Tricks O’ Treats Pt. 3 Horror Anime Tricks O’ Treats Pt. 3 Horror Anime
    Welcome back to Stalks’ Trick O’ Treats. For this segment, Horror Anime is the hot topic. Controversial, artistic and if you ask... Tricks O’ Treats Pt. 3 Horror Anime



Welcome back to Stalks’ Trick O’ Treats. For this segment, Horror Anime is the hot topic.

Controversial, artistic and if you ask the wrong person, they would say it’s a dying media. Fortunately, that is not the case since Anime is still thriving thanks to streaming services like Crunchyroll, Netflix, HULU and to a lesser extent, Amazon Prime which you can find most of these niche picks!



Tokyo Ghoul


What happens when you fall for a young lady who shares a mutual attraction, but just when you feel as if you’re about to “hook up” in the biblical sense, she turns into a monster-tries to consume you only for you to be spared….or not, due to  organ transplant gone very bad?

Tokyo Ghoul’s premise is mostly focused around Ken Kaneki a college student who has acquired a Ghoul’s powers via her predatory organ called a “Kagune” as well as a desire to consume human flesh. It’s obvious that one may compare “Ghoul” to the OVA classic, Wicked City thanks to the “Tales of two cities” trope, but that may be the only comparison since it has a strong psychological narrative.

This is one of the more breakout Anime series to date and a great change of pace from hyperbolic shows like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach,etc.
Not for the squeamish due to its violent content and situations!



Gantz is another one of those interesting high concept series that came out of nowhere thanks to its bizarre premise and political commentary about certain segments within society becoming in sensitized to violence along with the mysterious, albeit sadistic titular entity using the recently deceased as contestants on the battlefield. Despite a few slow burns and fillers, Gantz delivers overall and has maintained a sizeable cult following that 2 live action adaptations were released in Japan and as of this writing, a new CGI animated Movie has been released is Japan! I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Hellsing Ultimate


This would have been a far better live action adaptation than say, shit like Sony’s “Underworld”.
But hey, that’s me stating the obvious amirite?
Hellsing is a Paramilitary Organization that is created to created to hunt and destroy evil supernatural forces while defending England. In this spiritual sequel to the TV series the organization finds themselves pitted against an army of darkness that had laid siege to London, England. And you wanna know what’s worse than a collective group of Vampires? Nazis!!

Can the lead protagonist, Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards of course.) a deputized Agent and Hellsing’s enforcer thwart Millennium’s wicked scheme or will the fate of London and the entire world end up in total damnation? Hellsing Ultimate is a 10 part OVA series that ran a course of 6 years due to poor scheduling and it was nerve racking to wait every 6 or so months between episodes to say in the least!!

However, it paid off courtesy of the striking animation, voice acting a action sequences.
What’s missing is an intro. But then again, do we have to endure another J-Pop song as in the first TV series? The episodes will get you hooked from the beginning. Plenty of action, reveals and haute tension, Hellsing Ultimate goes the distance! Oh, and did I neglect to mention that there are nary any filler episodes?

Editor’s Choice!

The Soultaker


Every now and then, I would come across a TV series, game, movie that would standout among the usual fare. Something special enough to appeal towards me and in this case, its the 12 part Tatsunoko series, The Soultaker!

Not to be confused with that cheesy B-Movie from the 80’s, this Sci-Fi Supernatural Superhero thriller, features a young man called Kyosuke Date is your atypical reluctant hero finds himself in the midst of a huge conspiracy involving aliens, a Hospital Corporation with Mutants, clones and mecha. When faced with danger, Kyosuke transform into an purplish grey armored clad defender with a devastating punch called “Lightning Breaker” and Bat wings as a means for transportation.


Soultaker, despite it’s esoteric plot and story arc, is still an enjoyable experience thanks to its striking visuals which in some cases, looks as if art deco brought to life and equally impressive are the use of over-saturation of colors that are reminiscent of Dario Argento’s Giallo cult thiller-Suspiria!There’s quite a few religious allegories tossed about and one may thing the producer is into spirituality but it’s not forced throughout the 13 episodes. There’s a copious amount of action, suspense, intrigue along with some comedy relief (courtesy of Nurse Komugi who has her very own series spinoff.) to be had, and in my opinion, there was barely an episode that I would consider to be  filler. It’s a good romp from start to finish and that intro theme by JAM Project, is fire, yo!😎🤘


If you’re into superpowered monsters or Bio engineered genres such as Guyver, Bio Hunter, Devilman and Serial Experiments Lain, you can’t go wrong with The Soultaker. The cultural impact of this series,  was popular enough to warrant merchandising, be it a few T-shirts to even an action figure produced by MacFarlane Toys during the Aughts.Trust me, I would know firsthand!

Attack on Titan


Like giant Monsters? Or even better, giant monsters that eat people? Well if you answered “yes” twice, then Attack on Titan is a must watch! This here aint no cute Full Metal Alchemist concept, no its brutal, unapologetic and unrelenting! 100 ft. tall humanoids known as Titans storm through the walls and barricades of a fictional guarded village to consume the populace. That’s until the scout regimen intervenes by using gas powered gear able to propel and destroy the humongous Zombie like humanoids.

AOT has become an instant smash thanks in part to the series’ production values, animation, character development and a damn good intro! One of the best amines I have seen in years and a must for fans of both horror and action!



From the insane mind of Kochi Ohata (MD Geist, Blue Gender) Genocyber is a controversial sci-fi anime about a biological humanoid weapon of the same name created by the government for the sole purpose of destruction. This infamous anime is known for its portrayal of violence, torture and disemboweled bodies. Not for the squeamish!


Violence Jack: Helltown


This is perhaps the most controversial OVAs I have ever seen next to another Anime that has made the cut. Helltown is what I would call, Mad Max on crack! The dystopian atmosphere is more like a scary ass nightmare setting: Japan is ravaged by a major earthquake and the only remaining divisions within the city buried underground are either vicious gangs or corrupt officials who enforce “law” to the helpless survivors. And who stands in between the conflicting alliances to protect the Women? A Anti-Hero called Jack-Violence Jack!

The mass rape and murder scenes may turn away many Anime enthusiasts, but the shocking scenarios give the impression of unrestrained horror. What else would I expect from the creator of Devilman?

That’s it for now, but like a Monster  that is killed at the end of a Movie, yet keeps coming back for another sequel, I shall return!

Stalks, ouuuuuutt!


Here are a few more recommendations and remember, click the orange texts for more info!



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