AFI – “Black Sails in the Sunset” (1999) Album Review (video) AFI – “Black Sails in the Sunset” (1999) Album Review (video)
Davey Havok and his band of misfits in AFI (A Fire Inside) have been rocking the world for just about 24 years now. Over... AFI – “Black Sails in the Sunset” (1999) Album Review (video)

Davey Havok and his band of misfits in AFI (A Fire Inside) have been rocking the world for just about 24 years now. Over their long-spanning career, the style of the group’s music has changed considerably, going from post-hardcore punk rock to radio-friendly alternative rock. While most fans caught the wave with 2003’s “Sing the Sorrow”, a lot of people seem to completely forget that some of the band’s arguably best material was written and record in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. These include “The Art of Drowning”, the Halloween EP “All Hallow’s EP”, and of course “Black Sails in the Sunset”, which we have a retrospective video review for right here, right now!


Are you a fan of AFI? What is your favourite record from the guys? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • Mathias

    Haha, that’s great to hear man. I’ll have a review of “The Art of Drowning” up very soon, and a review of “All Hallow’s EP” ready around Halloween. I also just ordered both of them on vinyl (orange 10′ of the EP), as well as “Black Sails in the Sunset”. Can’t wait to give them a spin when they arrive next week!

  • Abe

    Excellent video Mathias. Really good album.

  • Mathias

    Wow, I’m really surprised that you guys know this album. It’s like super underground. I guess I need to get out of Denmark 😛

  • Black Sails in the Sunset is my favourite AFI album, though it took awhile for me to recognize it as superior to Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes (now my 2nd favourite), their last true hardcore album. BSitS is still mostly hardcore, but it’s also their first dip into gothic/post-hardcore territory and, strangely enough, the perfect blend of all their past and future style elements. I gave it a 10/10 back when I scored every album on my harddrive (lol) and I stand by that now too.

  • One minor nitpick I’d have is they went from straight up hardcore punk to alternative rock. The post-hardcore style was only really the middle section of their discography (BSitS to some of Sing the Sorrow).

  • As for their recent output after The Art of Drowning…

    Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground are good, but not great albums. They’re a far cry from their best stuff, but there’s still enough songs on both that would look too out of place on TAoD anyway.

    Crash Love is a steaming pile of shit. Not just the worst AFI album, but probably the worst album I’ve ever heard from a band I enjoy. Horrible, horrible stuff. Not even a single track worth listening to.

    Their last album, Burials, is great, easily their best since “selling out”. They didn’t return to any of the post-hardcore sound from BSiTS-TAoD but they did get that gothic, dark moodiness back and it really helped breath some fresh air into their now pure alt-rock sound.

    I won’t comment on the other two you’ll review until those are posted. =)

  • Finally, my favourite song from Black Sails in the Sunset…

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    It’s nice that you still care about music.

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    My point still stands.