Human Target Deserved Better Human Target Deserved Better
Note: This article was originally published on Talkbacker. We all know Fox. You know, that TV station that has a bunch of imbeciles in... Human Target Deserved Better

Note: This article was originally published on Talkbacker.

We all know Fox. You know, that TV station that has a bunch of imbeciles in charge, who seem to take big pleasure in axing TV shows with a lot of potential. They axed wonderful shows like Profit, Keen Eddie, Brimstone, Tru Calling, Firefly, and Jonny Zero just to name a few.

There is one particular show that didn’t deserve to get cancelled and that is Human Target. We are not talking about the Rick Springfield Human Target version from 1992, but the version from 2010 starring Mark Valley. Personally I think Mark Valley is a cool cat. He used to be on a soap called Days of Our Lives and who would have thought that a soapie could be cool if he did something else? First, he was in the super awesome TV show Keen Eddie and showed he had marvelous comedic timing. Now he was in Human Target showing he could do action roles without a problem.

Some of you might have read the Human Target limited series and all kinds of volumes, but I have to say the show is quite different from the comic. Mark Valley plays Christopher Chance, but he isn’t a master of disguise. He also doesn’t have the identity problems he used to have in some of his comics. In this show Christopher Chance is a bodyguard. He protects people. Helping him to protect people are Winston, played by Chi McBride and Guerrero played by Jackie Earle Haley. Winston gets the jobs for Christopher Chance and Guerrero supports Christopher whenever needed.

So what’s cool about the show? Well, for starters I consider this show to be the new A-Team. The show doesn’t take itself seriously all the time, but when the action is on the action is on. This show has some of the best action scenes ever shot in a TV show. No martial arts action, but just good solid action. In fact, you could say that each episode of this show is a mini action movie. Does the show have any storyline running through the episodes? Not really, but the compensation is that we get a glimpse into the backstory of the characters in the TV show from time to time. The TV show just wants to tell stories and it’s good at it.

I think this show needs to be watched by more people, because it’s a very entertaining show. The interaction between the characters is awesome. For example, Winston doesn’t get along with Guerrero at all. Guerrero gets along with Chance and Chance gets along with both of them. Jackie Earle Healey steals the show and plays one of the best bad asses ever in a TV show. For example, watch this scene in which he is introduced.

Guerrero doesn’t get along with anybody but Chance. Chance did something for him in the past and therefore Guerrero is loyal to him. Chance is just cool, calm and collected and gets the job done.

Winston is driven nuts by Guerrero because he doesn’t trust Guerrero. This causes many funny moments throughout the show. The funny moments, the action, and the stories make this show one of the better shows around and hardly anyone seems to have taken the time to watch the show.

In season 2 Indira Vharma joins the show to play Ilsa Pucci, because someone must have complained that there are not enough women in the show. She and Chance have this kind of chemistry but it doesn’t get too sweet and tacky, fortunately. Indira Vharma is definitely not the reason the show got cancelled, but broadcasting the episodes of season 2 irregularly wasn’t something Fox didn’t do before. Janet Montgomory also joined in season 2 as the master thief and comedic note Ames and it was awesome to see Guerrero trying to keep calm, while Ames gets on his nerves.

I really don’t understand why Fox cancelled this show. Human Target was already an awesome show, unique in its genre, and the show got better and better. Then why the fuck did they cancel it? Because they are lame ass Fox. That’s why. It’s obvious they are not smarter than that animal of the same name.

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