Braquo TV Show (2009-) Review Braquo TV Show (2009-) Review
Is "Braquo" the French answer to "The Shield" and "The Wire"? Braquo TV Show (2009-) Review

I can’t explain exactly why, but the French always struck me as the masters of creating gritty atmospheres in movies and TV shows. There is often no candy-coating of scenes and the actors and actresses are definitely not Hollywood- lotion boys and eye candy women most of the times. That is far more realistic than what Hollywood often tries to paint us and I really dig that approach. This brings me to a French TV show, of which I don’t know if many people know it. The show is called Braquo and deserves a bit of attention.

People, who saw Braquo compare it to The Shield and The Wire. I think there might be some parallels, but Braquo has its own identity. It is that exact fact, why I think that TV show- watchers would enjoy watching it.

The story is about a team of 4 cops, led by Detective Eddy Caplan, who is not liked by many.


Eddie Caplan (on the left), with his team of cops.

In a matter of honor, the team wants to clear the name of a colleague cop, who committed suicide. The team doesn’t mind bending the rules to get results. A lot of people in the justice system don’t want to help them clear the name of the dead colleague and try to sabotage them in various ways.  It is a fascinating look into the French justice system and if things like that really happen, i.e. the absence of common goals, that doesn’t bode well for the future of France.

A while ago they said season 3 was the last season of Braquo, but it turns out that January 2016 will have a 4th season. That makes me happy a lot. So far the show entertained me a lot, but the wait for each new season was a torture. The show has great good guys, great bad guys and very interesting storylines. They don’t take 3 seasons to clear the name of the dead colleague. Instead, they get enough other shit to deal with, like various criminals and the Russian mob. And based on the end of season 3, season 4 will deliver another kind of dangerous mob and I can’t wait to see it.

Anyone who likes to watch something different for a change, should give this show a chance. Each season has 8 episodes, so it doesn’t get dragged out much. The first season starts a bit slow, but not Carnivàle- slow. The second season is firing on all cylinders and that momentum continues into the third season. If you decide to give this show a chance, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


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  • Stalkeye

    Compared to The Shield and The Wire???
    That’s a boastful claim, meng!!! perhaps I need to look into this if available.
    Perhaps i should skip to the second season since Shit really picks up.
    [email protected] slow. Ouch!
    On a different subject, I was hoping to run into Anthony Starr from Banshee at the NYCCC, but the Fucker showed up a day earlier than expected.

  • I dunno why the French cop shows rarely get aired here. But EVERY fucking German cop show sure does…:P

  • Bop

    Don’t talk to me about those German cop shows. They are so dime-a-dozen it is ridiculous. The only ones I liked are Der Klown and Schimanski’s Tatort.

  • Bop

    Maybe Netflix carries Braquo.
    I should have said Carnivale Season 1 slow. 😀 I loved Carnivale, though, but the first slow season was sooooooo slow.

    Damn, would have been cool to see Anthony Starr. Major Bummer, mang.

    By the way, did you know Eliza Dushku will be in Banshee season 4?
    Now she would really fit in there, since they killed that Indian beauty.
    But if she is the one that Job sees at the end of the cliffhanger… Stuff of awesomeness.

  • Stalkeye

    Since season 4 is the last one of the series, I’m curious who they will kill off.
    I definitely dig Eliza thanks to this underrated game called WET. Her character Rubi was a bad ass and could even give The Bride (From Kill Bill a run for her Money!)

  • You know what’s worse than a German cop show though? A Finnish cop show.

  • Bop

    You never saw a Dutch cop show. 🙂

  • Sagamanus

    I’d check this out.

  • Sagamanus

    Der Klown? Lol.

  • I thought that was the German title for Stephen King’s “IT”