Lemmy (2010) Lemmy (2010)
I have a confession to make. I was never a fan of Motorhead and although I liked a few songs from their catalog, you... Lemmy (2010)

I have a confession to make. I was never a fan of Motorhead and although I liked a few songs from their catalog, you would never catch me rocking a Motorhead Tee let alone purchasing a whole album.

So sometime after lead singer and Bassist Lemmy Kilmister’s death courtesy of the big “C”, when going through my hard drive, I stumbled across an old video documentary I “found” well over a year ago.

And after watching the 2008 Documentary, I now realize how much of an impact Mr. Kilmister’s band have had within the Heavy Metal scene as well as the music industry in general.


Some of you may think of Lemmy as this gruff trash talking misanthropic Rock star with an attitude, but on the contrary, he comes off very humble and down to earth sometime during the first 15 or so minutes, Lemmy walks into a record store on search of a rare Beatles CD boxset.

Unfortunately, the store no longer carried the item however one of the store’s sales person who is an avid fan of Lemmy was more than happy to give him her Box. (As on the boxset. Get your mind outta the gutter! ) Lem purchases the item and gives a very gracious thank you toward the fan.


A good portion of the doc’s footage was filmed in Lemmy’s modest apartment that is cluttered with various knick knacks and memorabilia. Alongside the Motorhead items, there was a Hellraiser Cenobite Plush doll, Swords, War patches, knives and oh, Nazi paraphernalia?!? Of course, the interviewer wouldn’t let this documentary close without having Kilmister address the inquires and criticism of his Nazi collection. And here’s his response;


“I have six Black Girlfriends-It’s ridiculous to think that I would be a Nazi, I’m as far from being a Nazi.If the Israeli Army had the best uniforms, I would collect them too but they don’t”.

The proof is in the (Chocolate) Pudding. Let a playa, play!

The proof is in the (Chocolate) Pudding. Let a playa, play!

Here some other interesting facts I have learned about Lemmy just by watching his documentary:

  • A pack rat: His modest apartment is cluttered with all kinds of shit from magazines, collectibles and empty Ruffles Potato chip bags!
  • He credits Little Richard for having the greatest voice in rock n roll.
  • A huge Beatles fan
  • Can make his own fries from scratch.
    (Carving Potatoes into lengthy slices for frying.)
  • Watches Family Guy religiously and reads comics like Frank Miller’s Sin City.
  • A hardcore gamer who is often seen playing either the XBox or some arcade game.
  • Jack Daniels and Coke is all he practically drinks!

There’s a great segment with Lemmy recounts his past association with an obscure British rock band called Hawkwind and the experimentation of Drugs often occurred which led to him getting kicked out of the band, the same way Dave Mustaine got ousted from Metallica. However, Lemmy claims how he got even with his former bandmates by screwing their Girlfriends. Now that’s hardcore!

I noticed how uncomfortable his son Paul looked a bit when ”dear ol Daddy Kilmister” brought up the fact how they used to swap Girlfriends. There’s gotta be some crazy stories there!  Lol

The guest commentators were the Who’s who of Rock have either a interesting personal experience with Lemmy or just paying accolades to the legendary Motorhead frontman:

Dave Vanian & Captain Sensible  (The Damned )
Henry Rollins  (Black Flag)
Dee Snider
Dave Grohl
Ice T
Mick Jones
Ozzy Osborne
Alice Cooper
Pepper Kennan of Corrosion of Conformity

Simply put, Lemmy is a tour-de-force, honoring one of the greatest contributors and perhaps founder of thrash metal. Without Motorhead, there would less likely be a Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax or Slayer.

This documentary is a must for not only Metalheads, but Rock enthusiasts as well.

Rest in Power, Mr. Kilmister! I’m gonna kick back, have a Jack n Coke and play some MH tunes.

Lemmy is now available via Netflix.


Stalks favorite Motorhead tunes:

  •  You better run
  • Shut you down
  • I aint no nice guy
  •  Hellraiser
  • Overkill
  • Ace of Spades (Duh!)


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  • Dee-abolik

    Thanks for the recommendation! I don’t think you have to be a fan to enjoy a doc about a Rock Star.

  • Stalks

    No S, not at all!
    I was not that much into MH, but after watching this Doc, Lemmy and his band deserves all the praise it gets. I love the fact that he lived a very modest lifestyle and wasn’t all about fancy jets, garish wardrobes or high maintenance supermodels. This guy wasn’t some vapid rock Star or a poser like those Pussy bands *Cough*Van Halen*cough*Motley Crue*cough*GnR*cough*
    Damn, I can’t stop coughing. It must be Ollie shedding his coat again! (X

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m a big Motorhead fan. This was an excellent doc about Lemmy. I always loved his attitude towards his own music. Everyone labeled MH as thrash or metal, but to Lemmy it was just “rock n roll.”

    My favorite moment of the film is when they are in Lemmy’s apartment talking about all of his stuff, and he’s asked what the most valuable item in the room is. He replied, “My son.”

  • I_am_better

    This doc has played on TV twice here and I watched it both times. It’s fucking awesome!

  • I_am_better

    Lemmy WAS rock’n’roll

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I saw this quite recently. What surprised me was how soft spoken and down to earth Lemmy appeared to be. I’m not hugely familiar with his back catalogue beyond the obvious but, for some reason, music docs and biographies are always a fascinating watch, no matter the band or artist in question.

    Also, Hellraiser, bitches!:

  • Stalks

    I had the Avi sitting in my harddrive for quite sometime and 2 weeks after watching it via Plex app, I discovered that Netflix is now airing this shit!
    Say wut?

  • Stalks

    “My favorite moment of the film is when they are in Lemmy’s apartment talking about all of his stuff, and he’s asked what the most valuable item in the room is. He replied, “My son.”

    That was a cool moment indeed and then there’s his sentiment toward his “Father” along with understanding what Women go through.
    LMMFAO@Scott Ian’s story about Lemmy sporting Daisy Dukes.
    Gawd bless Him!

  • Stalks

    Fuck yea! Thine eyes have seen the light.

  • Orcus

    He and Ozzy co-wrote that one and put out their own versions:

  • Orcus

    Orcus had memories of Motorhead playing in L’Amour’s in Brooklyn and The Ritz in NYC where the band came on at 4:00 AM. Loudest shows evah

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That story was funny as hell. Lemmy and his asscheeks playing video games!

  • Stalks

    And he carried on all nonchalant without a care in the world.

  • Sagamanus

    I’ve never listened to Motorhead either. But I’ve recently gone through a spate where I try to listen to the entire corpus of a groups songs. I’ve already done The Animals, and a few others. Perhaps I should toss in them next.

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    Hawkwind obscure – how about legendary!!!!

  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    hey nick off topic but i am super busy and dont get around as much as i would like but you guys made so much about Hap and Leonard back in the day when are you going to review the show. You could add some sparkle to that newfangled utube show your buddy has…

  • Stalks

    Never heard much about them, I’m afraid.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’ve been thinking about writing a review of it, and now I think I will. Free time is scarce for me, but I think I could work it out.

    As for the YouTube show, I told last year Dan that I’d be happy to join them and all they have to do is ask.

  • Scopedog

    Wow! I will have to give this a look, Stalkeye. Like you, I had heard of Motorhead and I did like a couple of their songs–but I wasn’t a fan per se. But I did like Lemmy, and let’s face it–he had one hell of a way of singing into a mic. Good to also see that in some ways he was, well…a geek. 🙂

  • Stalk?

    SCOPO, my bro! Didn’t know you dropped by until now.
    Yes, I concur. After watching this doc, he’s very down to earth and has his geek passions be it collectibles or videogames. He wasnt full of himself like a lot of rockstars. Kilmister was legit as fuck!

  • Scopedog

    Hah! Better late than never, Stalkeye. 🙂

    How have things been? Have you tried the new DOOM yet? I can’t; still don’t have a PS4 or X-Box One yet. But a friend who has played it has been raving about how good it is….

    Anyway, peace out!

  • Stalk?

    I have purchased DOOM and to be honest, I hated the multiplayer because it felt tacked on. I only played the first 10 minutes of campaign and it shows promise. The prices for both XBOX One and PS4 should drop very shortly around the time of E3. I love my XBONE because of its backward comatibility and controller. I’m doing good and hope u are too. (0=