Hardcore Henry review Hardcore Henry review
Bop claims that "Hardcore Henry" is the movie of the year so far! Hardcore Henry review

ECW! ECW! used to be chanted when something hardcore happened in ECW. No, not hardcore porn, but action that wows you. Action that is so jawdroppingly cool you get fucking chills. Well, Hardcore Henry is a collection of ECW! ECW! and you might as well add some holy shit holy shit chants to it.

The release date of Hardcore Henry was April 8 2016 and I can already easily say this movie is my movie of the year. There is no way in hell that an other movie will top this movie this year. And you know what the funniest thing of it all is? It is a Russian movie with the side note that there are a few American actors in it. I only saw 2 Russian movies in my life. One was the severely overrated Night Watch, the other was the entertaining Black Lightning. After Hardcore Henry I am definitely gonna do more research on Russian cinema.

The gimmick of the movie is that it is almost entirely filmed in FPS style with help of Go Pro 3 Hero cameras mounted on a mask. FPS is a genre of computer games and stands for First-Person Shooter. I totally dislike that game genre, but in this movie the FPS view works fantastically.


Go Pro 3 Hero camera.


The action is intense, hyper, often fucking funny, innovative, bat-shit crazy and motherfucking violent. The filmed carnage is a work of art and a work of passion and it shows. Just the way I like my action movies. It is a movie for real men that you don’t see that often any more. Hardcore Henry is one of those movies that showed me once again why I like movies in the first place. I can safely say it is one of a kind and will get a cult status if it hasn’t already.


Bat-shit crazy

The story in a nutshell, although you don’t watch action movies for the story, is that Henry is resurrected from death by his wife and he almost has no memory. His wife gets kidnapped by a telekinetic (yes, you read it read, telekinetic) warlord who wants to bio-engineer a large army. Will Henry get is wife back? Only one way to find out.

unrealistic scientist

The most unrealistic scientist (the wife), but who gives a fuck if she is realistic or not? I want to see Henry beat the living shit, the living piss and the living food out of chumps just to save his woman.



The telekinetic motherfucker. Thank god he doesn’t look like a pussy lotion boy.


One thing is for sure. This movie totally gives a new spin to the action genre. And yes, this movie is hardcore to the bone and fully deserves the hardcore label. Not the porn hardcore label, but the ECW one.

If you like action movies this is a movie not to be missed. If you like FPS games this is as close as an FPS movie you are gonna get unlike that piece of shit Doom. Yes, the trailer of Hardcore Henry is not that great, but the movie definitely is and the best thing of it all is that it is low budget and more evidence that you don’t need millions to keep people on the edge of their seats. The directory Ilya Naishuller gave Hollywood a lesson in movie making and Bop will go ballistic if they remake this movie.

I always wondered what would happen if they made a Crank 3, because I thought they couldn’t go any crazier after Crank 2. Meet Hardcore Henry.

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  • I_am_better

    Haven’t seen this yet. But i definitely agree about “Night Watch” being overrated.

  • Bop

    Super overrated tripe.

  • Stalkeye

    So this is basically, Call of Duty meets Crank?
    I’m sorry Bop, but since when was DOOM considered “Piece of Shit”?
    Great review, BTW! I may need to check it out

  • Bop

    You liked Doom, bro? Wasn’t it supposed to bring Doom to life?

    Call Of Duty meets Crank is a very good way to describe it.

  • Stalkeye

    Oh, i meant the game. I forgot that piece of shit movie existed. XD
    My bad. carry on.

  • Dee-abolik

    I have yet to see it. I gotta admit, Crank does not do anything for me.

  • Bop

    Well,I am trying really hard to forget the Doom movie existed.

  • Bop

    Even if Crank doesn’t do it for you I still think you will enjoy Hardcore Henry.

  • Frimmel

    From the previews I was nauseous. MUST skip this one.

  • Stalkeye

    Very overrated and forgettable!

  • Zed

    Henry makes Jason Statham look like a milquetoast.

  • Bop

    I have to say that if you get nauseous really easily I would not recommend it. The move definitely has a few moments like that.

  • Bop

    Damn true.

  • Captain Genius

    any CATFIGHTS in this?

  • Bop

    Nope. For catfights watch Bitch Slap.

  • Captain Genius

    boooo. missed the ecw reference

  • Bop

    You too. You should have chanted:” You fucked up! You fucked up!”

  • Captain Genius

    ha, nah, i didn’t care for that chant.