Lucha Underground kicks ass Lucha Underground kicks ass
Lucha Underground started about a year ago with a weekly episode of an hour. I was hooked right away. Lucha Underground kicks ass

I used to be a big wrestling fan. ECW, WCW, TNA and WWF/WWE. I was never much into Japanese wrestling and lucha libre was difficult to get. ECW is unfortunately no more. It was my favorite wrestling organization. WCW is also no more due to mismanagement. TNA also has gross mismanagement and not to mention that Hogan helped a great deal in ruining the company.  WWE is just utter shit these days. The only bright lights for the past few years were CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Sasha Banks. CM Punk is gone, how long Brock Lesnar will stay cool depends on WWE and Sasha Banks might be neutered sooner or later. I detest WWE a lot these days. They ruined American pro wrestling for me and Triple H and Stephanie are to blame for that. However, there is a new kid on the block and his name is Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground started about a year ago with a weekly episode of an hour. I was hooked right away. Lucha Underground has a collection of wrestlers from the US and from AAA in Mexico. Most of them are not known to Joe Public, but Lucha Underground seems to be making sure they will be household names. That is something that WWE hasn’t been doing lately.

The story of Lucha Underground is that there is slimy piece of shit who organizes fights in an arena that he calls the temple. Everybody is welcome to fight and this brings people to the Temple from all walks of life.

What I really like about the show is that it really focuses on making stars. They make you care for the wrestlers. The storylines are wonderful and sometimes a bit out there but that is ok. It’s lucha. Next to that the action is amazing with all kinds of styles being there.

The Lucha Underground season is almost at an end. This coming Wednesday is part 2 of the season finale. The whole season they worked out storylines that culminate in the season finale. The first part of the season finale was great and I am sure the second part will be the same. Lucha Underground restored my faith in pro wrestling. In one season, in my opinion, they managed to create more stars than WWE did in the last 10 to 15 years. And that with hardly a budget. If you are a wrestling fan you owe it to yourself to check out Lucha Underground. It is in a total class of its own.

Here is on overview of some of the stars.

Dario Cueto


Dario Cueto, played by actor Luis Fernandez-Gil, plays the owner of Lucha Underground. He is an awesome bad guy and a total discovery, because he never was in the wrestling business, but only in the acting business. He knows how to play an authority figure and Triple H and Stephanie are not even worthy to walk in his shadow. I don’t know where they found Cueto, but he sure made an impression.

Prince Puma


Prince Puma is probably the best athlete in Lucha Underground and maybe even on the planet. He does amazing things and is fearless. He has an amazing look and can back it up in the ring. How this guy is not in the WWE yet is beyond me, but then again it’s better he is in Lucha Underground, so he can be himself.

Catrina & Mil Muertes


I consider Mil Muertes to be the Undertaker of Lucha Underground. He is accompanied by Catrina, formerly known as Maxine in the WWE. Catrina doesn’t wrestle, although she is able to. She oozes pure sexiness and her lick of death is too hot for TV. She is one mean woman and a perfect fit for Lucha Underground. Mil Muertes just kicks ass.

Sexy Star

sexy star

Talk about girl power in wrestling. I don’t think there is a woman in wrestling today who portrays girl power better than Sexy Star. WWE found her too fat and didn’t see much in her, but this woman has so much charisma I need sun glasses. Often she fights men in Lucha Underground, but doesn’t always win. She is a very positive role model for women, I think, and it’s funny she is a good girl in Lucha Underground, because she can be a super bad girl as seen in AAA, the Mexican version of WWE.



This crazy South African is one of the great revelations of Lucha Underground. He has awesome facial expressions when he gets his ass kicked and has amazing wrestling ability. Not as good as Prince Puma, but definitely no slouch. He is also very funny.

Check out this beautiful dive to see how crazy the guy is. I just hope he doesn’t kill himself in the future.

Pentagon Jr


Straight out of Mortal Kombat comes Pentagon Jr. He is the luchador with the coolest look. You wouldn’t want to meet him in an alley. He is as evil as he looks and he loves breaking arms of wrestlers.

Son of Havoc

son of havoc

Seriously. Is Son of Havoc a cool name or what? I wish I had come up with that name. The guy looks funny, but has amazing ability in the ring. This guy was in WWE’s Tough Enough and they passed on him, which pissed off CM Punk. It is awesome to see Son of Havoc making a name for himself in Lucha Underground.



The baddest bitch in the building, as she calls herself. This Puerto Rican firecracker is one tough cookie. She totally earned her place in Lucha Underground.



This guy looks as if he came straight from the WWE. He is short, but like a block of granite. He is unbelievable athletic for his size.

All in all I enjoyed this season immensely. I saw great action, great characters and great storylines. Right now they’re having trouble funding season 2. It would be a shame if they don’t get a season 2, because they are innovative and are creating a revolution.

Thank you, Lucha Underground, for restoring my faith in American wrestling.

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  • I think I’m gonna seek some of this out right away and give it a chance. I grew sick of WWE back when they were still called WWF, but I’d love to see something that captures the magic they once had.

    Any particular episodes I should watch or is just grabbing a couple from the beginning good enough?

  • Stalkeye

    Although I’m no longer into Wrestling, this sounds interesting.

    Hah! Prince Puma reminds me of this Guy!

  • Jack Randomm

    I like what I’ve seen thus far. I’m digging Johnny Mundo. With Piper dying this week, and some of us wishing Hogan was dead, this seems to be as good as time as ever to do a wrestling podcast.

  • Back in the very early Shut Up Kids days we did an 80s wrestling one. I’d be down to be a guest on another should one come about.

  • Jack Randomm

    are you available to record tomorrow evening? Around 7 p.m. Eastern?

  • Bop

    Johnny Mundo reinvented himself in Lucha Underground. That’s for sure.

  • Bop

    Bro. It wouldn’t surprise me if King was the template for the gimmick.

  • Bop

    I would advise to start from the beginning and then see it all being built up.
    If you just jump in you might miss some back story.

  • Ah, 7 is the worst time for me, ha. Anytime before 6pm and then 8:30 or after is fine, but 6 – 8:30 is primetime dad time for me, ha.

  • Bop

    Hey, Puck. Lucha Underground went out with a bang in the last episode of the season.

    I compiled a small list with the best episodes for you in case you don’t have much time to watch it all.

    The episodes you should watch are


  • I watched the first episode, here’s my mini-review…

    Cool production value. I like how it’s not always the same-old camera angles and the non-fight footage is very well done. Cool atmosphere all around. I also like how there is a story for the overall event, not just grudges and what have you between wrestlers.

    The guy playing the owner was great, just as you said. Smug mother fucker if I ever saw one.

    The announcers kinda sucked. Didn’t really get me into the matches very well, though I suspect they’ll improve.

    First two matches weren’t very good. First one was just boring, second one was rushed. Would have liked to see more from Son of Havoc and Sexy Star.

    Last match was great. Started a little slow, but once things got going, very energetic and full of cool moves.

    Predictable “twist” at the end, but that big dude was nasty.

    Overall, not bad. Enough to like that I’ll check out a few more at least.

  • Bop

    The announcers will get better and so will the matches.
    The first episode was more of an introduction.