Anime Amok: Angel Cop – Blood, Bullets and Bionics! Anime Amok: Angel Cop – Blood, Bullets and Bionics!
Anime Amok: Angel Cop; Blood, Bullets and Bionics! Stalkeye reviews the ultraviolent and offensive anime miniseries from 1989. Anime Amok: Angel Cop – Blood, Bullets and Bionics!

Anime Amok: Blood, Bullets and Bionics!!

Angel Cop 1989-2014 25th Anniversary

During the early 90’s there was this huge resurgence of Japanese animation that made its way back to the United States courtesy of the OVA boom.

The Original Video Animation films mainly consisted of 1-6 episodic series that covered various genres: sword and sorcery, horror, Sci fi and *gasp* Hentai.

Although most of the stories and synopsis were compelling there were some that have been deemed too controversial for one reason or another. Therefore, I proudly present to you, some of the most controversial shit that was “Made in Japan”!

In this segment of Anime (gone) Amok, I’ll give you all a brief Retrospective of 1989’s action Crime thriller; Angel Cop.

Synopsis: In the late twentieth century, the Secret Security Force was formed to stop the actions of the communist terrorist group known as the Red May. Angel, a beautiful, yet cold woman, has recently joined the small anti-terrorist group. But her first mission will be a true test of skill, for members of the Red May are being found dead, murdered by gruesome methods. Who is causing these murders? And why?

Due to its scenes of gratuitous violence, I would refer to AC as Splatterpunk more so than Cyberpunk. Heads explode and entrails are spewed throughout the series and there’s even an interrogation scene that shows boiling hot water being poured on a Terrorist’s maggot infested rotting arm!

However, the Ultraviolence pales in comparison to the very controversial dialogue within the final episode.

Not only was it very Jingoistic, Anti-American but also Anti-Semetic especially during this interrogation scene in which Taki gives his captors more than what they expected.

What really stuck in my mind was the plausible theory that America’s participation behind the Vietnam War was a smokescreen for an ulterior motive (i.e. utilizing the Jungles of Southeast Asia as a means to test experimental ordnance. (i.e. Agent Orange) But the conspiracy theory involving some secret Jewish Cabal is ridiculous and laughable to say in the least.

I wouldn’t put it past the Government, which is the same Government that made a deal with the Contras, to distribute Crack Cocaine to poor neighborhoods in order to finance the Rebels. But that is another story.

The series often suffers from a form of schizophrenia because at times, it doesn’t know if it wants to be a standard Crime actioner, Conspiracy thriller or science fiction especially when it comes to X-Menesque Psychics and Mecha suits. It’s obvious that Angel Cop also borrowed elements from Robocop, when a supporting character becomes a Cyborg within the second act.

Believe it or not, there is a bit of character development that is mostly focused on the protagonist, Angel.
She starts off like some cold-hearted Bitch only to find compassion for others and develop a strong sense of justice.

Angel’s main Adversary, Lucifer (Get it?) is a Super Psychic commissioned as some sort of “Hunter” and in later episodes revealed to be some pawn for the conspirators, who was also behind a Terrorist organization Red May.

In conclusion, the OVA despite its offensive content, Angel Cop may be worth your time, at least once just to see what the controversy is all about. But underneath its ugliness, is an action packed guilty pleasure buried somewhere.

Note: The DVDs from Manga Entertainment has removed all inflammatory dialogue. It’s best to seek the original censored version by “other” methods.

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