Retro TV Review: Keen Eddie (2003) Retro TV Review: Keen Eddie (2003)
Note: This was formerly published on the now-defunct It may be edited slightly. Sometimes TV shows appear that are ahead of their time. The... Retro TV Review: Keen Eddie (2003)

Note: This was formerly published on the now-defunct It may be edited slightly.

Sometimes TV shows appear that are ahead of their time. The public somehow doesn’t know about it or doesn’t connect with it, because the build up is too slow. If the public doesn’t know about it that’s mostly the fault of the broadcaster not promoting it enough, I think. It happens a lot. Some people in the TV industry get paid a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing. You need to promote the shit out of a show in order to get some momentum behind it. As for this TV show… I don’t know why it it didn’t continue, but Fox is to blame. It only got 13 episodes and that is simply a crime.  Without any further ado, here’s Keen Eddie (2003), something that is totally worth watching.

So who is in it?

keen eddie

Mark Valley and Sienna Miller


So what’s cool about Mark Valley? If you ask me, everything. I think this guy has a certain charisma that many actors don’t have. I never understood why he wasn’t sought after for bigger movies. What’s cool about Sienna Miller? Well, I don’t like that she is a home-wrecker, but I found her Baroness in G.I. Joe quite interesting. She made the Baroness look good.

So what is the show about?

US cop Eddie Arlette screws up a case big time in the United States. As a thank you he gets reassigned to London to work with the cops there. Before he came to London he paid rent for an apartment to an old woman, and when he arrives someone is already living there. It’s Fiona, the daughter of the old woman. She is supposed to be in college and not in that apartment. Fiona wants to get rid of him, but Eddie paid his money and he isn’t going anywhere. Eddie is also not popular with the British cops because his American ways cause friction. However, he does his job well somehow.

So what is cool about this show?

The show is full of subtle humor. The chemistry between Eddie and Fiona is awesome. Here you have the US guy and the British woman with her really English accent trying to discourage Eddie in all kinds of ways to leave the house. There is a lot of bickering that I find really funny. The police cases are also very comical most of the time. Lots of quirky characters appear throughout the show. One particular thing that needs to be mentioned is this running gag with a secretary in the police station. Whenever Eddie sees her, he hears sexual remarks she never says.

Why should you watch this show if you get the chance?

If there is a show with this kind of humor, please point me to it. I don’t remember ever seeing a show with this kind of humor. I don’t often pay attention to acting skills, but Mark Valley delivers here. If you ask me, he knows comedy. Sienna Miller also plays a great and kind of bitchy role. Oh, and she is not bad to look at either. Hey, I am a guy, so sue me!

There is one thing I don’t like about the DVD release: They replaced the original soundtrack with crap music, but the original soundtrack episodes are hanging around in better places. I really hate it that when DVDs sometimes get released and the original soundtrack isn’t there anymore. That is no way to honor a great TV show.

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  • todd

    Unfortunately, the trend in American Television Humor over the past 10 or 15 years has been one that leans heavily on the double entendre, prides itself on “cheeky innuendo,” and hasn’t progressed beyond its incubation in the Ivy league swingers scene. But here’s the rub: It seems to be what The People want. The Bottom line of executive decision.
    The mega-success of shows such as “2 and a half men,” “2 Broke Girl,” etc, has only reaffirmed to Hollywood potentates that the American (and I’m sure on a international scale to some extent) audience isn’t interested in the “subtle humor” described in the article.
    While hardly subtle, and definitely within the realm of the bizarre, I found myself seriously dejected with Fox Television many years ago with the cancellation of Chris Elliott’s “Get a Life.” With the exception of myself and a handful of miscreant stoner friends, it seemed as though no one “Got it.” The wit was too dry, the bits were oozing with esoteric cheese, and none of the characters were particularly psychically attractive (unless you’re into Brian-Doyle Murray).
    My point is that it sounds like “Keen Eddie” plays outside the parameters of the status quo. And that fact alone peeks my interest enough to give it a shot.

  • Never even heard of this, but it was right around the time I was too knee deep in college shit to care about TV. Sounds pretty cool.

  • I like Mark Valley, he was funny in “Boston Legal”. This sounds like good old-fashioned entertainment like in the 70s and 80s.

  • Bop

    Oh, 2 And A Half Men and 2 Broke Girls are also very popular over here. I severely dislike both shows, because I can’t find any humor in them and they get re-run and re-run with no end.

    Fox is a piece of shit company, that managed to kill various and interesting shows within a nick of time. The big question is always :”How many episodes below 5 episodes will it get cancelled?”

  • Bop

    Mark Valley is awesome. I should really check out Boston Legal, but I have a problem with lawyer shows. They bore me to death.

    And I still think Mark Valley would have been a great Captain America.

  • Bop

    It is definitely one of my favorite shows ever. Too bad it was only one season.

  • Stalkeye

    Mark Valley is a cool Actor and besides Captain America, I also envisioned him as Duke for a GIjoe Movie. Miller is cute as The Baroness, but that Brainwashing plot was ludicrous. Baroness was straight up vile and extremist as depicted in the Comics, ergo there was no need to add the Brainwashing angle.

    That being said, great write up Bro-meng! I never heard of this series before.

  • Stalkeye

    They need to cancel Empire next. B, did you hear Jack’s perspective on that show? He called it when he said they took a page from Social media. LMMFAO

  • Bop

    Nah, I am not watching Empire. Right now I only watch Banshee, Supernatural, Ray Donovan and Mr Robot. If Lucifer gets greenlit I will watch that too. As for Power. I don’t know if I will continue that. Oh, and I will definitely give the Bastard Executioner a chance because it’s Kurt Sutter.

  • Stalkeye

    I watched the first ep of Empire and was immediately turned off. Way too sanitized for me and not to mention full of tropes like the Angry Ex Wife who’s come back to claim what’s rightfully “Hers”, sibling rivalry and the dying Matriarch. Fuck that overrated Noise.

    Terrance Howard’s Wife beating Court drama is more interesting than Empire. However, I think that Bug Eyed Sista is Cute. wasshername? Tarej or something like that?

    I’m looking forward to the Bastard Executioner or as i call it-SOA-The Medieval Years. (0;’

  • Bop

    SOA The Medieval Years. Bring it on.

    Taraji P Henson is bug-eyed, yes. 🙂 She was pretty damn good in Person Of Interest. A show that started great in season 2 and 3, but got totally neutered in season 4.

  • I remember liking this show. It was light-hearted fun