The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #3 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #3
Round one keeps rolling in the Ultimate Action Throwdown! You decide who moves on to be the Ultimate Action Hero! The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #3

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero!

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Supercop Vs Encino Man.
Chan is beloved world wide, but he hasn’t made a real tough film for the west. Frasier hasn’t made a solid film in a while and should struggle in this match up.

#1) Jackie Chan – One of the most charismatic and innovative actors in action history, Chan has become a legendary influence on western and eastern action films.

  • Strengths: One of the greatest performers of all time, set the bar for action, mixes comedy and action flawlessly, Drunken Master, Police Story.
  • Weaknesses:  Breaks his ankles doing his own stunts , engrish, no great characters or films on his resume, Rush Hour 3.


#16) Brendan Fraser– The Mummy is a great action film. Frasier has a load of comedies but he also has enough action on his resume to get this 16th seed.

  • Strengths: Likability factor is off the charts, surprises you with his action scenes. Looks physical enough to pull off roles
  • Weaknesses: Being out acted in a film with a CGI Rock, having The Rock take over his franchises( mummy, journey, GI Joe) , Mummy 3.

Replacement Killer vs Laura Croft.
Too close to call, Jolie is seemingly hated for her world wide philanthropy, most lazy American film goers don’t know Chow Yun; name. Will Angelina shatters Fat’s chances of being the Ultimate Action hero like she shattered Brad’s last marriage to Jen? 

#8) Chow Yung Fat – The man has made more great action films than most ppl in this tournament. CTHD alone should be enough to cement his status of greatness.

  • Strengths: John Woo Muse, as comfortable with a gun as with a sword. Powerful onscreen without having to yell or even speak. HARD BOILED.
  • Weaknesses: Western movies are not as strong but really his only weakness is many Americans do not see his films.

#14) Angelina Jolie
 – Acclaimed actress Oscar winner and world renown for her charity work, she has a thing for action films and has delivered some great ones.

  • Strengths: Wanted, Salt, really sells her action scenes. Acting ability in action roles. Mr. And Ms Smith.
  • Weaknesses: Over exposure. Sex appeal takes away from work, saving small children seems to make people hate her.  I don’t know im grasping at straws here. She is a saint.


The Equalizer vs Alice.
Milla may be the perfect 5th element but she is in troubl ehere with the man who played MALCOM X. She may have a slew of lesser quality films, but she busts her ass inthem and does action as well as any working female today. Denzel though. He is here to win. By Any Means Necessary. 

#5) Denzel Washington – One Supernaught claimed the Denzel never made a bad film. As comfortable is a horror thriller as he is a buddy comedy. Can go from a historical epic to action thriller effortlessly. Even his villains are fun..

  • Strengths: Always is accompanied by “ all along the watchtower “ Raising Cain, Great acting ability, elevates any film he is in simply by being in said film example Two Guns.
  • Weakness: Virtosity maybe.  Type cast the last decade but who can blame him                                      for getting paid while he can still do action.

#12) Milla Jovanavich 
–  Beauty and danger in some small package. Surprising good actor in drama rolls, very good with guns and swords, craved her our niche and is going strong.

  • Strengths: MFifth Element,  Resident Evil franchise defys logic, pulls off action scenes,   steady work due to husband casting her in his film.
  • Weakness: Husband who keeps casting her in his films makes bad films,  waif thin so most of her fight scenes are classified as science fiction, Resident Evil                                                franchise.


Ali vs Red Scorpion.
Another clash of styles as Big Willie faces a real like kick boxing champion. These two men are super tough in real life, as Smith has slept with Jada Pinkett and Dolph has risked his life and masculinity with Grace Jones. 

#4) Will Smith -No man has taken a sitcom gig and turned it into a successful rap career, then turned it into a successful Hollywood career, then turned superstar then used that to resurrect his singing career like Smith.

  • Strengths: Mega Star until the last few years, was Mr July 4th weekend for years. Gets jiggy with it. Action and Comedy comes natural, Bad Boys 2.
  • Weaknesses: Needs a hit worse than a crack head, Wild Wild West. Pronuciation. Being the last man on earf.

#13) Dolph Lungren
 – Burst onto the scene as Drago the Russian who killed Apollo Creed.

  • Strengths: Exceptionally good at one liners, as the biggest dick Brandon lee ever saw, kicked JCVD ass in real life, He-Man, “HE MUST BREAK YOU.”
  • Weaknesses: Direct to Video turned direct to DVD turned direct to on Demand, starred in expendable film.




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