Destiny: The Dawning (2016) Destiny: The Dawning (2016)
Destiny the Dawning- the event. Destiny: The Dawning (2016)


Christmas has finally arrived! For fans of the Destiny– community filled to the brim of festive treats and events that will succeed over the lacklustre festival of the last that was marred with great criticism within the community. And with this event that there’s something for everyone with the return of Sparrow Racing league that pit members of the community in fast pace races in a bid for supremacy, with prizes to be won, as well as other activities.


New revised strikes, with the addition of an time scoring system where like in the crucible you rank up point scoring for medals and achievements, are a great addition to the way players do strikes and Sparrow Racing has an additional new track. Many fans were lucky to fly over to Anaheim for the PSX to test some of the festivals features and other new addition strike bounties that you can turn in for awards and other bonuses that will keep you entertained during the event.




And the best thing of all are gifts around the tower that can be opened everyday during the event and what is contained inside of them has remained a secret. Thanks to Bungie, they really excelled this year. And it will be prominent way after the event via private matches that you can host with your brethren members of the community Judging on the trailer and the reception from fans of the game, the event so far is well hyped on the internet.


There were appraisals from many dedicated YouTubers, like Mesa Sean and More Console and their fans but there were some negative reviews too from others, via destiny forums, fearing it will be yet another event where you have to vote with your bank balance for festival shenanigans, due to a scene in the trailer where a couple of guardians in goofy helmets are standing at the Tess Everis  kiosk, which buzzed criticism within the community.

But what a way to see 2016 go out with an bang !


The Destiny community will get together in celebration, hunting for gear and weapons plus great challenges and achievements, bestowed to them for racing for supremacy, as well as glory in sparrow racing. Or be the master of the universe in the new strike modes. The event runs from December the 13th right through to the third of January, four weeks to vie for prizes and trophies, so there is something for everyone and it will be the event of he year.

Finally, here’s the trailer:


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