Twin Peaks Returns: Diane… Twin Peaks Returns: Diane…
As we start the middle section of TP, those who were upset it was more Lynch abstractedness than it was the series they overly... Twin Peaks Returns: Diane…

As we start the middle section of TP, those who were upset it was more Lynch abstractedness than it was the series they overly romanticized were certainly happy with episode 7. Even those of us who like the abstract were thoroughly in tune with it as well. Why wouldn’t we be? We get to see Diane, the Horne Brothers, Dougie being a bad ass, and some talk about Audrey Horne. It also has some subtle darkness to it as well, which was reminiscent of the best of the first season and a half.

Jerry Horne starts things off in the woods. He stares out, and we’re not sure what he’s looking; maybe something to do with the black lodge or one of Dr. Jacoby’s gold shovels maybe. It’s neither, however. When he calls his brother he complains he can’t find his car, and that he’s lost. “I think I’m high!” he says before hanging up. It’s a somewhat funny/sad scene because it could be he’s high, or it could be Alzheimer’s. Either way, it leaves brother Ben very, very confused.

With that, we’re off to the races. Last week’s show ended with Hawk finding some pages from Laura Palmer’s diary. I figured if we ever saw them again it wouldn’t be until much later in the show. Well, I was wrong, as it’s the next thing we see; Hawk and Truman going over the missing pages. In it Laura writes that Annie tells her Dale is trapped in the lodge. It was one of those moments that made my skin prickle as Laura knew neither of them. Truman calls Dr. Hayward over Skype to ask him about Cooper when he returned from the lodge 25 years earlier. The good Doc mentions he saw him in the ICU of the hospital visiting a comatose Audrey. We think nothing of that really until later in the show, and the thought that it conjures is absolutely chilling.

Back in Buckhorn South Dakota, Lt. Knox visits the morgue where the headless corpse of who she thinks is Major Garland Briggs resides. Not only is the body of a man in his 40’s, he’d only been dead a few days. We also see the vagrant who disappeared in a puff of smoke from the jail cell in the first episode.

Gordon and Albert go to Diane’s, after Albert strikes out when he met her at the bar. Diane greets them with a curt “Fuck you,” which doesn’t seem to faze Cole in the least. Despite saying she has no coffee, Diane disappears and returns with some. That one simple act says more about their relationship than any dialogue ever could have. It’s a great scene, and we hear about the last time she and Cooper saw one another. Well, it’s what isn’t said about that night which tells far more than anything else. This is one of the genius things about Lynch: he can say more about something without his characters uttering one word. Many directors do it, but few are as successful as Lynch.

Diane finally agrees to see Cooper in prison, though it’s obvious she has some very mixed feelings about it. It’s never stated that Cooper raped her, but that’s certainly the inference-which explains her hesitance in seeing him again. Nevertheless she agrees, and we see them on their way to South Dakota.

Diane, already unnerved, is thoroughly blindsided by the Cooper doppelganger, and after running from the interview room, and gathering her wits, tells Gordon, that it wasn’t Cooper. Then, in a moment of vulnerability she begins to cry and hugs Cole for solace. It’s a very powerful, heart wrenching scene, and one of the best in the series so far. After this Cooper’s doppelganger blackmails the warden in helping him escape.

However, what would an episode be without Dougie?  He’s slowly coming around, able to say words on his own, and doing work in his office (more of the stairs and ladders, but still). His wife comes to pick him up, and the both of them are greeted by 3 detectives all named Fusco. Long story short, they tell him that his car was found, and it had exploded. His wife is unphased by this and ushers him out of the office.

Outside, Ike the psychotic little person killer goes after Dougie with a gun. Dougie subdues him and gets the gun away from him much to the amazement of his wife and onlookers. From this we can see that Coop is remembering his former life little by little and it’s only a matter of time before he fully returns.

I have no doubt Evil Coop escaped to kill Dougie, however I think the doppelganger is going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Getting back to Diane and Audrey for a moment though, aside from Annie, these were the two most important women in his life at the time he was in Twin Peaks. The fact it’s inferred he raped both of them(with Richard Horne possible being the offspring), is absolutely horrifying, especially considering Audrey was in a coma at the time.

This is definitely TP territory-very close in feel to the night Laura was murdered. Lynch was unexpectedly straightforward this episode (for him at least), and it was certainly one of the strongest episodes to date. Yet also like Lynch, he leaves a lot more questions than he answers. Who is that ashen figure that keeps showing up? What is that hum in the walls of the Great Northern? What really happened on the grassy knoll the day JFK was assassinated?




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