BOPX: A tribute to Avco Embassy Pictures BOPX: A tribute to Avco Embassy Pictures
The Avco Embassy Pictures special goes on with this podcast episode in which IAB, Dee and Stalkeye discuss the legacy of the film studio... BOPX: A tribute to Avco Embassy Pictures

Avco Embassy Pictures special on!

Avco Embassy Pictures was a legendary film studio that gave birth to such great and different films like Time Bandits, Escape from New York, The Fog, Phantasm, The Howling…

This is a podcast special dedicated to the “Golden Era” of the studio, from the late 70s to the mid- 80s.
Regulars IAB and Dee discuss with their guest Stalkeye their favourite Avco films and moments, what the legacy of the studio might be, what made it different from other studios and more.

The first part of the Avco special, an homage to The Fog and Prom Night, can be found here.
The second part, a write-up about the revenge thriller The Exterminator, can be read here.

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