Star Wars Rebels S02E03: “Always Two There Are” (Review) Star Wars Rebels S02E03: “Always Two There Are” (Review)
"With the latest entry in season 2, "Always Two There Are", things start getting really interesting, thrilling, and even a little spooky for the... Star Wars Rebels S02E03: “Always Two There Are” (Review)

Since the rather explosive and exhilarating premiere The Siege of Lothal, the second season of Rebels has been slowly revving up its engine for new threats, planting seeds for future story-lines, and recruiting new team-players for the Ghost crew. Not quite as strong of a start as the first few episodes of season 1, but with the latest addition to season 2, Always Two There Are, things start getting really interesting, thrilling, and even a little spooky!


We pick up as the crew is heading towards a desolate, old, republican medical station, which was abandoned after the Clone Wars. They seek to find medical supplies, but something sinister is lurking in the dark corners… TWO new Inquisitors! That’s right, the seventh sister and the fifth brother are both out to hunt down our heroes, which makes for some deliciously creepy moments of suspense, just in time for Halloween. It actually reminds me of one of my favorite episodes from season 1, Out of Darkness, in that it’s very contained and small compared to what we usually get.

I really love these tiny missions that start out like a simple routine, but then gradually becomes more and more chaotic, to the point where our protagonists’ abilities to cooperate and strategize are put to the test. Ezra is still a rookie with his lightsaber, which doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering how much unresolved friction that still exists between him and Kaanan. There is a really funny scene at the beginning, where Sabine and Chopper are pulling a prank on Ezra, as Kaanan tries to strengthen his young Padawan’s focus on being in the moment instead of worrying about what has or will happen. Rex then interrupts with a remark on Kaanan’s teaching methods, calling him undisciplined, which leads to some hilarious jabs between the two of them.


The introduction of the new Inquisitors is brilliantly set up as a horror sequence, with a twist of Hitchcockian flair to the way the writers let us know beforehand that something is coming, which leads us to anticipate one thing, thus distracting us from seeing the full picture of the situation right away. The villains are suitably intimidating, and a couple of questions are raised here. How did the seventh sister know that Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine were boarding the station? Does she know something we don’t? What did that droid do to Chopper? Maybe it implanted a tracking device, who knows. Something tells me we’ll find out soon enough. It certainly seemed fishy.

Another cool thing was Zeb stepping up to the plate as the heroic rescuer, and even though his plan is not quite as feasible as it could’ve been, it still was nice to see him take lead for a moment. The escape wasn’t as realised as I hoped it would be, but the gloomy ending to the episode more than made up for that. Kaanan and Hera just sitting there with the Imperial music playing, having just been delivered the news that there are more Inquisitors out there. It literally sent chills down my spine, and it perfectly set the tone for coming events. Something evil is brewing behind the scenes, waiting to strike down with no mercy. Exactly what is hard to tell, but whatever it is, there are going to be fatal consequences for sure. It’s just a matter of time.


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  • Still haven’t got around to watching this series, but I do have Season 1. Just behind on a lot of TV at the moment, bleh.