It’s Hammer Time!  Frankenstein created Woman It’s Hammer Time!  Frankenstein created Woman
A retro review of a Hammer Films classic, which also fits the theme of the "Anti-Bullying-Month" October. It’s Hammer Time!  Frankenstein created Woman
MC Hammer won't be using this catchphrase for a lonnnng time.

MC Hammer won’t be using this catchphrase for a lonnnng time.

frankenstien created woman

“Good evening”, and welcome to my very first segment of a series based on a few of my favorite Films from that infamous British film production company known to most horror enthusiasts as Hammer Films.

October is frequently known as the month of Halloween however, it’s also “Anti-Bullying-Month” as well. So, I took it upon my righteous self to feature Frankenstein created Woman as my first subject. Note: Rock out to my awesome music video; FCW courtesy of Balzac!

When it comes to certain Horror films, I find myself at times, rooting for the “Monster” protagonist who through mistreatment from society in turn enacts vengeance against his/her oppressors.

Take Carrie for instance, in which the titular character gets pushed around in high school until she started pushing back, literally via the powers of telekinesis!! To me, it was one of the best revenge films of cinema despite its roots in horror. However, before Brian DePalma’s classic tale, there was another revenge film that preceded Carrie. I’m a bit of a sucker for films about jerkoffs getting their comeuppance.

Synopsis: Baron Frankenstein has acquired the dead body of a young maiden, Christina, and all it lacks is the spark of life. He captures the soul of a recently executed young man and installs it in the young woman. With the memories from the young man still intact, she starts to kill the people whose false accusations led to the young man’s execution.

In Hammer Film’s Frankenstein created Woman, Hans is in love with Christina (Susan Denberg), the disfigured daughter of a local innkeeper of “Wines and Spirits”. Christina’s father disapproves of their relationship simply due to the fact that Hans’s father was executed for murder and executed as seen in the movie’s prologue. (In which Hans witnessed as a young boy.)

Future GOP Candidates?

Future GOP Candidates?

Susan Denberg delivers a heartfelt performance as the facially disfigured Christine and then there’s her scenes in which she delivers wrath against those she hold responsible for her lover’s death. It’s a stark contrast between this innocent young woman, to an angel of vengeance. Her self-esteem is so low that she uses part of her hair to cover the left side of her face and prefers to make love in the dark.

"I'd still hit that".

“I’d still hit that”.

“He never took me anywhere. He didn’t like to be seen with me..”

“You don’t have to hide from me Christina..”

What I really enjoyed about FCW, was the Romance between Hans and Christine, even though the “Beauty is only Skin deep” metaphor has been commonly used, it works flawless in this tale of ill-fated lovers.

Usually, after having Sex, one often smokes a drag or raid the Pantry. In Hans and Christina's case, she gets taunted by three Douchewipes! *TSK* TSK*

Usually, after having Sex, one often smokes a drag or raid the Pantry. In Hans and Christina’s case, she gets taunted by three Douchewipes! *TSK* TSK*

 “Sweet Christina fate of face

Blessed with beauty in your face

Lonely on your virgin bed

You’ll stay a virgin till you’re dead.

In your dreams, a handsome lad,

Comes creeping to your virgin bed,

Behind your hair one look and see,

And he will flee”!

“Sweet Christina don’t you cry,

It won’t be long before you die,

Then one day, a star will fall,

For the ugliest Angel of them all”

One night, while visiting Christina at the inn, Hans feel provoked into fighting three elitist snobby pricks — Anton, Johann and Karl after insulting her based on Christina’s disfigurement. Later that night, the three douchebags sneak back into the inn to steal more wine but when caught by Christina’s father they involuntary murder him.

Well, at least these Police officers arrest instead of shooting first. *Wink*

Well, at least these Police officers arrest instead of shooting first. *Wink*

Unfortunately for Hans, he is arrested for the murder. Despite the sterling character references of Dr Hertz and Frankenstein, the testimony of Anton, Johann and Karl persuade the jury. Because Hans will not reveal his whereabouts during the time of the murder — he was making love with Christina — he is sentenced to die at the same guillotine that killed his father some twenty years earlier.

"How was I supposed to know that she was only 17 Years old"?

“How was I supposed to know that she was only 16 Years old”?

“Everything that we don’t understand is Magic, Until we understand it”.

I  must say that Hammer legend Cushing is, once again, magnificent as ever in his portrayal of Baron Frankenstein and it shows via his  mad obsession while working diligently in his scientific quest to preserve the soul once a body dies.


One of my favorite scenes is where the Baron’s aide, Dr. Hertz (Thorley Waters) blackmails a peasant by threatening to tell his wife about his past discretion including but not limited to having hertz perform an abortion on a young girl (presumably a teen) that the peasant had impregnated  as well as a murder. (Who the Doc was paid to cover it up as a means of “Food Poisoning”.)

While Cushing is stoic, aloof and uncaring thanks in part to his research, Walters is more compassionate to her feelings and although confined to secrecy, he reveals who Christina was prior to her being “resurrected”. It’s almost as if he was some sort of father figure which she so desperately needed since bother her own Father and Lover are now deceased.


Throughout the film, the resurrected Christina uses the oldest weapon known to man to snare and murder the Triumvirate-seduction! What’s even more batshit, is since Hans’ soul is infused with Christina’s Mind and Body, he uses his voice to taunt and draw out the three Pricks one-by-one. It is in fact, Hans’s desire for revenge that overtakes the innocent dainty Christina.



It’s a bit weird in a Schizophrenic vibe, that towards the end of the movie how Hans’s severed head “informs” Christina that her work is done. It was Hans’ desire for revenge that was more important than Christina’s well-being. Feeling the shock and revelations at what she has done, Christina’s soul recommences control and runs toward the river bank.  Baron Frankenstein tries to assure that he can help her, however she cannot endure her guilt for the murders she had committed and feeling that she has no one left to live for drowns herself again.


Saddened by her loss and the guilt for not telling Christina who she really was, Frankenstein walks silently away within the woods. This was the Baron’s most humanistic portrayal throughout the movie if not a reveal that deep down his somewhat cold exterior was a compassionate man.

FCW is less of sensationalist/exploitative horror (meaning: No gore or shock value scenes.) as it is more of a tragic love story albeit a good effort not totally wasted. Here’s hoping that in the Wicked World of Hammer, that both Hans and Christina is reunited together in the afterlife. (Hopefully, not sharing the same Body this time.)

Some elements of this film echoes real life situations that occur today such as Cyberbullying one because of how they look, fat shaming, not pretty enough and of course, the caste system.

Now, this is not me going on some Soapbox rant, however I can’t help but point out these examples which define what is fucked up about society in general.


Thanks for reading. Stalks out!

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  • KilliK

    I dont see any boobs in the screenshots. where are they?

  • KilliK

    I am confused with the plot. Both the girl and her lover got killed, and then Tarkin put the man’s soul to the girl’s body? how did the girl die? she committed suicide for losing both her man and her father?

  • CoolHandJuke

    Watching Dracula’s Daughter and enjoying the lesbian subtext…

  • Dang it. It’s been sooooo long since I saw any Hammer movies – they aired almost all of them on TV in the 90’s here. I should try to dig the depths of the Internet to revisit them

  • Stalkeye
  • gorgarwilleatyou1

    Nice love me some Hammer I remember watching these with my grandmother on TV in the early 70s when my brother and i were shipped off to her, vivid memories of Countess Dracula and seeing Ingrid Pitts boobies, formative for a young man- wonder if my parents ever knew lol. FCW is one of my favorites. Cushing amazing as always!! In a weird similar vien Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde has a similar vibe again more boobies if i remember.

  • Stalkeye

    Christina committed suicide after witnessing her lover, Hans’s execution. (On top of her Father being Murdered.) The good baron managed to contain the “soul” of Hans thus infusing his essence within Christina’s Body.

  • Stalkeye

    Oh, there’s another one I am working on and it’s based on the Karnstein trilogy.

  • Stalkeye

    In some ways, FCW was overlooked when compared to the likes of Curse of Frankenstein and not to mention the many Christopher Lee Dracula Movies from Hammer’s compelling catalog. Confession: I have yet to see Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (Although I have heard of it from the now defunct Monster Channel.) and should give it a spin.


  • KilliK

    still a better love story than Twilight.

  • Good job, Stalks.
    I remember in the 90s local TV aired a lot of this old Hammer movies later at night. I didn’t watched this but i got ti know me some of their classics, like Captain Kronos: Vampyre Hunter, which i like a lot.

  • Tarmac492.1


  • Tarmac492.1

    great review, mang. I have never seen this one, but it sounds like a lot of fun. A Weird Science predecessor.

  • Stalkeye

    Tell me about it.

  • Good pick, Stalks. I owned the poster for this movie for a long time. I am sure you enjoy this Hammer homage by Bruce Timm:

  • Stalkeye

    It ain’t saying much, but exactly this!
    IMO, Hammer still Shits on Today’s films that pass as “Horror”.

  • Ladies and gentleman, we have here a serious competition in the looks dparment to Caroline Munro here.

  • It depends on what you are talking about Horror. If you are talking about typical Hollywood productions, then yes. But there is a lot of excellent horror being made in the indie and international arena today.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah? Where?? I can’t speak on Japan however, I personally enjoyed Attack on Titan.

  • Stalkeye

    Wut?? I never saw this!! That’s awesome!! Damn Bruce Timm for not showing up at Saturday’s Comicon in NYC!! I would Brownose the Shit outta that Fucker!!
    (No Pun intended.) Bruce is da Muthafukin Man!

    According to his Twitter page, he’s obsessed with Jlaw. XD

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks, S! Y’know, you have a point about it being a Weird Science Predecessor..Hmmm, never thought about it that way.

  • Bop

    I am pretty much a Hammer noob. Apart from the Hammer House Of Horrors TV show I only saw the Draculas I think.

  • Bop

    I wonder who that woman is he drew. JLaw has nothing on her.

  • Stalkeye

    Bro, I loved Captain Kronos when I was but a wee lad!
    He was the Predecessor to Vampire Hunter D and even Blade, I believe.
    I had this one in mind for future editions but I know you can do a great review of this Hammer Classic.

  • Stalkeye

    The Drac Films are more than enough. I go by my personal favorites as well as higher concept material such as FCW. (It’s not your garden variety “Bride of Frankenstein”.) Cushing and Lee are the figureheads of Hammer and without their contributions, it may not be the studio Horror aficionados know and love today.

  • Stalkeye
  • Stalkeye

    I love ’em both! Either way, you can’t lose no matter who you choose.

  • Bop

    I rest my case. Classic beauty.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, I always preferred Brunettes over Blonds anyway. (;’
    That being said, Susan is stunning!

  • Scopedog

    Nice one as always, Stalkeye! I remember seeing this as a wee lad either on WPIX 11 in New Jersey when they ran their “Chiller Theater” on Saturday afternoon (or was it on WWOR 9’s “Fright Night”? Can’t remember offhand…). In any case, the Hammer films have been favorites of mine for a long time. In this film, however, I paid more attention to

    Susan Denberg when she was wrapped up in her “bandage bikini”…but again, I was a pre-teen back then….:)

  • Scopedog

    That he is, Stalkeye. I’m guessing this piece might have appeared in an issue of the awesome Hammer-centric magazine LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. If you are a fan of Hammer you simply must get your hands on this magazine. Their site is here:

  • Scopedog

    (Wipes up the drool from the floor….)

  • Scopedog

    Spot-on again, Stalkeye.

    The creator of Vampire Hunter D, Hideyuki Kikuchi, is a long-time fan of the Hammer films and has said that the first Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing Dracula film was a huge influence on the creation of D (along with Captain Kronos. Kikuchi even dedicated the first D novel to Terrance Fisher and Jimmy Sangster, one of Hammer’s best directors and screenwriters, respectively.

  • Bop

    Same here, bro. Brunettes over blondes. As for Susan. Very stunning.

  • Scopedog

    Do so. And I highly recommend the magazine LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS, which is the magazine when it comes to Hammer:

  • Scopedog

    Damn, and that is unfair! Can’t we just have ’em both? 🙂

  • Scopedog

    Speaking of Captain Kronos:

    (Bruce Timm did this cover art for the magazine LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS)

  • Stalkeye

    Hah, I knew i could count on you for providing the Trivia regarding VHD!
    Thanks, for proving my point Scopo. (0=
    Anyways, I went to the NYCCC and it was kinda “meh”. Too much marketing and commercialization. Not enough headliners but I’m glad i got a singed Micheal Golden 11×17 print. He’s an awesome guy!

  • Stalkeye

    I remember first seeing this on WPIX’s “Chilllllerrr” back when i was a kid.

    That Fucking hand scared the shit out of me, back then!!

  • Stalkeye

    Ouch!! That’s a lot of Money to shell out for a mag, Scopo!
    I love Hammer but I rather purchase the film catalog as in DVDs/Blu-Rays.

  • Stalkeye

    That, I would spend money on. When I opened your link, all I saw was Mags going for $300.00! Nice cover!!

  • Scopedog

    Shit, it scared me too! And even though it’s been years, when I recently watched it again on YouTube I still got scared!

  • Scopedog

    Hah! Actually each issue is around 10 bucks or so. A bit pricey, but the issues I have were well worth getting (including the Captain Kronos issue). I’d still say give the mag a look if you can find an issue in a comic shop and decide….

  • Scopedog

    Bruce has done a few illos for them including covers and interior art. And of course the work is awesome, as always.

  • Scopedog

    (Takes a bow)

    Sorry that NYCCC wasn’t that good an experience…the last time I went was back in 2013 and for only one day. That said, I took my niece and she loved it–and that was a major reason why I actually had a good time myself.

    Plus, they are working on another VHD project, with Kikuchi and Yoshiaki Kawajiri involved on the creative side. And they’ve been translating the VHD novels into English for around a decade, but Kikuchi’s still cranking them out in Japan (as he has been for over thirty years!).

  • Captain Genius

    offtopic: no more naked ladies in playboy starting in march

  • KilliK

    so Frankenstein also created the first artificial androgynous?

  • KilliK

    jesus h christ!

  • KilliK


  • Stalkeye

    You can say that. However, if there ever were to be a remake…

  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO When PB goes PC, you know the World is Fucked!
    Hugh, kiss those sales, goodbye!

  • Stalkeye


  • Stalkeye

    Don’t get me wrong, I had fun to an extent and glad I came along with a few Friends but as time goes by, the Con gets less and less exciting…unless you happen to live near San Diego.

  • KilliK

    Frankenstein created Caitlyn.

  • Awesome!! Thanks!

  • Ah, Munro!

  • That’s because you are a nordic fella. I’m a southie, and for me the dream is the blonde nordic beauties.

  • Dude, do your review and i do mine too. If you ask me, this movie needs as much awareness as it can. It’s a good cause. The more the merrier.

  • Do you know the movies Vampyres and Daughters Of Darkness?

  • KilliK

    just keep away from Blade, that’s mine. MINE I SAY!

  • The Spanish, Latin America and France are making some kick-ass horror movies lately. And there’s the Koreans too.

  • Oh yeah!

  • Who says we have to chose?

  • Stalkeye

    I’m somewhat familiar with the Korean stuff but not aware of the other aforementioned countries or continents.

  • Stalkeye

    Vampryres sounds familiar. isn’t that some lower budgeted Film?

  • Stalkeye

    Very well, I shall include it within the Ass end of October.

  • Bop

    Asi. If you can shake some French titles out of your sleeve you could save me some time. Not Martyrs, A L’Interieur, Frontiers and Haute Tension.

  • Stalkeye

    I don’t mind Blondes, however, I do have a problem with plenty of people viewing them as the “pinnacle” of beauty.

  • Stalkeye

    Whenever the Fugg you get around to it. 😛

  • Stalkeye

    I’m a bit Heartbroken that she turned down the role of Vampirella because she didn’t want to shoot any nude scenes. WTH Caroline??!!??

  • Stalkeye
  • She’s so pretty she doesn’t need nude scenes to ooze sex.

  • I leave the pinnacle of beauty for blondies as a personal taste matter of mine. Two blondes were my first loves, for starters. It’s personal for me. And this is part of the reason why i loved my visit to Sweden last summer so much. Pretty blondes everywhere!!!!

  • I was going to name those. But there’s more. Also, americna indie horror movies too are doing pretty well. I really liked a small indie horror movie called Devoured. It works both as a drama and as a horror movie.

  • Oh, you will love Vampyres! It also has the most explicit lesbian sex scenes this side of “Blue Is The Warmest Color”.

  • Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of good cinema being made today. The only reason if one things otherwise if one ust stiucks to Hollywood movies only. A bit of research wil paint a far more positive image of today’s cinema.

  • Scopedog

    Hah! Thanks again, Stalkeye! If you are interested in more Timm, I highly recommend this:

    …But if you have it already then you’re one step ahead of me. 🙂

  • Tarmac492.1

    I think I just lost my hard on forever 🙁

  • Stalkeye

    Thanks, Scopo! I’ll be placing an order right away!!

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  • Scopedog

    No problem, Stalkeye! The book is part interview/part art gallery, but the interview is extensive and far-reaching. And the art included is fantastic.

  • Stalkeye

    An interview? that’s more bang for the buck. How i wished he was at the Comicon last Weekend. I would’ve chopped it up with him for a sec and of course, get his autograph.