Imaginarium 81: Killers and Clowns Imaginarium 81: Killers and Clowns
This week Scott and Todd tackle the subject of the best and worst horror movie franchises. Which director of an iconic series does Todd... Imaginarium 81: Killers and Clowns

This week Scott and Todd tackle the subject of the best and worst horror movie franchises. Which director of an iconic series does Todd trash? Why does Scott agree with him? The guys also talk about the clown sightings and try to figure out what is wrong with people. All this and Hurrican Matthew conspiracy theorists on this week’s Imaginarium!

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Scott Colbert

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  • I_am_better
  • I_am_better

    “Monkey Shines” is a great, great flick

  • I_am_better

    My problem with the Paranormal Activity-series is, that they should have maybe gone for anthology. When they start to make all this part of some Big Storyline in the sequels, it gets so convoluted that after seeing all 6 movies, I have absolutely no fucking idea what that big plot was. Something about Covens and demons and witches and time-travel or something – I couldn’t describe it if someone asked

  • I_am_better

    Edge of Sanity is a fucking trip! Great one

  • I_am_better

    I like The Final Destination-series. That one is probably the most consistent franchise

  • I_am_better

    Haven’t seen Psycho IV, but the first one is of course a classic and 2-3 are both great

  • Dee-abolik

    Paranormal Activity is terrrrrrible!

  • Dee-abolik

    Friday the 13th is the most consistent because the first one wasn’t that hard to live up to, to be honest….

  • Good point. I feel really stupid we’d almost forgotten about it until the end.

  • I forgot about that one as well, and have them all on DVD. Good series.

  • That’s the problem with sequels as I mentioned, the whole mythology gets very complicated and stops making sense.

  • Dee-abolik

    You know what a consistent horror franchise is? Chucky! Not kidding.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    It really is. I like the first and the two post-modern ones the best.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    The Psycho and Phantasm franchises are very consistent.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    But it was a very different movie from the rest: more of a murder-mystery than anything.

  • Dee-abolik

    I agree! Second one was schlocky late 80s fun and the 3rd one, while the weakest, isn’t even that bad on revisiting. It never fell below a certain level of entertainment value, budget or craftsmanship on display.

  • Dee-abolik

    That is true. But let’s be honest, the franchise has always been schlock right out of the gate, there has never been an original masterpiece that could have been sullied in retrospect. Although they did go some places…

  • I_am_better

    The Saw films fell into that same pitfall

  • Todd, why are you so suprised that you found out the “flipside” of your Neo Con buddies??

  • Sowwies, I don’t give 2 shits about Kim or Kanye. This bitch made a profit from some douche rapper boning her sweet ass, then dumbs down the already dumbass Americans with her reality tv shows.

    Of course i wouldnt want her to be raped, but a bitchslap would suffice.?

  • In the GMTA department, I suggested a somewhat simular idea to Jack last week.
    It’s about iconic horror franchises jumping the shark. Anyway, this is a fun topic!

  • Goddamn Scott, you okay with the hoarse and coughing??

  • Edit: okay, I got my answer. Hang in there, buddy!?

  • No dissing Romero, dammit!
    But yeah, Bruiser sucked a mean dick!
    Not even The Misfits cameo could save that shit!

  • I_am_better

    2016 has us all worried

  • <—Passed annual physical exams.
    Now all i have to worry about are;
    1.Terrorist attacks
    2.Irate commuters
    3.Davin Faraci groupies who I have berated yesterday

    Otherwise, i'll be around for 2017!!! (0=

  • I_am_better

    4. Clowns
    5. Republicans

    Although the two might count as one

  • You know, you’re 100% correct, me Bro!

  • S_D_M_F

    Ha ha ha! I believe the clown sighting silliness may have started down here in Greensboro or Winston-Salem.

  • “Freddy vs Jason” you say?
    Good choice!?

  • It’s always the south. 😛

  • The steroids in the inhaler I use for my COPD causes the hoarseness. Nevertheless, I’m trying to stay out of the way of 2016. She’s a mean bitch.

  • That’s a very good point.

  • I know I’m in the minority with that. But I really enjoyed it.

  • S_D_M_F

    Lol! Always! I grew up in a small town in southwest Virginia and have lived all over the states since, mainly out in the Rockies, and moved back to Greensboro earlier this year. The south is… ummm…. interesting.