JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster Ever.  PART I JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster Ever.  PART I
  Steven Spielberg’s  Jaws is my favorite movie. I have easily seen it five hundred times, maybe more if you add in the countless... JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster Ever.  PART I


Steven Spielberg’s  Jaws is my favorite movie. I have easily seen it five hundred times, maybe more if you add in the countless late night drunk viewings. It even helped me get laid a few times. As my friend, a reckless Lothario , once told me “Chicks dig seeing guys passionate about something. Anything. Even you slurring and drooling your way through your Jaws analysis at Minnesota’s(overcrowded bar in Long Beach, NY. I always hated it. Too many guidos, muscleheads and Montell Jordan tunes. This was the nineties) gets them excited that you are interested in something other than yourself and getting in their pants.” Not sure if that was the exact quote because I was probably drunk when he told me. It is true about it helping me hook up here and there.

I hesitate to write about it because I don’t want to emulate this year’s NY Yankees and spit the bit, fuck up something I love. Maybe the feeling is similar for some of you who would be scared if they had to give their wife the Heimlich maneuver if she started choking on a chicken bone during a romantic dinner. Or perhaps it’s your overwhelming insensitivity towards her feminine needs that is suffocating her?  You would probably want her life in the hands of someone more capable and confident. Or maybe not? Maybe you go into the bathroom and take a nice long dump and wait till she turns a deeper shade of purple before you pick up that old rotary phone and dial 911? I hear marriage is tough.

Jaws has been dissected more times than a pig fetus in biology class. I remember how bad that fucking thing smelled. The formaldehyde turned my stomach. Or maybe it was the warm Old Milwaukee keg beer the night before? Again, it was the nineties. I still here KWS’  “Please Don’t Go.” every time I see a pig rolling around the mud on cable television.

Scholars, film historians, actors and directors have all waxed poetic about its influences on Hollywood and culture. What then, can I offer that brings something new to the battered table in the Orca’s cabin? I’m just an IT tech and third rate writer who spends too much of his savings on Tullamore Dew and Asian Escorts. I am no cinematic master like Eli Roth or respected thespian like Charlie Sheen. Although, I do share some of the same pursuits as Mr. Sheen. We both love Jaws.

Write what you know.

Fucking forget the fact that the PC bedwetters in Hollywood would not make Jaws the same way today as they did forty one years ago. It is much too bloody.  It’s PG rating would easily be an R today. It has a disturbing scene of a ten year old kid getting chomped on an inflatable raft, blood shooting into the air like a fountain filled with red wine. It has its share of colorful language. A boy scout leader drops an ethnic slur on a kid making his mile swim for his merit badge. It is tough to hear because there are no phones out there. The worst offense Jaws makes against the puritanical, pussy lipped PC police might be the amount of smoking and drinking in it.

Especially the drinking. God forbid we show adults drinking and smoking anymore. The little nose pickers might pick up some bad habits. The parents aren’t around to teach them right from wrong because their uptown shrinks have them drugged down like one of Romero’s shuffling zombies. Give the kiddies an iPad and let the internet raise them.  To hell with God forbid, we don’t believe in Him anymore. Hearing a sermon is like hearing nails dragged slowly on a chalkboard. Religion is a bad fish. A little shaking , a little tenderizing and down we go.

Jaws is the greatest drinking blockbuster of all time. Several key scenes revolve around drinking. Not just drinking as harmless activity with no consequences, but several characters are fairly plastered. Apparently, this happened off screen a lot, as well. I myself can hear John Williams’  classic theme in my fuzzy head when the bartender rewards my generosity with free shots of whiskey. When I wake up the next morning,  it feels like a great white shark used me as a chew toy.

Love to prove that wouldn’t you, Tarmac? Get your name into the National Geographic.

If someone more intelligent and witty than me has already written about the amount of drinking in Jaws, then I just want to say that it is a free country and I am going to take my shots. Hopefully, I can hit that oxygen tank in the shark’s mouth and blow that fucking thing up before I bore the readers to death, my mundane words dangling lifelessly like Quint’s skin on the shark’s teeth.

About a minute after we see the Universal logo and hear those awesome underwater sonar sounds, we see a bunch of 1970’s era hippies having a clam bake on a beach, complete with alcohol drinking and probably some grass smoking mixed in. There is some dude strumming  wimpy tunes on an acoustic guitar. Chicks dig musicians, man. You know how much hairy bush Seals and Crofts got to chow down on after singing “Summer Breeze”? Probably enough to fill a women’s penitentiary run by a sweaty and sadistic warden.

An inebriated blond man shuffles across the sand to put the moves on a comely girl sitting by herself.  Sharks always go for the seal that has been separated from the herd. This dude wants to fuck. She wants to go swimming. Fucking broads. Never doing what you want them to do.  He still has a good shot to get laid, so he stumbles over the dunes as she undresses and slides gracefully into the bay, doing a bit of aqua ballet before she swims towards a buoy. Yikes. Who knows what could be swimming near one of those things? They always fascinated me and gave me the chills. That bell tolls as a wave nudges it, reminding us how many people lost their lives beneath the surface.  Perhaps it wasn’t the tide that moved the buoy? That dark fucking water is horror incarnate.

It appears copious amounts of drinking saved this trust fund baby’s life, left half dead at the shoreline like a soldier cut down on Omaha Beach. I can’t be sure if the girl, Chrissie Watkins, was drunk when she went into night surf. However, feeling that cold water hit her face as the sky grows dark, probably woke her up a bit. By the time the shark takes the first bite out of her beneath the surface, I am sure she was sober as a church mouse. Guys, give me the keys I am ok to drive. Can you just put my severed leg in the trunk? Thanks.

Spielberg shocks the audience with this scene. There is not an ounce of blood, but watching her get wrenched around by the unseen monster, water filling her mouth and nose is nauseating. Listening to someone get torn apart and drowned is not pleasant. The camera cuts back to our drunk friend, passed out on the beach. When he wakes up he will lament his missed opportunity.

I bet the shark is sorry for the missed opportunity of a bigger meal. Eh, it will have some more victims to chew up in this flick. There will also be more alcohol to be consumed, as well.

End of Part I

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Imprisoned on the overtaxed, overpopulated and overpriced fortress of Long Island, Tarmac492 seeks refuge in the pop junkyard of his brain. He enjoys books, film, television, music and a good drink, or seven every now and again. Beautiful women love being "friends" with him and they find his useless knowledge mildly diverting. Tarmac492 hopes to move to Tierra del Fuego where he can waste away--blissfully drunk and anonymous--at the end of the world.

  • Dee-abolik

    This is a most excellent return! One of your finest pieces yet.

  • I_am_better

    Fuck yeah! Jaws is the king.

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  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    How long until Universal reboots the Jaws franchise? I wonder…

  • Great article, couldn’t agree more!

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  • Tarmac492.1

    a cgi shark underwater will look far worse than the flawed mechanical monster Spielberg had to deal with.

  • Stalk👁

    ” I am no cinematic master like Eli Roth or respected thespian like Charlie Sheen. Although, I do share some of the same pursuits as Mr. Sheen. We both love Jaws.”
    LMMFAO aptly put, Shaun! Another amazing article despite the fact that I’m not that big into jaws, i love your style of writing.
    Especially when it comes to you providing such a personal perspective within your articles. So upfront and direct it’s almost as if you invaded someone’s living room with open discussion. Props!

  • Tarmac492.1

    thanks Bro!! Appreciated!!

  • Dee-abolik

    Yeah times were dirtier back then, cursing, smoking drinking… even Spielberg was dirtier.

  • Indrid Cold

    This is fantastic. Wow. A very relatable piece. I’m known to spout the classic “here’s to swimming with bow legged women” line whenever me and my buddies do a shot of booze.

    I’m sure you will cover that in part 2. Bravo.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    Those were the days before Spielberg started censoring lines like “penis breath” in ET, not to mention replacing the guns with walkie-talkies. Also the days before he decided that if he had shot Close Encounters today, Roy Neary wouldn’t leave his family, and that depicting Nazis as cartoon bad guys in the Indy movies was in poor taste.

    Bring back the seventies and eighties, and save us from PC bullshit!

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    I remember that, around the time of the Star Wars Special Edition, there were rumors that Jaws was going to be re-released with a digital shark. Thank fuck that didn’t happen.

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    Don’t give them any ideas. 🙂

  • Tarmac492.1

    Thanks man!! Appreciated.

  • Bop

    “Jaws has been dissected more times than a pig fetus in biology class. ”

    Damn, did we have pussy biology classes.

    But seriously, Tarmac. Very funny review on a classic and only one of the 2 Spielberg movies that don’t make me vomit.

  • Tarmac492.1

    I can’t say people were healthier, but it seemed that society was more of a “it’s your life do what you want, say what you want, if it offends me I will walk on by.” Now, not so much.

  • Turd Has Escaped The Gravy

    They don’t need any help from me; they’ll come up with worse by themselves.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Fucking CE3K and JAWS have that fantastic, lived in Americana feeling. The realistic, far from perfect American family(which all American families are) is a type of realism we rarely see anymore in these type of films. Compare that to the high gloss of Jurassic Park and the Lost World, lame characters that look like they belong in commercials and I am like “what the fuck”.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Thanks Mang!!

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    “…and Montell Jordan tunes”


  • Sagamanus

    You going to do the other Jaws films as well?

  • Sagamanus

    You’ve seen this more than I’ve seen Total Recall.

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    I like Jaws 2. The other ones? Not enough liquor on the planet.

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    This Is how we do it.

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