The Day Shift The Day Shift
The boss and I are having a rift So I start drinking on the day shift 11 am the bar is half full I... The Day Shift

The boss and I are having a rift

So I start drinking on the day shift

11 am the bar is half full

I greet my whiskey and take a harsh pull

A washed up actor laments another arrest

Corner stool zombie celebrates a negative HIV test

Ancient jukebox ransoms my picks

Drug addict preacher sells his crucifix

A fat ass cheerleader waddles in

She smells like diapers and has bad skin

Someone pukes and no one cares

Two people laugh and everyone stares

An old barfly gets ready for work

She will only charge me twenty for an amorous jerk

The men’s room has three shit stained stalls

Perfect for her fondling my balls

I hand her some money and her granny panties get wet

Give me another shot so I can forget.

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Imprisoned on the overtaxed, overpopulated and overpriced fortress of Long Island, Tarmac492 seeks refuge in the pop junkyard of his brain. He enjoys books, film, television, music and a good drink, or seven every now and again. Beautiful women love being "friends" with him and they find his useless knowledge mildly diverting. Tarmac492 hopes to move to Tierra del Fuego where he can waste away--blissfully drunk and anonymous--at the end of the world.

  • The man’s a poet
    and I didn’t know it

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Tarmac is the Charles Bukowski of the Supernaughts.

  • Fondling is a great word.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I took that pic in Montauk. That is where the Stones apparently wrote the song Memory Motel. Great dive bar if you can get it on a quiet time. Very crowded in the summer. Pic seemed good for article, though.

  • Full Frontal Throttle


  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO Now that’s true Poetry straight from the gut!

  • CoolHandJuke

    Could do without the rhyme but love the imagry. Best beej I ever got cost me five bucks…

  • Bop


  • Bop


  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    More like straight from the cirrhosis-infected liver.

  • Catch a moment in time
    in the form of a rhyme

  • (I stole that)

  • Sex on toilets… I never got the appeal.

  • It’s a good metaphor for hitting rock bottom, but some people actually see it as something enticing.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I dont think I have ever hooked up with a chick in a sleazy men’s room. Done alot of drugs in them, though.Back in the day. I left my drug days behind me with my twenties.

  • Guess it’s hot to do it somewhere knowing someone just took a dump there a few minutes before. Or maybe it’s the sexy thought of the invisible fecal bacteria covering everything?

  • Tarmac492.1

    maybe a “public place” type of thrill, but bathrooms in dive bars are just godawful, dirty places. Would rather try it in a library or work(did that on a weekend) still kind of thrilling,

  • Tarmac492.1

    The blumpkin?

  • Tarmac492.1

    The liver is the Sam Mendes of vital organs. Overrated!!!

  • I guess Aronofsy is the appendix then.

  • Yeah I heard about that.

  • Dr. Geiszler, Kaijuologist

    Mad rhymes!

  • Tarmac492.1

    You like Mendes more than Aronofsky? Haneke must be a canker sore.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I am not sure I could write one without the rhyme. I would think I would just turn it into a story or something. I will give it another shot down the line. It was fun. $5 for a BJ? Good price. Some crack whore at an ATM offered me a bj if I gave her ten bucks. This was NYC in about 1994. I hadnt started drinking yet that night, so I just gave her $20 to go away. If it was a few hours later……..

  • CoolHandJuke

    How bout I catch an Amtrak up there sometime, and you and I tag team the biggest one we can find?

  • Tarmac492.1


  • CoolHandJuke

    First round’s on me…

  • Stalkeye

    Damn, Nick, (;’

  • Stalkeye

    I smell an Autobiography here just waiting to get out!

  • Stalkeye

    This one’s for you, Pucky! XD