Retro Review: Il Bisbetico Domato (1980) Retro Review: Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)
A retro review of the Italian comedy "Il Bibetico Domato" (1980) with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti, that is vaguely inspired by William Shakespeare's... Retro Review: Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)

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Welcome to another retro review. As always I do this reviews in the hope that I can point some people to movies they might not have seen. Do I care about the acting in the movies or the plot or the script? Not really. I care about the entertainment factor. Can the movie entertain me? If it can, I like it. This time it’s 1980. Say hello to the Italian movie Il Bisbetico Domato, aka The Taming Of The Scoundrel or Der Gezähmte Widerspenstige (German title).

So who is in it?

Adriano Celentano as “Elia Codogno”

Adriano Celentano in Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)

Ornella Muti as “Lisa Silvestri”

Ornella Muti in Il Bisbetico Domato (1980)

So what’s cool about Adriano Celentano? Well, this guy shows that a singer can also be a good actor. Rappers should take acting lessons from this guy. What’s cool about Ornella Muti? Well, the name Ornella already rolls good off the tongue, but apart from that, Ornella Muti is one of those Italian female beauties who enriched cinema with their presence.

So what is the movie about?

Elia is a farmer who isn’t married. People think he is gay, but he isn’t. He just isn’t interested in women. During a rainy night a woman called Lisa rings the bell on his house. Her car broke down and she asked to stay inside because of the rain. Elia reluctantly lets her in. Lisa tries to strike up a conversation, but Elia doesn’t feel like talking. He is quite rude to her and gives short answers. Lisa, however, is attracted to him and tries to seduce him. But Elia doesn’t want none of that. Wounded in her female pride, that it is the first time that a man resists her charms, she tries everything to seduce him, but Elia is not an easy prey. Will Lisa succeed in seducing Elia? Only one way to find out.

So what is cool about this movie?

I don’t think there is an actor that can play a grumpy man better than Adriano Celentano does. He does it in more of his movies and he is just plain funny. Celentano and Muti have great chemistry together. Something you don’t often see in those bland, tasteless, romantic comedies that Hollywood shits out. The movie is full of good humour and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Why should you watch this movie?

If you like romantic comedies, this is one of the best romantic comedies I know. In fact, it might be the best romantic comedy I know. I am not too fond of romantic comedies because Hollywood produces crap most of the times, but this movie I can watch every time. This movie is one of those times that the chemistry is really there. Couple that with the great humour and you have 1,5 hours of good entertainment.

I didn’t add a trailer because it’s better to be surprised with this movie.

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