Netpix (My Netflix picks and pans!) Netpix (My Netflix picks and pans!)
  “Heyaaaah”! I have a few recommendations courtesy if the world’s largest video streaming service, Netflix.   While listening to Jack’s Random reviews that... Netpix (My Netflix picks and pans!)



I have a few recommendations courtesy if the world’s largest video streaming service, Netflix.


While listening to Jack’s Random reviews that consist of Movies streamed via Netflix, a few suggestions of my own often come to mind and finally, here they are some nice and one or two “naughty”! Note: As of this writing, some Movies or shows availability are subject to change.

Iron Fist

For more about Iron Fist and other Netflix Marvel based shows, check out this roundtable discussion between Bop, Rose and yours unruly.

By now if you haven’t read my review or opinions of this hotly anticipated Marvel Series, then click here and come back afterwards. Done? Good!

To say how disappointed I was while watching the 13-episode program, paving the way for the upcoming ensemble Superhero show-The Defenders, is a bit of an understatement.

Iron Fist suffers from a severe case of schizophrenia. On one side, it’s a lite kung Fu actioner, and on the other, a goddamn boardroom drama! The cast with the noted exception of Wai Ching Ho, (Madam Gao) Jessica Henwick, Carrie Anne Moss and Rosario Dawson was boring. While both narrative and fighting choreography seemed clunky if not uninspired.

Netflix/Marvel may have broken the bank with their shows, but as a fan of the titular character circa 1976,  my heart was left broken thanks to this undercooked series.

Could I be  exaggerating a bit? Well, watch and decide for yo self.😜


“Crips and Blood”!


Editor’s Pix Pik: Crippled Avengers


Remember the glory days of those ol skool Shaw Brothers Kung Fu flicks that were cluttered with fighting scenes that were in sync as in some form of ballet, yet devoid of wire-fu aesthetics, cheesy revenge themed plotlines, nonsensical dialogue, poor English dubbing for you non-purists out there and of course, the final match leading to the demise of an opponent be he antagonist or even a protagonist?


Yes, I do!

While browsing the Netflix “recently added” page, I came across an old gem that I haven’t watched since it North American debut courtesy of a local station WNEW airing this unapologetic Chop Socky classic.

Crippled Avengers, ( AKA Return of the Five Deadly Venoms and Mortal Combat in the United States) is more than your typical revenge tale or some mere quirky premise or gimmick.


Set within the oh-so familiar 17th century China, as with most martial Arts films during the seventies, a master of tiger style kung fu Chu Twin, returns home to find out that his wife murdered and his son crippled via having both his arms cut off from the elbows down. Chu Twin has iron arms constructed for his son and trains him in the art of kung fu. Despite getting revenge on the wrong-doers, both father and son still harbor feelings of bitterness and anger toward the world. Throughout Chu Twin’s supremacy over his village, he and his son cripple four men who defy them. And together the now four disabled men travel to a temple where they are trained by a master of kung fu in order to get revenge for the injustices committed by Chu Twin!

“Blind, deaf and dumb”? Sounds like the Trump administration to me! LOL

The fighting choreography still holds up to this very day but what this inspirational tale also provide, are familiar socio political metaphors such as; an “Eye for eye” and ” Power corrupts absolute” gives Crippled Avengers the slight edge over the other Kung Fu films released during that era. It’s certainly a standout amongst the others if not superior.


To some of you millennials, Crippled may seem silly, but for the previous generation, this shit was legit and in my opinion, another vintage classic!



Gantz 0

What I love so much about Anime, is that nearly every series, movie or one shot episode has a unique concept and Gantz serves as another primary example of this beloved medium.


Imagine if you will, meeting your maker be it falling victim to a random accident, getting stabbed to death by some lowlife piece of shit or suffering for a terminal illness only to realize in the afterlife, that your “maker” is an ominous black sphere that makes an offer you simply can’t refuse!

Gantz 0 is somewhat of a retcon of the animated series I watched 10 years ago. The CGI animation is highly detailed and the action sequences run at a steady pace. What I also like is the character development of main protagonist Kato who began as a frightened reluctant “contestant” to a brave and chivalrous warrior who at the end makes an important decision toward the end. (And an ambiguous ending at that!)

If you’re a fan of the Manga, Anime or even live action adaptations, you could do no wrong by giving this a watch. There’s even an homage scene dedicated  to kaiju! Highly recommended!


And speaking of Anime..


One Punch Man

For those of you who felt the burn from the lackluster Iron Fist series, here’s a “recently added” Anime series that I have heard so much about yet, neglected to give it a chance…until now!

One Punch Man is part Superhero fare, part satire and all action! This dark comedy spoof centers around the protagonist Saitama who at first, aspired to use his superhuman attributes to fight evil scientists and invading subterranean creatures, only to discover later, that he is being devoid of having emotions as a consequence of his powers.

Judging by the first episode titled “The Strongest Man,” I can immediately tell what scenarios and tropes are headed my way. One in particular, is the “Monster of the Week” trope, an all too familiar staple for those who are Anime enthusiasts. One Punch Man is not afraid of riffing on comics nor other Anime series, as the first villain he encounters bears a striking resemblance to Dragon Ball Z’s Piccolo. Antennae and all!

Would that be considered copyright infringement of an intellectual property? 😉

What I also love about OPM, are the monsters’ motivation for attacking the so called “surface dwellers” which is somewhat reminiscent of Golobulus, the main baddie from GIJoe: The Movie.

Its series such as this, Claymore, Tiger & Bunny, the new Cyborg 009 as well as Attack on Titan that keeps me coming back to the Japanese medium that to some, faded out a long time ago.

Simply put, One Punch Man, packs a hell of a punch!!


“You can go with this….”


Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Just in time for Women’s month! Here’s LINO (Liberal In Name Only.) Amy Schumer the Joke Thief herself is commenting about her getting orally raped and critiquing her Pussy. Clad in black leather, as inclined in the “Comedienne’s” standup special. And as with most standup acts especially from the Def Jam era, Schumer as well as her leather special is rated U as in-uninspired, unattractive and very unfunny. What is funny, is how she blame the poorly received ratings to the venomous Alt-Reich trolls, (Who I do dislike by the way.) when in fact, it’s due to her lack of talent and gravitas!

Thank Jupiter’s Balls, that she’s been removed from the Barbie live action film adaptation!!


“Or you can go with that..”!


Dave Chappelle

In the “Don’t call it a comeback” category, Comedian, actor and all around outspoken funnyman, Dave Chappelle’s standup consist of not one, but two specials! Riding high from his guest appearance from Saturday Night Live, Chappelle pulls no punches when tackling subjects from Police Brutality, overt political correctness, Trans/homophobia and a satirical pitch for a Superhero series.

There are a few self-effacing skits here and there and during segments, Dave would often mention the four times he ran into the infamous defendant, OJ Simpson. Chappelle’s return is no doubt, a welcomed and hysterical from start to finish unlike the far less than funny Schumer. It’s only a matter of time before she steals his material or blame her lackluster critical reception on haters.

Oh, wait…!


DOCS out the BOX


Here are my recent and not too recent documentary picks. One can learn a lot from documentaries as opposed to mainstream corporate news media, which does not provide full disclosure when it comes to current events.


Be Here Now: The Andy Whitfield Story


Actor, Father, Husband and Cancer Warrior.

Be Here Now is focused on the harrowing yet brave struggle of Andy Whitfield of Starz’s hit series, Spartacus Blood and Sand when faced with a terminal illness.

This feature has been in the works for quite some time. I remember hearing about a Kickstarter fundraising effort spearheaded by actor Jai Courtney. (Also of Spartacus, Die Hard 5, Terminator Genesys, Suicide Squad.)

It is encouraging, yet heartbreaking especially toward the end. It’s stories such as this that gives me a greater appreciation for life, which most of us often take for granted.



Imagine, a ruthless organization bent on shipping a certain population of “undesirables” to serving harsh sentences in prison, while said organization rake in huge profits via inmates who were (and still are) incarcerated for nonviolent crimes. (E.g. possession of Marijuana.) Sound like a far-fetched conspiracy thriller, right? Well, it’s happening now!!😨

In 13th, Director and Social Activist Ava DuVernay (Selma) uncovers yet another hidden truth of America’s disturbing past to incarcerate Blacks, post Slavery and post Jim Crow era. Corporations such as ALEC a privatized penal system us raking in the dough while destroying many lives and continuing a cycle of subjugation and especially systemic racism.

The reveals are quite shocking from the Clinton Crime Bill, cheap labor to companies who sponsor privatized prisons. It’s certainly an eye opener and a must see if you truly care about the judicial system or happen to be a compassionate human being who isn’t bothered by what some idiot may see as “alternative facts”.


Last but certainly not least, is..


Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Many consider Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura and Metallica the legends of thrash metal and I for one, cannot debate otherwise.

In “Monster”, we are getting the “virtual” backstage pass of Metallica, their “struggle within” along with a few moments of therapeutic intervention shot in reality TV style. Most notably, is the infamous scene whereas Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine breaks down to Lars while crying like a bitch for having the band leaving him high and dry. (literally!) 😂

Did “Red dead Davy” find redemption or was he left “unforgiven”? Find out!

Other highlights from this amazing documentary goes to Lars’ Napster controversy, (“Napster, baaaad”!!) his highbrow Art exhibit and the auditions held for a replacement bass player. Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity, should’ve easily won out, IMO!

Skip the other Roc Docs, because after SKOM, “Nothing else matters”.

And that wraps it up for my Netflix picks and pans. Do you have any favorites to recommend?

Drop em like its hot, in the comments selection below.


Stalks, out!

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