Supernatural is Horror Supernatural is Horror
A tribute to the series "Supernatural", which is now entering its 11th season. Supernatural is Horror

This article has been published earlier on the now-defunct Talkbacker site. It has been adapted a little bit.

With Halloween around the corner, Supernatural needs to be mentioned. There is this notion that Supernatural is a TV show for girls and women, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is a horror show. Not a gory one, but a horror show nonetheless. One of the things people say about Supernatural is that it is a rip-off of Buffy and Angel. I also don’t agree with that. The inspirations for Supernatural are well-known urban legends like the Wendigo, Bloody Mary, Croatoan, La Llorona etc. However, it grew into something more than only a TV show about urban legends.
Another problem people seem to have is that they think the actors look too pretty. I don’t agree with that. So many films and TV shows are filled with slimey, tacky candyfloss people, but Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are not in that category.

So what is the story about?

The storyline in a nutshell is, that Sam and Dean Winchester have been trained by their father to be hunters. It’s not hunting animals, but demons spirits and all kinds of supernatural beings. When Sam was a little kid, their home was invaded by the Yellow Eyed Demon, who killed Mommy, and Daddy was not able to save her. Since then Daddy has been hunting the Yellow Eyed Demon to find out if Mommy can be saved and he wants to kill him. What Daddy Winchester doesn’t know is that the Yellow Eyed Demon fed Sam demon blood and that he has plans of apocalyptic proportions for Sam. The plan will span over 5 seasons. During those 5 seasons, the Winchester brothers will deal with all kinds of things. Spirits, demons, monsters, Death, angels, a trickster, the 7 Deadly Sins, Samhain, a djinn, etc. You name it, and they’ve dealt with it.



The Yellow Eyed Demon. A sneaky and nasty mofo.


crossroads demon

The Crossroads Demon



Holy shit. A Djinn.



Death. Dangerous mofo.



The Trickster knows how to party.



Happy Halloween, Samhain.


billy drago

Cult actor Billy Drago.



Human. Recognize her?


Is it a horror show?

It kind of is, because it contains elements of horror. Some scenes might give you a scare, but that’s because they build up the tension. It’s not a slasher movie like Friday The 13th, which I consider the king of slashers, but nearly every episode at least one person gets slashed in the beginning to set the tone of the episode.

Is it an homage to horror?

I think it is. In fact, there was an episode in which Jason Voorhees would appear. The Supernatural- people cleared the rights to use the character, but the film studio that granted permission realized they didn’t own the rights a few days before shooting was to start. That really sucked because an appearance by Jason Voorhees totally fits in Supernatural. However, as of season 11 CW has the rights to use Jason Voorhees, so I hope Jason Voorhees finds his way to Supernatural this season. Also Linda Blair and Robert Englund appeared in an episode and maybe even some more horror actors whom I don’t know.

Is it funny?

It’s funny lots of times. Jensen Ackles has great comedic timing and Jared Padalecki is more the serious one in the show. The humor is not forced like you see in many Hollywood movies or s(H)itcoms and it is definitely not all over the place.

What about the babe factor?

It’s not overly filled with women, but there is an occasional damsel in distress often played by unknown cute Canadian women, and there are some major characters, who are bad bad women.



Abaddon. A knight of hell.


So what else do I like about it?

The car!!! The Winchester Brothers travel around in a badass 1967 Chevrolet Impala. It’s such a beautiful car and I wish could find one like that. The car will also play an important part in the last episode of season 5 that I will not spoil.


1967 Impala


The soundtrack is great rock. I found out I know shit about rock as Supernatural introduced me to various cool rock songs like “Carry On Wayward Son”, which is Supernatural’s anthem, and if you watch the show you will agree with the choice. The main theme of the show is “family”. It’s about the choices and sacrifices you make for your family and your loved ones. Another important theme is “hope”. No matter how bad things are there is always hope and you have to keep fighting the good fight. And mang, things in Supernatural really tend to get hopeless.

Why should you watch this show?

This is not a pretty boy show catering to screaming teenage women. I think it’s more a show for men, but somehow women get so emotionally invested in this show. Supernatural is exciting, it’s horror, and it’s humor and don’t forget the car!!! Jensen Ackles plays one of the best badass characters on television. Also, a lot of actors who guest star bring their A-game. I will put up the first 5 seasons up against any TV show, and they will give them a run for their money. It’s one wonderful storyline that will introduce lots of characters, create a mythology and a great finale. Also, each season has some standalone episodes and they are some of the most creative episodes you will ever see. Supernatural is also the show that, in my opinion, had the best season finale episode 3 years in a row. Seasons 6 till 9 are of lesser quality, but every one of them have their episode gems. And no matter if various episodes in season 6 till 9 are not that great, the Winchester Brothers are always worth watching because their characters have been developed so well and you care about those guys. As for season 10, they totally lost the magic, but redeemed themselves in the season finale. Season 11 is on now and the Winchester Brothers are facing the biggest force of evil there ever existed. If they can keep up the quality they might even come close to the awesomeness of the first 5 seasons.


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    If you ever check out a Supernatural panel at SDCC, you will not be disappointed, Orcus checked out 3 of their Hall H panels over the years and they are funny as hell.

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    It isnt horror. a soap opera actioner with some fantasy elements. that’s all.

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    There was that unforgettable twist near the end that had me saying as a kid-“Whatdefuck?” This Movie was ahead of its time and I rate the first one over the Freddy Kruger Movies for its ominous mixture of horror and action. not to mention, that kickass theme which rivals most of John Carpenter’s Music.

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