Netflix’s Iron Fist review Netflix’s Iron Fist review
Netflix and me are not always good pals. They started out wonderfully with Daredevil, then dropped the ball with Jessica Jones and then also... Netflix’s Iron Fist review

Netflix and me are not always good pals. They started out wonderfully with Daredevil, then dropped the ball with Jessica Jones and then also dropped the ball with Daredevil season 2. Luke Cage I haven’t finished yet and that will need to happen sooner or later. However, after a really lousy week Iron Fist arrived and it could not have come at a better time to blow off some steam.

I have to say I didn’t expect much from it. I never heard of Finn Jones and Colleen Wing I also found miscast. And not only that, the fight scenes wouldn’t hold a candle to the pinnacle in fighting scenes in TV shows. No, not Daredevil, but FUCKING Banshee. Add to that that Power Man & Iron Fist is one of my absolute favorite comics ever so I accepted that I am going to be disappointed, because they have to make the show approachable to everyone.

So how is it? Without spoiling too much I can already say it is my favorite Marvel Netflix show. Finn Jones does a good job as Iron Fist and he convinced me he is Iron Fist.  The only funny thing about it is he looks more like Bob Diamond than Iron Fist, but that is a minor issue. At least he doesn’t look like a pussy lotion boy. Now if they would remove his beard he would probably look like a pussy lotion boy, so I hope the beard stays.

Bob Diamond. Uh, I mean Iron Fist

Jessica Henwick did a good job as Colleen Wing. Of course, she could never be the Colleen Wing I imagined but she did a far better job than I expected. And also, she and Jones had great chemistry.

Colleen Wing

Wai Ching Ho was awesome as Madame Gao. Excellent bad guy for the show. There is something creepy about old woman being evil and Wai Ching Ho milks it. Favorite Marvel villain after the Purple Man for sure.

Madame Gao


David Wenham was slime. A very slick and slippery bad guy and he has the face to match it.

Slimey Harold Meachum


Rosario Dawson was awesome as ever as Claire Temple who patches up the wounded heroes. I was never a big fan of Rosario Dawson until her career started with Marvel Netflix. To me she is the glue that holds the Marvel Universe together.

Claire Temple

Didn’t care much for the Ward siblings. They were the boring part of the show. It dragged on and dragged on.

Boring motherfuckers


So what about the rest?

Not all storylines were interesting and the beginning was very slow. Episode 2 was a real stinker and I could expect people to quit after that one.  I think they took away the time for Iron Fist himself by some storylines. Iron Fist has enough mythology to make something interesting out of the storyline and they failed a bit. Now one could say you wouldn’t need a storyline for Iron Fist, but only action but this time I don’t agree. Some storylines were really good and looked very promising for the next season.

As for the action scenes… Don’t expect plenty of them, but they are ok and better than I expected from the for me unknown Finn Jones. Whenever the Iron Fist got used it looked awesome. 2 Iron Fist usage scenes definitely gave me goosebumps. And the same counts for some other action scenes. I was witnessing fucking Iron Fist. And there was one moment in the show in which I fucking marked out. I didn’t expect it to happen in the show but it did. Fucking goosebumps.

One thing that disappointed me is that Misty Knight was nowhere to be seen and there was no Misty Knight Iron Fist romance. They dropped the ball there.

And one thing has to be said. The RZA directed episode was the best of the bunch.

I really hope this show gets a season 2. For me it is by far the best Marvel Netflix show. Kung Fu, mysticism, action, cool bad guys and likeable characters. What more do I need for an Iron Fist TV  show?



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