Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside! Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside!
For a very short low budgeted film, Kung Fury delivers with all bells and whistles! The special effects surpass what I have seen from... Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside!
Not "original" enough? It's a play on words you stoonad. And yes, "Fuck YOU, Asshole"!

Not “original” enough? Uh, It’s a play on words you stoonad!


Kung Fury: 80’s Throwback that will kick your Backside!

Swedish director and actor, David Sandberg, raised well over $200,000 in order to finance this project that pays homage to Kung Fu / Buddy Cop action films and of course the Decade of Pop Culture – the 1980’s.

When I first heard of this project years ago, from an undisclosed website, I dismissed it as just another fan film project that may never see the light of day.

Fast forward like a thumb on a VCR Remote and this one million dollar film has finally arrived!

In Kung Fury, the main protagonist goes back through time to use his amazing Martial Arts abilities to stop Adolf Hitler aka Kung Fuhrer?!!??

Well, this was one way of increasing Adolfo's chances of Victory..

Well, this was one way of increasing Adolfo’s chances of Victory…

Farfetched? Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


The high paced story begins when some arcade cabinet transforms into a giant robot and blasts the living shit out of the civilians.

The namesake protagonist jumps 100 stories from his penthouse-like temple and lands into his red Lamborghini. He then clashes with the robot head on. I love the visual gags such as the VCR “Tracking” effect and the muted colors to give the film a worn out aesthetic during the fight scenes and the intro. It is straight up tongue-in-cheek.

Another highlight goes to KF’s origin told via flashback. While trying to arrest a ninja for killing his partner, ‘Fury was struck by lighting, then bitten by a cobra and that explains his amazing fighting prowess. Ta-Dah!

Muthafuck Sonny Crockett!

Muthafuck Sonny Crockett!

After Kung Fuhrer mows down KF’s precinct and his Police Chief, Kung Fury sets out to avenge their deaths by going on a quest that takes him on an odyssey to Hitler’s timeline and even the age of the Vikings. And speaking of which, KF gets by with a little help from his friends that range from two gatling gun wielding Viking women, a hacking expert armed with a Nintendo Power glove and a, get this, humanoid cop with the head of a Triceratops!!


There’s plenty of Kung Fu fighting throughout the short, the choreography was solid and the fight scenes themselves were very imaginative. One in particular pays homage to those 80’s video game beat em ups. The “final” showdown against the Kung Fuhrer was just the cherry on top of this delicious nostalgic sundae. And it doesn’t stop there since there is (obvious) room for a sequel. I have my money in hand for another Sandberg Kickstarter Fund!

*Drools* Take me to Valhalla, Baby!

*Drools* Take me to Valhalla, Baby!

Kung Fury, without a doubt was one of the best 30 minutes I have spent this year thus far.

Is that.....??!!??

Is that…..??!!??

Stalks out!

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