GLOW The Series (2017) Review GLOW The Series (2017) Review
I used to be a big wrestling fan. WWF, WCW and especially ECW. But also GLOW, a.k.a. as the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, entertained... GLOW The Series (2017) Review

I used to be a big wrestling fan. WWF, WCW and especially ECW. But also GLOW, a.k.a. as the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, entertained me. That show was tacky, but you couldn’t help but watch it, because some of the women were really gorgeous and some of the characters were hilarious.

Some original GLOW-ers.


GLOW had awesome gimmicks like Ninotchka, Spanish Red, Princess Of Darkness, Matilda The Hun etc. GLOW has received a cult status through the years and in my opinion rightfully so. It was a one of a kind show that seems to be fondly remembered by anyone who saw it.

So recently Netflix released GLOW The Series. When I heard they were making a series about it I wondered if they would drop the ball or really put in the effort to make it work somehow. Wrestling hasn’t always been taken seriously and yes, I can understand why, because Vince McMahon made sure that for the past 15 years any viewer’s intelligence has been severely insulted. Wrestling used to be fun and if it weren’t for Lucha Underground I would have quit watching wrestling a long time ago. And now comes GLOW. Would the show be a ridiculous show or a surprising one?

What the hell is C. Viper doing in GLOW?

Well, what can I say? I guess lots of stuff. I never heard of any the actors, except for Awesome Kong, who used to be a female wrestler and now got a role in GLOW and deservedly so. She gives it a bit of legitimacy.

Awesome Kong

But take Marc Maron, for example. Who the fuck is that guy? Never heard of him, but he does an excellent job. And he looks so 80s it is ridiculous. I also never heard of Alison Brie, but the totally steals the show in the movie. Not as the actress she portrays but the wrestling character she does.

The story is simple. A movie director of questionable movies gets the chance to do a wrestling show about female wrestlers. He holds a selection process for the women who are gonna be in the show.  The show follows the ladies on the build up to the first wrestling event with all the trials and tribulations. And herein lies the power of the show. The women are not really gorgeous if you ask me, but they are all likeable.

The funny thing about the show is trying to recognize all the cameos of real wrestling personalities, but also all the typical 80s stuff. A big mark out moment for me was to see a Yamaha DX-7, which is the most influential musical instrument of the 80s. It is ridiculous how much music of the 80s contains sounds from the DX-7. Of course anyone who witnessed the 80s can’t forget 80s hair and 80s clothing style. It all seemed very authentic to me. The 80s music was also chosen very well. Shortly said, they did an amazing job to portray the 80s, if you ask me.

A lot of respect was shown to the wrestling business, if you ask me. It kind of seemed like a love letter to wrestling. I was shocked to see the show was written by 2 women, who really understood the wrestling business. Kudos.

Alison Brie needs to be extra mentioned. She did a fucking phenomenal job portraying a wrestling character. She had more personality as a wrestling character than the WWE divas of the past 25 years and that is quite an achievement. You would almost think she used to be a wrestler, because she was that damn good. She really sank her teeth into her role. WWE divas/superstars could learn a lot from Alison Brie in regards to how to play a wrestling character.

Allison Brie in red

Quite frankly I never expected Netflix would make a good show about wrestling. In fact, they made a great show. It might even be my favorite show of 2017. It was captivating, hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, inspiring and best of all it didn’t have that typical fake ass girl power shit that Hollywood seems to be so fond of. And you don’t even need to be a wrestling fan in order to enjoy this, but if you are a wrestling fan you will enjoy it even more because it is better than what the WWE has put out for the last 15 years.

Bring on season 2 of GLOW. NOW!




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