BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt.1 BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt.1
Remember the once insanely popular subgenre of the "Erotic Thriller" that thrived in the early 90s? Dee and Nick take a look back and... BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt.1

Sex & Violence

Remember one of the most successful subgenres of the early 90s, the so-called “Erotic Thriller”? This magical time, when suddenly every A-lister wanted to show his/her heini on screen?

BOPX editor and producer Dee and his guest Nick Nightly stroll down the memory lane and indulge in theories and anecdotes about this curious phenomenon of cinema.
We talk about:

  • Dear Red Shoes: The soft erotic movies of the early 90s
  • Basic Instinct: The most important classic of the subgenre. Everybody knows what Sharon Stone is not wearing in that movie, but what the hell means Michael Douglas’ wardrobe?
  • Joe Eszterhas: One idea, five movies, many millions of dollars
  • Traits and themes: What distinguishes this subgenre from other attempts to mix sex and violence?

Enjoy and tune in again for Part 2 on Sunday, June 28th, when we discuss Madonna making out with Green Goblin in Body of Evidence, Bruce Willis’ ludicrous first attempt to play a therapist in Color of Night and erotic thrillers that came too late.


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