The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #5 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #5
Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowned the Ultimate Action Hero! The winners of Throwdown #4 are:... The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #5

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowned the Ultimate Action Hero!

The winners of Throwdown #4 are:
Christian Bale – 98%
Keanu Reeves – 64%
Ben Affleck – 65%
Tom Hardy – 97%

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Commando Vs The Saint
A match-up that almost seems unfair. The man who defined action films for over a decade takes on a man who shined in the few he was given. I love both these actors, and they both have great roles on their  resumes…

#1) Arnie

  • Strengths: Terminator, T2, Conan the Barbarian, Commando, Predator, Running Man, Total Recall, True Lies, Raw Deal, End of Days, the list goes on….
  • Weaknesses: Politics, Democrats, getting off the maid in time, a comeback that is stalling, Conan the Destroyer. Was in the Expendables films.


#16) Val Kilmer 

  • Strengths: Tombstone, The Saint  The Ghost and the Darkness, Thunderheart, Willow, SPARTAN.
  • Weaknesses: Batman Forever, Joel Schumacher, Marlon Brando Imitations, Wyatt Earp’s Revenge.


Time Cop vs His name is Dalton

I didn’t use this for the Wayne / Heston match up, but for the guy who made this match-up as well “Damn them, Damn them all to hell!”

#8) Jean Claude Van Damme

  • Strengths: Universal Soldier, Cyborg, Time Cop, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Double Impact, Hard Target, was the best thing in an Expendables film ( I know that’s not hard.)
  • Weaknesses: Cocaine( rumored), direct-to-video and on-demand films.


#9) Patrick Swayze

  • Strengths: Point Break, Next of Kin, Roadhouse, Steel Dawn, and THE P.O.W. film Uncommon Valor..
  • Weaknesses: Got out of the action game to early, taken from us too early, MST3K.



Frank and Ernest Vs Blade

Sam is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood and has starred in many movies on the list of “highest grossing films ever”. Wesley is super cool whether he is killing vamps or dressing as a woman. I mean … being hunted by U.S. Marshals.

#5) Samuel L Jackson

  • Strengths: Rebooting Shaft, yelling, Long Kiss Goodnight, saying MFer better than anyone else.
  • Weakness: S.W.A.T., cannot speak without yelling or cursing.


#12) Wesley Snipes 

  • Strengths: Martial artist who looks great in fight scenes, cool looking in shades, solid actor who holds his own onscreen with legends, one-liner delivering machine.
  • Weakness: MFers trying to ice skate uphill, Vampire Gods, white men who can jump, To Wong Foo, the IRS.


Rambo Vs Desperado

Assassins costars face off in this thriller with international flair. Sly is legendary, but Antonio is no slouch. Could the age of the voter determine this one?

#4) Sly Stallone

  • Strengths: Too many iconic roles to list. Amazing actor when he applies himself (Rocky, First Blood, Cop Land).
  • Weaknesses: Unchecked ego, massive missed opportunity with the Expendables films, squandering his comeback.

#13) Antonio Banderas

  • Strengths: Managed to do a film with Angelina Jolie and somehow not marry her, Desperado series, family-friendly SpyKids series, 13TH WARRIOR.
  • Weaknesses: Melanie Griffith.


Call him Snake vs Ghost Rider
Kurt Russell was given lots of love on the Supernaughts debate show, but he has to beat one of the most eccentric action stars this side of Johnny Depp.

Kurt#6) Kurt Russell 

  • Strengths : John Carpenter’s Muse, not pigeon holed into action films alone, out shined Sly in Tango and Cash, Tombstone, all the Carpenter films,
  • Weaknesses: Age, lack of good projects in his later years, 3000 miles to Graceland.



Nic#11) Nic Cage

  • Strengths : ability to create characters that by no means should be in action films, but fit and excel there, The Rock, Drive Angry, Con Air, Ghost Rider 2
  • Weaknesses: Ghost rider 1, a slew of direct to DVD stuff, IRS, hair loss, Christian-themed films


The Last Boy Scout vs Nico Toscani 

Does Seagal have one great run left in him ? Can his handful of fantastic action films hold up vs Willis decades worth of work ? Will voters hold recent Die Hard pics against Bruce?


Bruce#3) Bruce Willis

  • Strengths: Die Hard 1-3, Fifth Element, popularized the scrappy underdog role in the 80s, for over a decade he was cooler than cool. 12 Monkeys.
  • Weaknesses: Die Hard 4-5, that Kevin Smith film, turning into an asshole, was in the Expendables films


Steven Seagal#14) Steven Seagal

  • Strengths:  Above the Law is a classic, Marked for Death. Out for Justice, Hard to Kill, Under Siege aka Die Hard on a boat
  • Weaknesses: cake, kimonos, Kurt Russell films, all other films not listed in strength



The Postman vs Riddick

If you love the Fast and Furious franchise you may see this as a one-way fight. If you still have unopened Waterworld dolls, you may see it the other way. If the fight is in the ocean, I’m taking Kevin. If its in the dark, I’m taking Vin …

Kevin Costner#7) Kevin Cosner

  • Strengths: Revenge, Robin Hood, Open Range, another good if not overrated director, Silverado
  • Weaknesses: recent action attempts have fallen flat, Draft Day should have had him fighting off terrorist to get his pick in on time, English accent, 3000 Miles to Graceland


Vin D#10) Vin Diesel 

  • Strengths: Pitch Black, a true ‘geek’, makes being bald cool again, sells us that he could even kick The Rock’s ass onscreen. That’s good acting.
  • Weaknesses: XXX, family friendly films he had no business doing, too few varied roles, returns to the well too often



William Wallace vs Rob Roy

The original MAD Max is on upset alert as the movie going public has not forgiven him for starring in Machete 2 AND Expendables 3. And something else he may have said. Liam is the underdog here, but a few quality action films and an amazing film resume might be the upset of the tourney
Mel#2 Mel Gibson

  • Strengths: Freedom, Lethal Weapon, The Road Warrior films, Thunderdome, Payback,
  • Weaknesses: Disembowelment, Jews, Booze, Recorders, bitchy ex-wives, packs of wild …never mind



Liam#15 Liam Neeson

  • Strengths: amazing actor who can play Southern, English, Irish, modern or historical. Rob Roy, Taken, Darkman, trained Batman
  • Weaknesses: slow like tree, A-Team, he is not a Highlander and is growing old fast, Taken 2, TPM




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