few were thinking of the shared universe multi-media thing in the eighties and nineties to any great degree; they were still mostly stuck on the concept of stand alone movies and shows.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Is he embarrassed by that movie now? I wonder…

  • Phillyflopper

    When I first watched Critters back in the day, it always reminded me of Metroid with the whole bounty hunters and aliens escaping thing.

  • Kylo Ronin

    Resident Evil could work since it would wipe the slate clean.

  • Toruk_Makto

    Ghost? like…the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost?

  • Toruk_Makto

    I actually don’t remember taken 2. I think it might have been payback for what happened in Taken.
    When I saw they were making a Ta3en I told them to fuck off.

  • Toruk_Makto

    I liked Taken…but Hollywood doesn’t have an ‘Enough’ switch.

  • One day there will be no movies, since all the interesting or quality projects go to television. Hollywood better step up.

  • I_am_better

    One episode is dedicated entirely to the pottery-making scene

  • I_am_better
  • Bop

    There was also talk of Lethal Weapon. Blasphemy.

    And isn’t Rush Hour on already?

  • Toruk_Makto

    “And isn’t Rush Hour on already”
    Exacty…no one really knows.
    and no one should care.

  • CoolHandJuke

    what the hell would a snowpiercer movie entail? this season, we’re introducing the bug protein bars? no way they show baby eating…

  • Stalkeye

    “Resident Evil (It should have no problem being better than the films)”
    Anyone with a sense of familiarity with the Games and is very creative, can easily produce a RE series that will shit all over PWSA’s abominations!

  • Tarmac492.1

    Critters was definitely a dark side of Ghoulies. Havent seen Critters in ages, but I remember it being pretty good.