The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #2 The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #2
RJD brings the next batch of the Action Hero Throwdown! A massive tournament with the greatest action stars of all time. YOU determine the... The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown #2

Only YOU decide who advances to the next round and who will be crowded the Ultimate Action Hero!

Blonde Bond Vs The Protector.
Can the star of the Ong Bak series top the star of the longest running series ever?

Harrison#6) Daniel Craig – Pushed the Bond franchise into a more realistic direction and drove it to record box office. Solid if not spectacular in smaller films.

  • Strengths: He’s James Bond. Brutal action scenes, in great shape for an older fellow.
    Weaknesses: Hobbit sized stature, lack of charisma, gets lost in films where he is not 007.


Jaa#11) Tony Jaa – Thailand’s greatest action star is a phenom to watch on screen when he is fighting. And not much else. A better Bodyguard than Costner.

  • Strengths: Real life martial arts experts, running up walls, kicking, kicking hard, kicking high.
  • Weaknesses: Mostly unknown, few high profile gigs, lackluster American box office.
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Maverick vs The Highlander.
A superstar who has made a few quirky but cool sci fi films lately as well as the MI franchise vs a mostly B movie icon with a cult following. 

Cruise#3) Tom Cruise – Polarizing figure but capable of delivering performances like Collateral that shock you.

  • Strengths: Kill Die Repeat, Oblivion, MI ( the first one ) , Top Gun, wears sunglasses great.
  • Weaknesses: Couch jumping, cults, acting with his ex wife. Walking on platform shows.

Lambert#14) Christopher Lambert
 – He’s the god damn Highlander!

  • Strengths:  Highlander, cool accent, playing immortals. HeHe.
  • Weaknesses: Muscle mass as intimidating as Adam West , Highlander sequels
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The Hulk vs The One.
Jet Li has turned down better films than Hogan has starred in, but this tourney is unpredictable. Jet has established himself as a fantasic fight scene actor, but Hogan has charisma to burn. Might be close. 

LI#7) Jet Li – International film star, he was easily the most popular current actor in the Expendable films. Always delivers a solid performance. Excels in historical epics.

  • Strengths: Fearless, Romeo must Die, Kiss of the Dragon, War, fantastic action scenes.
  • Weakness: The Mummy 3, English, Height, was in an Expendable film.

Hulk_Hogan#10) Hulk Hogan 
–  The first major crossover star from wresting tall muscled and bronzed he hammered out a decent movie career.

  • Strengths: Millions of Hulkamaniacs , 24 inch pythons, WWF, orange skin.
  • Weakness: Receding hairline, zero acting skills, cocaine, bad knees.
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The Piper vs Walker.
This ring might be more interesting. Or not. Piper is most likely honored to be here and Norris is on the Mount Rushmore of American Kung Fu stars. Can Piper pull a huge upset ?  Or will Norris knock his teeth out ? 

Norris#2) Chuck Norris
 -Legend says he learned from Bruce Lee but Norris was a huge box office draw in his own right and had a handful of classic kung fu flicks. Younger folks will know him for internet jokes and his cheesy tv show but watch the bar room brawl in Silent Rage.

  • Strengths: Round house kicks, epic beard, trained as a ninja, The Octagon, Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing in Action 2( best prequel ever).
  • Weaknesses: No good films in many many years, was in an Expendable film.

Piper#15) Roddy Piper
 –  Hell comes to Frogtown alone gets Piper into the tourney. They Live made him a legend. Never a great actor but lots of charisma and always fun to watch on screen.

  • Strengths: Mullet, kilts, one of the greatest fight scenes of all time, he’s all out of bubble gum.
  • Weaknesses: Cable only releases, wrestling, Hogan booking his matches, homophobia.
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