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Note: Some of you have read a version of this when we had Zhura working and had that Halloween writing contest years ago. This... 10x View: A Story for Halloween

Note: Some of you have read a version of this when we had Zhura working and had that Halloween writing contest years ago. This is a modified version, nothing big was changed just refined a bit and now it has pictures attached. Since it’s All Hallow’s eve I figured I would post something non-movie or book related and ever so slightly disturbing for Samhain. I’m doing this to keep the ghosts of the dead at bay since the veil between the realms of the living and the dead are at their weakest on Samhain. I’m just looking out for most of you people.


I am death from afar. One shot, one kill. ROUGH TOUGH CAN’T GET ENOUGH! All that Marine Corps bullshit they fill your head with kept running through my mind. It struck the small part of my brain, not actively engaged in survival, as it’s funny what you think about in your dying moments. I’m not injured but I’m certainly a dead man walking, or in my case, lying in the prone supported firing position. Maybe I’m the last man on Earth, I don’t know. I lost the radio and my spotter four days ago. The last live human being I saw was two days ago and his ass was about to be roasted, alive, over a fire the poor bastard. I sent a 173 grain .308 boat tail round launched at almost 2300 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle into his brain bucket. Happy trails, bubba. I didn’t know you in life, brother, but you’re my new best friend.

Here I am, again, on a hilltop surrounded by targets. Except this time there’s no slicks coming for me. No arty or fast movers for cover. The Marine Corps doesn’t exist anymore, I am The Corps now. Fuck me, I’m the Commandant. Some Commandant I am, I don’t even have flank security, he got eaten. I guess the God of Snipers, that hardcore, hard ass, old breed Gunny in the sky is having a laugh right about now. He’s looking down on the last bad boy on Earth with a rifle and the hard heart to use it and here I am all by my lonesome deep in Indian country. That’s a gut buster right there ain’t it motherfucker? Yeah, well, fuck you Sniper God if you can’t take a joke.

This is it, the final mission, time to run the OP order. Kill as many of the hairy man beast cocksuckers as I can before I die. I have 50 rounds left for my sound suppressed M40A4 rifle, one M4 carbine with four 30 round magazines, one Colt 1911 Combat Commander with two extra mags, my personal Colt Python .357 with two speed loaders, a wicked sharp Cold Steele Recon Tanto fighting knife and one grenade. I’m going to use the grenade to take myself and a few of the shitbirds out, I’m not becoming dinner for them. I’ve ringed my position as much as I could with claymores and pressure mines; ready to counter bounce any of the dumb bunnies that figure out I’m up here. I have primary, secondary and fall back hides prepared. I’m down to one MRE and a half canteen of water and no help coming. Shitfire, I got it good, its fucking raining aces my man. The only thing that would make it better would be some Jack Daniels and a pouch of Levi Garret chew.

The sun will hit soon and I can shoot again, no spotter so no flares, and I don’t have a night scope. I’m in my primary hide and ready for my last day. I just wish I could have nailed one of the politicians or scientists that caused this mess. Those motherfuckers thought they were so smart. They promised us that they could open an inter-dimensional rift and steal zero point energy from another universe. No fuss, no muss, no bother. That’s until the giant, hairy, Cro-Magnon looking bastards came through. They overwhelmed everything in no time. Who knew that strong ass, Sasquatch looking, sons of bitches armed with clubs, stone axes, spears and obsidian knives could destroy the modern world? They did it in little more then a month at that. I guess they were really, really hungry.

There was an idea floating around that the cavemen had eaten there way through their universe and when the rift was open they could smell food here in our world so they just followed the scent. Before TV went down some joker on it said that he had warned everybody that once the walls between the multiverses were breached they would become weak and who knows what could happen. He theorized that somehow the cavemen could exploit weakness in the dimensional walls and travel through them. Maybe that’s how the Sasquatches could hit in such vast numbers. Holes opened exponentially and dumped them everywhere. The cavemen are big, strong and dumb as a box of rocks but they’re fast and lethal.

The fucking lame-o politicians wanted to sign them up for welfare and to vote. They wanted to “understand the root causes of their aggression” instead of killing them. Fucking assholes, at least I won’t have to take it in the shorts anymore from scumbag politicians.

The thing that really won the day for the Yetis was their cavalry. They rode what I guess you would call dinosaurs into combat. They weren’t true dinos since they could operate in cold weather just fine, but I don’t know what the fuck else to call them and nobody else did either. The dinos were about ten feet tall at the shoulder and maybe six feet wide and about thirty feet long I guess, before you add on the tail, and weighed about three tons, all of it muscle. If you got bit or scratched you died in six hours from the bacteria. The thing that really sucked about the dinos was the tail. The tail was at least twenty feet long, massively strong with a spiked barb on the end and it was prehensile. One swipe from that thing and like forty people got dead fast. Just for shits and giggles, the dinos could jump over 8 ft tall berms or go vertical up walls. The hides were so armored up that small arms fire and explosives like LAAWS and claymores didn’t even penetrate it. AT4s could do some damage in the right spots but it took planes, helos and hotel echo to even slow them down. Maybe there is something to that intelligent design BS that used to float around.

The Cavemen employed the dinos as a troop carrier. Twenty of the Yetis rode on its back into combat. They did several different things from up there. Sometimes the Yetis used long, slender spears with fire hardened bone tips. They could be very delicate in the use of those spears. On one of the last Fox News broadcasts I saw a woman’s throat opened up from one flick of a caveman’s wrist. The other thing they liked to do was get several of the dinos in a line and string a rope between them and sweep an area. I think those ropes had some thing to them that made the hemp like material sharp. It decapitated or cut people in half if you got hit with it. Thanks CNN for those pictures.

That’s how the Sasquatches could sweep across China and Russia in ten days. They took Europe in three days, no surprise there, since the Germans are basically French now. The French in typical French fashion couldn’t stop a wet paper towel. It was the same for Mexico, Central and South America, they fell fast. The English, Scots and Irish made an epic stand in the typically epic Irish, Scottish and English way, but failed. The wild Aussies met them on the beaches and damn near pushed them back until a massive wave of cave men burst forth from the scrub and caught them in a pincer movement. We had managed to hold the line on the Mexico border, just barely. The terrain was in our favor. To bad the wave that came across the arctic took Canada and overwhelmed the northern defense sectors. The ground was not their friend. Fucked and fucked so here I am.

At least I’ll die happy knowing my redneck, white trash ass outlived all those useless Harvard educated cocksuckers. Right about now they’re living out their pansy ass recycling dreams. The beasts are leaving shit piles filled with their remains all over the place. Who said politicians can’t be useful?

The sun’s up and behind me so no reflection from the scope lens, check. Targets are in the open and milling about, check. Time to reduce my world to the range of the Unertl 10 power scope and do some work, find a target and drop it. Since these things didn’t seem to have any recognizable leadership cadre I just kill the biggest or most animated based on the theory they’re the leaders. Sometimes I kill ones that are handy.

There’s one being loud. You just became expendable, good buddy. I bring my rifle up smoothly and find my spot weld on the stock. I draw in a breath and let it out half way as I position the cross hairs two inches up and to the right of Captain Caveman’s noggin to compensate for the drop, drift and distance. I’m holding 3 pounds of slack on a four pound trigger waiting for the sure knowledge that I’m going to hit my target. The trigger breaks clean and I know it’s a kill.

Half a second later I see the pink mist from a head shot. I pivot slightly, riding the recoil and running the bolt, and take out the female next to him, more mist. I drop another male and a pair of kids, a boy and girl I think. I’ve never thrown a bolt faster in my life, it’s raining blood. Fuck you, I whisper, it’s time for some payback. Get some, I think as I reload. I know what I’ve become. I’ve hardened an already stone heart.


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