Xbox 360: 2005-2015  (X marks the spot!) Xbox 360: 2005-2015  (X marks the spot!)
  After the success of Microsoft’s first video game platform the Xbox, the company that Bill Gates built had decided to one up themselves... Xbox 360: 2005-2015  (X marks the spot!)


After the success of Microsoft’s first video game platform the Xbox, the company that Bill Gates built had decided to one up themselves while competing against the likes of Sony and Nintendo with the successor to their first console.

The Xbox 360 was not only 3x as powerful as the original Xbox console but spearheaded the 7th Generation race with advanced Wi-Fi capabilities, an intuitive wireless controller and the first gaming set top device that can stream your very own video and music library from a PC as well utilize apps such as Netflix. Not to mention that it was the first console that could upscale video resolution from 720 to 1080 progression, that provides a much cleaner aesthetic. You can actually see the blades on the fucking grass!

Yes, its Call of Duty. Wanna make somethin out of it? :P

Yes, its Call of Duty. Wanna make somethin out of it? 😛


The console’s graphic processing engine was well utilized courtesy of Epic games groundbreaking title Gears of War-a Microsoft exclusive title with familiar Sci-Fi Movie tropes helped to increase the console’s revenue while the anticipated sequel Halo 3 further cemented Xbox 360’s success. It was this very commercial that had my jaws drop and convince me to purchase the 360;

Another interesting feature would be the ability to add your very own music while playing video game titles. Previously on the Xbox the custom soundtrack option could be only used for certain game discs that were encoded with this option.

I can’t neglect mentioning the revolutionary “Xbox live” service that allow gamers to play online from e-sports to co-op shooters, adventure titles and RPGs. With said service, subscribers were allowed to download free games and purchase Download Content (DLC) that often extends the game as supplemental material. However, the console is not without its share of problems. One in particular was the infamous “Red Ring of Death”. Due to the faulty chipset design of the first model, RRoD usually occurs whenever there’s a power surge problem or in the case of the system overheating.

"I'm sorry Stalks, I'm afraid I can't play that". Whenever you see this appear on the 360, it means that you're royally Fucked!

“I’m sorry Stalks, I’m afraid I can’t play that”. Whenever you see this appear on the 360, it means that you’re royally fucked!


The only “remedy” for this dilemma would be to return the defective console back to the manufacturer for a replacement providing of course that it’s still under warranty.

There’s also reports of scratched discs due to the drive spinning the discs at a rapid rate and I wasn’t particularly happy with the proprietary accessories such as the 64 MB memory cards or the expensive wireless adapter.

64 Bits? To quote Palmer from John Carpenter's The Thing-"You gotta be Fucking kidding me"!!

64 Bits? To quote Palmer from John Carpenter’s The Thing-“You gotta be fucking kidding me”!!


However, these problems were quickly alleviated thanks to a total redesign overhaul ushering in the highly superior Xbox 360 S as in Slim!

“But does it come in Black”? Here’s the skinny on Xbox Slim:

I prefer my consoles Black, like my coffee and some of my (past) Ladyfriends. (0:<

I prefer my consoles Black, like my coffee and some of my (past) ladyfriends. (0:<


Not only was this model thinner with a glossy black finish, but also the consoles motherboard design was implanted to prevent the system from overheating and its bus allowed up to four USB ports, a bigger sized hard drive and a built in Wi-Fi adapter.
There was no longer a need for MS proprietary memory cards especially when storage was limited to a meager 64 bits. Now you can store content up to 16 GB from any USB thumb drive! This should have been the model during the consoles release but as they say-

In order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs”.

Along with the skinnier design, there was various versions that range from an all yellow Simpsons theme, a red console in honor on Resident Evil 5 to a Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 platform that made sounds reminiscent to their respective games. That being said, these designs somewhat pale compare to community modders who really put a lot of effort with these custom models!


Me, want!!!

Me, want!!!

Now this si the result of having too much creativity as well as too much time on your hands!

Now this is the result of having too much creativity as well as too much time on your hands!


Despite its lack of reception in the UK and especially Japan, the Xbox 360 held its own when measured up against the likes of Nintendo’s Wii/U and specifically the Sony PlayStation 3. I must say that Microsoft’s second game console is now among my top favorites courtesy of their first party titles and amazing innovations that many game consoles and devices utilize nowadays.

So raise your glasses in one hand and the control pad in the other for one of the longest living and successful video game consoles in history.

Happy 10th Anniversary 360!

Made in murica. "Fuck yeah"! (;'

Made in murica. “Fuck yeah”! (;’

Made in America, Fuck Yea!

Stalks, out!


Stalks Top Ten games released for the Xbox 360

(Yeah, some of the games were not 3rd party exclusives but overall, the 360 had the better resolution and the controller was more intuitive than the PS3’s.)

1. Gears of War
2. Bioshock
3. Batman: Arkham City
4. Halo Reach
5. Call of Duty Black Ops 2
6. Resident Evil 5
7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
8. Sonic Racing Transformed
9. Forza Motorsport 4   [PROTOTYPE] 10. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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  • I_am_better

    Another Generation of consoles I never got in to because of chronic lack of money…

    That R2 Xbox looks cool.

  • Toruk_Makto

    99.9% of my X-box is used for streaming Movies/TV.
    00.1% gaming : (
    I still have not finished Max Payne…: ( : ( : ( : (

  • Toruk_Makto

    Alas I now have the money…but no fricken time.

    I’m forced to concur that for most of us this crap is true:

    ““When you’re young you have time and energy but no money. When you get older you have money and energy but no time. And later when you finally have time and money, you no longer have energy.”

    —Annette Gulick

  • I_am_better

    Sounds about right

  • belly up – Christmas blows.

    Holy cow! Great article, Stalks!

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks, B! (0=

  • Stalkeye

    If I could, I would send you a Console (Used of course.LOL) but the shipping rates would kill me!!!! (Damn thing weighs a lot!) You need to get your Ass to America or at least Germany. At least you’ll find more opportunity here and there.

  • Stalkeye

    LOL don’t worry, I haven’t finished Max Payne or a fraction of my game library.

  • Stalkeye

    That’s scary Shit!

  • So much better than the first Xbox! Never owned one though. What I always hated were those “exclusive games” wars between the consoles.

  • Stalkeye

    Unfortunately, the 3rd party exclusivity trend started with Playstation as a way of one upping the competition and it worked as other console manufacturers have either followed suit or developed in house games designed solely for their platform. Its a shady business decision, yet very effective.

  • It always annoyed me. Had a playstation and I am a horror fan, but Alan Wake was only available on XBox. Thankfully, a friend had one.

  • Scopedog

    Hah! As always, Stalkeye, thanks for posting this. Thankfully my 360 has not had the Red Ring Of Death (yet!) and it’s been running fine going on seven years now.

    As for favorite games…well, I’d definitely take a few from your list (ARKHAM CITY, REACH, COD: BO2 and BIOSHOCK) but I’d add COD: MW2, SKYRIM, DISHONORED, FABLE II, ACE COMBAT 6, and RESIDENT EVIL: REVELATIONS (1 and 2). I’m also glad that I can still play a few of my original XBox games on it as well.

  • Scopedog

    Same here (although I did finish Max Payne! 🙂 )!

  • CoolHandJuke

    arkham city is the best video game of the past 15 years…

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks, Scopo!
    I never managed to look into Skyrim or Fable for that matter but I hear that they are both practically masterpieces.

  • Scopedog

    Can’t argue with that! Easily the best Batman game I’ve played (haven’t played ARKHAM KNIGHT yet….).

  • Scopedog

    Thanks, Stalkeye….but I’m ashamed to say that I never mentioned MASS EFFECT–I should have! 🙂

  • Stalkeye

    Shit, I should’ve placed ME 2 on the top ten list as it was my favorite action RPG and not to mention how I forgot about Dead Space. Is it too late to revamp my list? XD
    So many great games for that console.