The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #4 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #4
Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero! The winners of Throwdown #3 are... The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #4

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero!

The winners of Throwdown #3 are:
Jackie Chan – 63%
Angelina Jolie – 72%
Dolph Lundgren – 95%
Milla Jovovich – 78%

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Batman Vs Nu-Kirk.
Bale has proven to be one of this generations’ best actors and gives his director everything he has. Pine is a pretty boy with a mongoloid forehead who seems to get action- job after action- job despite lacklustre ticket sells. 

#1) Christian Bale

  • Strengths: Best actor in the tourney, ability to transform into role, played Batman weak as directed, Equilibrium, Batman Begins.
  • Weaknesses:  Playing BATMAN weakly was stupid decision by Nolan, not making more action films.


#16) Chris Pine– The kind of frat boy you’d find acting tough when he is with ten friends.

  • Strengths: Women like him, ability to get rehired despite failure after failure, trying to be Jack Ryan.
  • Weaknesses: Soft chin, thin as a rail, trying to replace excellent action- actors in franchises and failing again and again.

Jason Bourne vs The (new-old ) Batman.
TWO BEST FRIENDS MUST FIGHT TO THE DEATH  … okay, not really,  but they did win an Oscar for writing a script and both have been successful action heroes. Who will move on? 

#8) Matt Damon – Amazing transformation into an action star,  they tried to reboot his Bourne franchise without him,  failed.

  • Strengths: Bourne Series, overcomes lack of size and strength and makes action scenes semi-believable.
  • Weaknesses: SciFi films, misses Ben, mongoloid forehead dwarfs even that of Pine.

#14) Ben Affleck
 – The man who would be BATMAN, he has been to the mountain and then to the valley , one of the greatest Hollywood comebacks of all time.

  • Strengths: Multiple Oscars, real life trained martial artist, great director, confidence knowing that he overcame when everyone wrote him off.
  • Weaknesses: Accent , personal tabloid past, lacklustre action films, Kevin Smith.


Neo vs Thor.
Both known for their looks, both star in huge franchises. Will voters forgive Keanu for the Matrix sequels?  Will Chris’s lack of action roles kill his chances?

#5) Keanu Reeves – From Bill and Ted to the Matrix, the unreal journey of an action hero , Reeves defines expectation and seems to deliver his best work while fighting or shooting.

  • Strengths: POINT BREAK, THE MATRIX , JOHN WICK, SPEED, excellent in fight scenes .
  • Weakness: Past roles, laid back style is misunderstood, recent box office failures.

#12) Chris Hemsworth 
–  Charismatic Aussie looks great in a wig and looks the part.

  • Strengths: Have you see him?  Without a shirt on ?
  • Weakness: Few action roles, failed to establish himself as a real force in three films as Thor now.


The Avatar Vs Bane.
A star who has been in huge films vs one who has rarely been the lead in any ( yet ). 

#4) Sam Worthington – Won the lottery by being cast in Avatar, then the Clash of the Titans reboot, and then sinking a Terminator film. His Box Office numbers are insane.

  • Strengths: Great agent, somehow gets more jobs.
  • Weaknesses: Expressing emotion, delivering lines. His clone Jai Courtney seems to be getting more roles now.

#4) Tom Hardy – Hardy has been seemingly poised for super stardom for several years now, and will reach it when the new Mad Max film comes out, but this is on his current films, not future.

  • Strengths: Stole Inception, a beast on screen in Bronson.
  • Weaknesses: Too few roles as the star, Fury Road not released yet.




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