“Pacific Rim” sequel still coming – without Del Toro on the director’s seat “Pacific Rim” sequel still coming – without Del Toro on the director’s seat
"Spartacus"-creator and "Daredevil"- exec/lead writer takes over. “Pacific Rim” sequel still coming – without Del Toro on the director’s seat

Deadline broke the news that the sequel to Legendary Pictures’ 2013 film, “Pacific Rim“, is still very much in the works – but there’s a new director at the helm of the project now. And a first-time feature director at that. In an unexpected move, the creator of Starz series “Spartacus” and the executive producer and writer of Marvel/Netflix series “Daredevil“, Steven S. DeKnight, has been given the directorial reigns of the movie.

Guillermo Del Toro had this to say:

So I guess he’s fine with this. Del Toro is still attached to the project as a producer, as well as having a “based on characters created by”-story credit with Travis Beacham. The sequel’s script is written by Jon Spaiths (“Prometheus”)

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  • Dee


  • I_am_better

    I try to add a lot of flashy gifs on the next one, so you stay awake

  • Dee

    Maybe they should throw the towel and let the apocalypse happen.

  • Ollie

    Gigantor or Fuck this Shit!!!
    I’ll go with the latter.

  • I don’t understand why people liked Pacific Rim. It was a mix between Godzilla and Transformers and it looked weirdly ridiculous.

  • KilliK

    what GDT means:
    Crimson Peak flopped so Legendary dropped my script and hired some other cheap, controllable director. the good thing is I am still in the project as a producer, so I give my eulogies.

  • jim83

    Hopefully they’ll go with a better lead actor this time around.

  • Tarmac492.1

    There is some cheapjack flick called Atlantic Rim. Would rather watch that rotgut than the pomp and circumstance to trumpet another Emperor’s New CLothes work of Pacific Rim.

  • Stalkeye

    It would have been better off as a Pron parody-Pacific RimJob!

  • Stalkeye

    I liked Hunnan and Elba but the problem wasn’t their acting, just the script was weak.

  • Stalkeye

    LOL That’s an honest opinion if I say so myself.

  • Toruk_Makto

    This is going to blow monster chunks.

    I don’t know how to make this premise good so I’d just go ape-shit crazy.

    I’d have one big robot with a small crew on a one-way mission to stop the big iguanas and have them embark on some crazy journey with funky under-the-sea societies that give them temporary shelter so the leads can have sex with each other and try new foods.

    Then they are off again on their rickety-but-trusty old robot to fight some more iguanas. But they find out the iguanas are just big pets of a larger more powerful being named:
    Lord Kinbote

    Kinbote says that he will spare the human world only if our heroes can fetch him three items scattered across the far corners of…ah fuck it it’s doomed.

  • jim83

    Elba i liked too, but Hunnan hasn’t impressed me so far to be honest, he definitely is not a leading man,however a better script would be a good start.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    “we are all so happy with our choice to take Pac Rim 2to where we know it can go!!”

    Straight down the shitter!

    “We all float down here, Richie…”

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    There is also a parody called “Indian Rim”, starring Asian porn stars.

    Nah, not really. But it would be funny if it were true.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I suppose the bright side is that it frees GDT up to collaborate on Fantastic Voyage and Mountains of Madness with Jim. Well, Del Toro should rewrite his ATMOM script first, but you get the point.

  • Tarmac492.1

    would gladly see that!!!

  • Kylo Ronin

    Okay, two things. Number one, fuck all y’all who can’t see the fucking forest for the trees and Number two, please don’t let it suck!