The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown The Sweet 16! The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown The Sweet 16!
You have voted and now we're down to 16 participants in the Action Hero Throwdown! YOU decide who the Ultimate Action Hero will be!... The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown The Sweet 16!

The Winners of Round 2: 
Harrison Ford – 78%

Bruce Lee – 65%
Sean Connery – 92%
Clint Eastwood – 89%
Christian Bale – 82%
Keanu Reeves – 57%
The Rock – 64%
Hugh Jackman – 67%
Arnold Schwarzenegger – 83%
Sylvester Stallone – 85%
Bruce Willis – 57%
Mel Gibson – 81%
Jackie Chan – 89%
Dolph Lundgren – 52%
Tom Cruise – 60%
Jet Li – 72%

Round 3 Matchups:

Harrison#1) Harrison Ford

Strengths: Shoots first, makes it up as he goes, Star Wars/Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Weaknesses: Apathy, bad choices, Ally McBeal, Hollywood Homicide.



lee#5) Bruce Lee

Strengths: Enter the Dragon, yellow jump suit, lightning fast reflexes, Most well know martial artists of all time.

Weakness: No known weaknesses except lethal dose of pot.


sean#3) Sean Connery
Strengths: Can act by raising an eyebrow. Can play a Russian submarine commander with a Scottish accent and make it work. Played an immortal Egyptian Japanese Spanish Scotsman and made it work. Played the original Bond and Dr. Jones’ dad. Can rock a mankini like no one else.
Weaknesses: Disguises that are both racially insensitive and unconvincing. Once lost the cure for cancer. Free radicals and white bread. Slaps with the open hand.

Clint#2) Clint Eastwood

Strengths: Iconic actor and director, Dirty Harry 1,2,4, Spaghetti western trilogy, Hang em High, Josey Wales, Heartbreak Ridge, Unforgiven, and so much more.

Weaknesses: Soft focus, RNC nomination speeches, Dirty Harry franchise 3 & 5, Million Dollar Baby.


#1) Christian Bale

Strengths: Best actor in the tourney, ability to transform into role, played Batman weak as directed, Equilibrium, Batman Begins.

Weaknesses:  Playing BATMAN weakly was stupid decision by Nolan, not making more action films.


#5) Keanu Reeves 

Strengths: POINT BREAK, THE MATRIX , JOHN WICK, SPEED, excellent in fight scenes .

Weakness: Past roles, laid back style is misunderstood, recent box office failures.


Gi Joe#3 The Rock
Strengths: Saved FF and GI JOE franchises. Faster, Scorpion King. Southland Tales.

Weaknesses: No feature role, no star-making turn. Lost to Cena.



the-wolverine-poster#10 Hugh Jackman

Strengths: Became a super star playing the loner with feelings X-Men.

Weaknesses: Swordfish? Australia? Any film he isn’t Logan? Half the films he IS Logan in?


#1) Arnie

Strengths: Terminator, T2, Conan the Barbarian, Commando, Predator, Running Man, Total Recall, True Lies, Raw Deal, End of Days, the list goes on….

Weaknesses: Politics, Democrats, getting off the maid in time, a comeback that is stalling, Conan the Destroyer. Was in the Expendables films.


#4) Sly Stallone

Strengths: Too many iconic roles to list. Amazing actor when he applies himself (Rocky, First Blood, Cop Land).

Weaknesses: Unchecked ego, massive missed opportunity with the Expendables films, squandering his comeback.


Bruce#3) Bruce Willis

Strengths: Die Hard 1-3, Fifth Element, popularized the scrappy underdog role in the 80s, for over a decade he was cooler than cool. 12 Monkeys.

Weaknesses: Die Hard 4-5, that Kevin Smith film, turning into an asshole, was in the Expendables films.


#2) Mel GibsonMel

Strengths: Freedom, Lethal Weapon, The Road Warrior films, Thunderdome, Payback.

Weaknesses: Disembowelment, Jews, Booze, Recorders, bitchy ex-wives, packs of wild …never mind.


#1) Jackie Chan

Strengths: One of the greatest performers of all time, set the bar for action, mixes comedy and action flawlessly, Drunken Master, Police Story.

Weaknesses:  Breaks his ankles doing his own stunts , engrish, no great characters or films on his resume, Rush Hour 3.


#13) Dolph Lundgren

Strengths: Exceptionally good at one liners, as the biggest dick Brandon lee ever saw, kicked JCVD ass in real life, He-Man, “HE MUST BREAK YOU.”

Weaknesses: Direct to Video turned direct to DVD turned direct to on Demand, starred in expendable film.


Cruise#3) Tom Cruise

Strengths: Kill Die Repeat, Oblivion, MI ( the first one ) , Top Gun, wears sunglasses great.

Weaknesses: Couch jumping, cults, acting with his ex wife. Walking on platform shows.



#7) Jet Li 

Strengths: Fearless, Romeo must Die, Kiss of the Dragon, War, fantastic action scenes.

Weakness: The Mummy 3, English, Height, was in an Expendable film.




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