Lucifer Pilot (2015) TV Review Lucifer Pilot (2015) TV Review
I never read the Lucifer comics from DC Vertigo. I was never interested. Part of the reason was that I am not happy with... Lucifer Pilot (2015) TV Review

I never read the Lucifer comics from DC Vertigo. I was never interested. Part of the reason was that I am not happy with the portrayal of most devils. There have been some good devil portrayals in the past though. Who can forget John Glover as the devil in the cult show Brimstone? Or who can forget Mark Pellegrino as the devil in the legendary TV show Supernatural? They are by far my two favorite portrayals of the devil. Will the devil in Lucifer be another good one? Let’s see.

So who stars in the show?

Tom Ellis (right) as the devil and Lauren German (left) as detective Chloe Dancer.


The story goes that Lucifer is bored of hell and lives in Los Angeles. He likes toying around with people because he can make them confess everything. When a female friend, who is a singer, gets killed, Lucifer wants to find out who did it. This makes him cross paths with detective Chloe Dancer. He tries his power to make people confess things on Chloe Dancer, but she is immune to it. That fascinates the devil, so he decides to help her out. Will they find the killer? Only one way to find out.

The show is quite funny, although I assume the comic is not. So far it looks like Castle, but with a devil instead of an author. Although I find Castle an amusing show, I hope Lucifer won’t remain like that. Tom Ellis reminds me of Jean Dujardin a lot and it’s as if I am seeing OSS117 being the devil. That is distracting a bit in my opinion. Tom Ellis also overacts a bit and I am not a fan of overacting. I want the devil to be a mean, slimy, and conniving motherfucker, and one who doesn’t overact. Maybe Tom Ellis needs to find his groove. It wouldn’t be the first time in a new TV show.

Lauren German plays a typical police woman and I wish writers would do their best to create more unique police women who are not so typical. I severely dislike fake ass girl power.

The chemistry between the devil and Chloe Dancer is good enough to keep me interested in the show. The devil has some great one-liners and I hope he keeps spitting them out. I just hope that the show survives, because we are talking Fox here. The show seems to have potential for being something light-hearted, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing it get very, very dark.

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  • CoolHandJuke

    It’s almost 3 am and my ass is burning!

  • Bop

    Then don’t put jalapenos in it.

  • Abe

    Simple but effective remedy.

  • Xiphos

    moving from Hell to LA is a lateral shift.

  • Sagamanus

    This is already out? Man Constantine was put on ice so I don’t see this lasting either. But I will check it out even though I haven’t really watched much of anything concerning the supernatural.

  • Bop

    It is not out officially, Sags. I don’t know the official release date.

  • Lucky13

    Don’t forget Viggo as Satan in The Prophecy!

    I didn’t know about this show… thanks for the heads up.

    Also…. Chloe Dancer. Gotta love the Mother Love Bone shout out.

  • Full Frontal Throttle

    The only song of theirs worth a hoot

  • Frimmel

    The Lucifer character for the Lucifer title is a spin-off from the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. I have read all of Sandman and only the first arc of Lucifer (didn’t grab me) but this devil does not sound like Lucifer from either of those comics. The goofy look on his face in the photo really doesn’t seem like that character.

  • Bop

    I guess my hunch about the comic was right. He often has a goofy look in the pilot.

  • Bop

    Didn’t see The Prophecy.

  • Frimmel

    What’s your hunch about the comic?

  • Bop

    Oh, then they used enough of the comic. In the show he owns a nightclub. He is bored and he left hell and doesn’t plan on going back.

  • Frimmel

    Maybe, but there were no goofy smiles. Even when he was being gracious it was laced with malignancy. Even as he talked about his boredom it seemed like sadness laced with contempt. Well, to me anyway. Given how sanitized Constantine’s show was it is hard to think this one won’t be treated the same.

  • Bop

    Let me know what you think about the pilot when you see it. I am curious. The pilot is out there.

  • Lucky13

    For shame. Walken hamming it up as an evil bastard is worth the price of admission alone.