The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #6 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #6
Round 1 ends! These are the final round one matchups! YOU decide who moves on to round 2! The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #6

The winners of Throwdown #5 are:
JCVD – 72%
Arnold – 95%
Wesley Snipes – 60%
Sylvester Stallone – 75%
Kurt Russell – 67%
Bruce Willis – 57%
Kevin Costner – 82%
Mel Gibson – 71%

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The Transporter vs Captain America
The American vs the Brit, both have a nice base and have franchises they help propel. I am not sure MARVEL’S popularity might make this one upset city.

Crank 2#6 Jason Statham
Strengths: Transporter, the Crank Films, very good actor in addition to being fantastic in action scenes.

Weaknesses: Shirts, hair club for men refused to sell him, too many smaller action films, starred in Expendables.


Cap#11 Chris Evans

Strengths: Was a fantastic Johnny Storm, and an even better CAP. Slew of good action films on his resume, chooses interesting films, not typical action fare.

Weaknesses: Good looks work against him in many roles. With his exposure he should be a mega star, rom-coms.


The Rock vs Magic Mike
If this turns into a dance off I’m out. These GI Joe 2 co-stars slug it out in a match which may determine who is the bigger beefcake rather than the best action hero.

Gi Joe#3 The Rock
Strengths: Saved FF and GI JOE franchises. Faster, Scorpion King. Southland Tales.

Weaknesses: No feature role, no star-making turn. Lost to Cena.



Needs more tatum#14 Channing Tatum
Strengths: Can dance really really well. Saving the President. Comedy.

Weaknesses: Seems to waste his second chances like they grow on trees. Wolf ears.




King Leonidas vs the Wolverine
Butler and Jackman battle of the chest hair? Battle of the Aussie and the Scot? X-Men fans will decide this one, but will it be love or hate for the tall Logan?

300#7 Gerard Butler

Strengths: Played Beowulf and Dracula, Kip Winger quality 5 o’ clock shadow, ability to yell one liners, 300, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.

Weaknesses: Many, many simply bad films.


the-wolverine-poster#10 Hugh Jackman

Strengths: Became a super star playing the loner with feelings X-Men.

Weaknesses: Swordfish? Australia? Any film he isn’t Logan? Half the films he IS Logan in?



Iron Man vs MARKY Mark
Good Vibrations or snarky sensations, these guys match up in a fairly one sided affair

RDJ#2 Robert Downey Junior

Strengths: Box Office unrivalled, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Weaknesses: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, IM 2, simply few action roles.



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#15 Mark Walhberg

Strengths: Killed Matt Damon on screen, SHOOTER, 3 Brothers.

Weaknesses: Posse was called the “Funky Bunch” , heist flicks which he seems to make every other year.



The Bandit vs Jackie Brown
Southern charm vs 60s sexy appeal. The original Paul Crew is on upset watch here even though Burt is a legend, Pam has two things Burt doesn’t.

burt#6 Burt Reynolds

Strengths: Born to race, Sharky’s Machine, great laugh, Captain Chaos, posed for “Playgirl”.

Weaknesses: Not choosing Sally over Loni, bad agents, bad choice of interviewers, any film not named Boogie Nights in the last 20 years.

#11 Pam Grier

Strengths: Foxy Brown, Coffey, giant boobs, great in any supporting role. every guy who saw her in the 60s had to toss off at least once to her.

Weaknesses: Escape from LA, Ghosts of Mars , QT hasn’t called lately, Blacula.


Ramieriz vs Templar
One of the untouchables vs one of the wild geese. Bond Vs Bond Sean may have a huge edge due to his sexy attire from Zardoz, and the amazing Outland. Moore counters with the greatest run of Bond films including my favorite Live and Let Die. “There can be only one” vs ” we’re not dead yet ” check out the feature break down by Detective Dee:

sean#3 Sean Connery
Strengths: Can act by raising an eyebrow. Can play a Russian submarine commander with a Scottish accent and make it work. Played an immortal Egyptian Japanese Spanish Scotsman and made it work. Played the original Bond and Dr. Jones’ dad. Can rock a mankini like no one else.

Weaknesses: Disguises that are both racially insensitive and unconvincing. Once lost the cure for cancer. Free radicals and white bread. Slaps with the open hand.
moore#14 Roger Moore
Strengths: Improved on Connery’s “eyebrow-raising equals acting” – technique and elevated it into an art form. Open-minded towards interracial relationships. Can apply a perfect clown make-up in under five minutes while a nuclear bomb is ticking. Always keeps the British end up. Has an affinity for puns.

Weaknesses: Golden guns. Octopussies. Likes to wear polyester suits. Henchmen with bad teeth. Had a role in Spice World. Has an affinity for puns.

Paul Kersey vs Liberty Vance
Bronson and Marvin had many detractors but it spoke to their strong film roles they had more fans. Both played nasty characters at times, and both have legendary roles in films that will last forever. Damn the bracket- maker for pitting two of the DIRTY DOZEN against each other.
Charlie#7 Charles Bronson
Strengths: The Evil that Men Do, Death Wish films, Magnificent Seven, Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape, Death Hunt, The Mechanic, and many more.

Weaknesses: NONE. I’m too afraid to list any.



Lee_marvin_1971#10 Lee Marvin
Strengths: Incredible actor, ability to play tough guy roles opposite real life tough guys, Dirty Dozen.

Weaknesses: Mostly supporting role, white hair, people don’t watch black n white films anymore, Delta Force.


Dirty Harry vs Flynt

Clint is a fave in this tourney, but he faces tough challenge from an underrated actor who has starred in several epic films.
Clint#2 Clint Eastwood

Strengths: Iconic actor and director, Dirty Harry 1,2,4, Spaghetti western trilogy, Hang em High, Josey Wales, Heartbreak Ridge, Unforgiven, and so much more.

Weaknesses: Soft focus, RNC nomination speeches, Dirty Harry franchise 3 & 5, Million Dollar Baby.


Flint#15 James Colburn

Strengths: Knives, great in war films as in westerns , great on screen with McQueen.

Weaknesses: Long face, comedy, Flynt role derailed him.



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