My Memorable WTF Scenes from The Walking Dead My Memorable WTF Scenes from The Walking Dead
OMG, most WTF from TWD! My Memorable WTF Scenes from The Walking Dead
2013-2015 T'was fun while it lasted.

T’was fun while it lasted.

To commemorate the upcoming 6th Season of The Walking Dead, I thought I’d throw out a few “What the Fuck” moments from the highly acclaimed survival horror series. This article may seem familiar to the 4 or 5 of you who stayed with us during the ass-end of Talkbacker, but for the rest of the uninitiated, I thought to re-post this bitch just for your amusement. (;’

As with most scene lists-SPOILER ALERT!!

So without further…..well, you know!

Child’s Slay

Season Four Episode: 14 “The Grove”

"Zombie Tag"? This is what happens when you don't have any Friends...or a TV.

“Zombie Tag”?
This is what happens when you don’t have any Friends…or a TV.

Lizzie loses her hold on sanity to the point of playing tag with a Walker, and worse, stabbed her sister, Mika, to death so that she would “come back”. Said consequences prompt Carol into doing the unthinkable and that is putting a bullet to the back of Lizzie’s head.

This was the most depressing episode of the entire series, just seeing as how children adjust to surviving in a very nihilist world. Personally, as a godparent to a 9 year old girl, I doubt if I could watch this tearjerker again.

Best quote: “Look at the Flowers.”

"Holy Shit just got Real, Batman"!!

“Holy Shit just got Real, Batman”!!

*Lump in Throat*

Ollie: You, Pussy!!

Ollie: You, Pussy!!

Shane on you!

Season Two Episode 12: “Better Angels”


After a long winded rivalry which stems from Shane’s jealousy of Rick, his “Best Friend” lures Grimes into the woods and thereafter, he realizes that Shane attempts to kill him but in turn gets knifed to death by Grimes. Carl retrieves Shane’s Gun and then points it toward his Father’s direction only to pull the trigger on a reanimated Shane, killing him again!


Thus began the deduction that everyone has been infected by this mysterious virus and the moment they succumb to death itself, they come back. But not in the way many would hope.

Lost and found (of the dead)

Season Two Episode: 7 “Pretty Much Dead Already”

Sophie's back! And with 25 shades of Grey!

Sophie’s back! And with 25 shades of Grey!

During the first season, there was a frantic search for Carol’s missing daughter, Sophia.

The group had taken refuge within Hershel’s Farm. However, he stipulates that if Rick’s group wants to stay, they have to treat walkers like people. During breakfast, Glen suddenly spills the beans by mentioning that there are walkers inside the barn. Suspicions further arise, especially from Shane. Needless to say that Shane gathers firearms and storms the farmhouse to validate his claims that Walkers aren’t people.

The Walkers are immediately shot and killed by the survivors as they stumble out of the barn. And as soon as the smoke clears out comes Sophia, who is now a Walker as it appears from the bite mark on her neck. Carol heads toward her reanimated daughter only to be intercepted by Daryl. As the group are hesitant to shoot what remains of the child, Rick steps forward, upholsters his revolver and puts her down. Just like that.

Jeebsus Christ on a cross, not even little girls can get a break in this sobering series! This episode was another defining moment of TWD’s “Pull no punches” credibility.

Oh, Brother what art thou! AKA The redemption of Merle Dixon

Season 3 Episode: 15 “This Sorrowful Life”

This is what happens when your aim is off a few meters...

This is what happens when your aim is off a few meters…

Rick asks Merle to help deliver Michonne to The Governor of Woodbury, as some part of a “Peace Treaty”. However, the Governor planned to kill any of Rick’s group who would deliver her to him. Mad Merle while having a conversation with Michonne, is convinced to let her go, therefore deciding to personally take out The Guv’ner.

Unfortunately, his plan took a turn for the worse as one of Phillip’s men had took the bullet from Merle’s Sniper Rifle. During a scuffle the Governor had gained the upper hand by biting off Merle’s Fingers! Upon hearing the news from Michonne that his big bro went at it alone, Darryl goes to the meeting place only to find out that his older Brother is merely a shadow of his former self…..a Walker!!



Best quote: “I ain’t Begging!”

Merle, you were a racist, redneck jerkoff, but in the end you stepped up, big time!

O, Boy!

Season Four Episode: 16 “A”

"I got this"! (Literally!) Meet the New Poster boy for NAMBLA-Dan!

“I got this”! (Literally!)
Meet the New Poster boy for NAMBLA-Dan!

Separated from the group, Daryl joins up with a band of scavengers who take possession of everything they can get their hands on. What makes matters worst is when the claimed gang led by Joe encounters Rick (who he holds responsible for killing one of his men during a previous episode), Michonne, and Carl. One of the “claimed” creeps- Dan, grabs Carl and tries to ass rape him. Big fucking mistake! Fuck it, this is beyond words-Roll em!

Rick manages to get free, take down the scavengers with the help of Michonne and Daryl. Thus giving the boy lover his just desserts: disemboweled du’ crepes! “A” was one of the best season finales of TWD, and after witnessing the events from said episode, it purely states that man is just as dangerous as the undead, if not more. The Walkers just crave flesh, while some dishonorable humans would rape your offspring, lead you into false promises of “Paradise”, then serve you on a silver platter as witnessed in..

Terminus, Cannibus!

Season Four Episode: 16 “A” (As in “Again”??)

Welcome to Terminus! I heard that their Beef Jerky is some good Shit!

Welcome to Terminus! I heard that their Beef Jerky is some good Shit!

Throughout Season 4, the survivors discover enigmatic signs that read “Come to Terminus”, believing that it is some sort of haven, only to end up as captives and even worse: “Fresh Meat!!” Just when you thought that the group had to fight the Walkers from having their spleen snacked on, they fall prey to a bunch of sneaky ass carnivorous cannibals!

Best quote: “They’re (Fucking) screwing with the wrong People.”

And Rick was right. Commando Carol: FTMFW!! (Watch the First episode of Season 5 for further details!)


Season Five Episode: 2 “Strangers”

"Coming soon from AMC: The Swimming Dead"!

“Coming soon from AMC:
The Swimming Dead”!

And just when the group thought they were over and done with those flesh eating monsters (surely I wasn’t referring to the Walkers), the boys from Terminus, are back in town!

After seeking refuge within an abandoned church, Bob steps outside feeling a sense of despair, he begins to tear up. However, Bob’s wallowing in sorrows is short lived when he is knocked unconscious, and awakens to see  Gareth and what remains of his group from Terminus having an evening snack by the campfire.

Well Gareth, does he taste like Chicken?

Well Gareth, does he taste like Chicken?

In a state of shock, “Bobby” notices that it’s one of his legs that was amputated and cooked like a rotisserie Chicken (did his leg actually taste like Chicken?). Well, the joke was on Gareth and the “Termies” once they realized that Bob is now infected due to a walker bite much earlier.

Best quote in the following episode : *Bob laughing manically* ” I’m Tainted Meat!!”

That wraps of this piece, and remember, these are just my picks of shocking moments from this rather shocking series, so feel free to comment with your own favorite WTF moments or scenes in general.

As a footnote; Season Five of The Walking Dead is now available on Netflix Streaming. Binge-watch the hell out of it!

Stalks, out!

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